Cancun beach, Mexico at Hotel Ziva

Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico

We finally reached our last few days in Mexico. After a wonderful week exploring the culture and history of Mexico City, and some relaxation at Secrets The Vine, our vacation was coming to an end. Fear not. We had a jam-packed day and a half to make the most of what was left. Shifting from the all-inclusive style holiday, we’d decided to stay at a hostel for our last few days. The main reasons for this being our search for a crowd a little more like us, and the fact we’d be day tripping to the Riviera Maya and going snorkelling. We also had some fun plans for the iconic Spring Break in Cancún, which of course we couldn’t miss out on.

Selina, Cancún Laguna Hotel Zone

I won’t lie to you – I’ve always been very keen to avoid hostels during my travels, where possible. For that reason, I was a little scared of staying at Selina Cancún Lagoon Hotel Zone. Selina is a chain of hostels (mainly based around Central and South America) that targets digital nomads. It prides itself as being relatively boho, with yoga classes and green juices in the cafes. Yes, it wasn’t quite the luxury of Secrets The Vine. But it was no frills, pretty friendly, very reasonably priced, and everything we needed for a busy few days.

Breakfast at Selina, Cancun in Mexico

We stopped off for breakfast in the hostel cafe on our penultimate day. I had a green smoothie and an omelette. Both were delicious and impressively inexpensive. I love the decor of the hostel, with palm trees and huts scattered around. Don’t be fooled by the lagoon – plenty of crocodiles call it home.

Breakfast at Selina, Cancun
Omelette at Selina, Cancun in Mexico

We were both a little surprised by the audience at Selina. Many families and older couples were also taking advantage of the hostel’s pricing. There’s a decent pool area, as well as a bar. It’s also surprisingly quiet given how close to the chaos of the Cancún ‘strip’ it is.

Decor of Selina in Cancun, Hotel Zone

Snorkelling and Sunbathing in Cancún, Mexico

For our final full day, we knew we wanted to have a relaxing day doing something cool. Knowing we’d be going back to single figure temperatures in Vancouver in just a couple of days, we wanted to make the most of the sun. Because of a busy day trip in Tulum and the Riviera Maya the previous day, we needed a chilled day. Instead of a full excursion to an island like Cozumel, we snorkelled the reef in our own style.

Cancun beach at Hotel Ziva, Mexico

Carrying out a little research online, we discovered nearby Hotel Ziva offers short snorkelling excursions. For around $50USD each, you can hire a boat with a sailor and a guide for two hours. The hotel is on one of the most beautiful parts of the Cancún coast, with the bluest hues of the Caribbean Sea.

Cancun beach, Mexico at Hotel Ziva
Beautiful Caribbean sea in Cancun, Mexico

Luckily for us, there were no other parties joining. We essentially had our own chartered boat for snorkelling.

Girls by the beach in Cancun, Mexico
A boat in the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, Mexico

The journey across the sea to the snorkelling region in itself is incredibly beautiful. The ocean morphs into all colours of blue, green, and aquamarine. It’s a little like the stunning ocean of Formentera in the Balearic Islands.

Snorkelling in Cancun, Mexico

Donning all the gear and no idea, we flipped into the ocean. Our guide led us through the different types of tropical fish we saw. Although we tried and failed to find some sea turtles, we did spot a sting ray which was pretty cool. It’s an awesome reef and something totally worth doing if you get the chance. One thing to mention is that the sea can get a little choppy for snorkelling. I think we headed back to the boat a little sooner than our two hour time slot as a result.

Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico

Back on land, we rested our sea bellies for a little while. It was nothing a good old spicy margarita or two and some chicken enchiladas couldn’t fix. After all, we needed to prepare for the night ahead. Luckily, a very ‘cool Dad’ was set next to us. Clearly less than interested in his hyperactive kids, he was more intent on blasting EDM tunes which suited us.

Spring break in Cancun: Margaritas on the beach in Cancun, Mexico

We returned to our room to get ready for the night ahead. Although we’d unintentionally booked our Cancún trip around Spring Break, we obviously wouldn’t want to miss out. With the Cancún ‘strip’ looking uncannily like an even tackier Vegas, we weren’t sure where to go. That is until we noticed a billboard selling tickets for Tiësto at Spring Break in Cancún. We purchased our tickets online and got showered and ready. One thing to note is that in Cancún all ticket packages seem to offer alcohol options. Always choose the premium alcohols if you don’t fancy getting sick.

View from our room in Selina, Cancun, Mexico

After a pitstop for tacos, we got to Melody Maker for the night ahead. The hotel reminds me a little of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza with its fun party vibe and DJs. We stocked up on drinks, chatted to other people, and got ready for the main act of the night, Tiësto.

Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico
Girls enjoying Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico
Girls at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

The warm up DJs were also really good at setting the right vibe. I was pretty pleased the venue wasn’t too crowded too, which often happens at these places.

Tiesto during Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico
Girls at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

Tiësto at Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico

Time seemed to flash by. Soon, Tiësto took to the decks and it was so awesome. I’d seen him before when I went to Las Vegas, and this was equally, if not even more awesome. Wondering how trashy Spring Break in Cancún may be, we were also very pleasantly surprised.

Tiesto at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico
Tiesto at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico
Tiesto at Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

I’m sure it won’t be the last time either! His shows are always so fun.

A Final Day in Cancún, Mexico

Your final day in any awesome vacation destination is always a hard one. Luckily, our flight wasn’t until later that afternoon. Determined to fit in as much Mexican food as possible, we went to Mextreme. Although possibly not the coolest of names, the food was good and darn cheap. It’s a little like a Mexican diner, but with these tasty enchiladas only costing around $5CAD, I don’t think that’s anything to complain about.

Enchiladas in Cancun, Mexico

With bellies full, we went to Selina. We packed up, and got out by the pool for our last few hours of sunshine. Vancouver was promising 3 degrees Celsius for our return, so making excellent use of this ‘Sunday’ was a priority. It was a lovely last day by the pool.

The pool at Selina, Cancun
Sunbathing by the pool at Selina, Cancun in Mexico

And just like that the holiday flashed back. Mexico was everything I imagined and more. Amazing people, fun memories, excellent food, and wonderful sights. Muchas gracias y hasta luego.

Have you been to Spring Break in Cancún? What did you get up to? I’d love to hear all of your recommendations and stories in the comments below!

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