Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip

One of the top things to do in Las Vegas is exploring the length of its iconic Strip. Lined on each side with some of the best hotels, casinos, and resorts in the world, there’s so much to see on the Las Vegas Strip. Cruise past the neon lights, shops, and top class restaurants. Along the Strip, you’ll also find some of the best entertainment venues, from world-class singers to comedy, to circus acts. Strolling the Strip is a great opportunity to knock off some bucket list landmarks too, including the impressive Bellagio Fountains and the High Roller observation wheel.

New York New York Hotel, Las Vegas

Waking up feeling a little less than fresh from our pool party in Las Vegas the night before, we got up. Wanting to make the most of the day ahead, we headed outside into the desert heat to explore some of the iconic hotels of the Las Vegas Strip. Not far from the MGM Grand where we were staying is the New York New York Hotel. We stepped inside for a look around.

Inside New York New York, Las Vegas

The inside is super impressive, as it feels as though you’re walking around the neighbourhoods of New York. With its all-American theme, wandering around you’ll find replicas of iconic landmarks, and cafes serving up fresh slices of New York pizza. There’s even an onsite rollercoaster.

Inside New York New York, Las Vegas

We took in the sights and sounds of New York New York, before moving along down the Las Vegas Strip. We dipped in and out of the hotels, continuously amazed by what we were seeing along the way. There aren’t too many streets in the world where you can see a Statue of Liberty and an Eiffel Tower together.

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip

We stopped into the luxurious Cosmopolitan hotel, and found ourselves within the midst of the Chandelier Bar. Spread across three tiers of level, a chandelier with two million crystals is at the heart of the bar.

Cosmopolitan Hotel, New York
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

Heading out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, we were struck by the imposing Eiffel Tower of Paris, along with its unmistakable hot air balloon.

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

One of the star attractions of the Las Vegas Strip that we were keen to explore was The Bellagio. It really didn’t disappoint. Each detail of the hotel is majestic, from its incredible fountain pool to the exquisite retail stores.

Bellagio Hotel, Vegas

Upon entry, you’re greeted by a colourful ceiling – Dale Chihuly’s impressive ‘Fiori di Como’. It’s a glass sculpture of blossoms hanging from the ceiling of the lobby. It really gives an indication of the luxurious nature of the hotel. Each day, the hotel’s 15,000 – 20,000 visitors get to see it.

Chihuly glass ceiling at the Bellagio
Chihuly glass ceiling at Bellagio

Next up, you’re treated to the beautiful Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Each year, the following twelve months is considered in advance to enable the stunning flower displays to grow in time for display.

Laura at the Bellagio Gardens
Bellagio Gardens, Las Vegas

Every and every single season, the horticulturists transform the 14,000 square foot conservatory into a floral paradise. When we visited, it was a tribute to a summer in Italy, with displays of Italian seaside towns.

Bellagio Gardens, Las Vegas
Bellagio Gardens, Las Vegas

How impressive is this floral American flag? Everywhere you look in the Bellagio, there’s something cool to see.

Inside the Bellagio Gardens, Las Vegas
Bellagio swimming pool, Las Vegas

We snuck a glimpse at the idyllic at one of the Bellagio’s idyllic swimming pools. A Mediterranean themed pool, it looks perfect for taking a refreshing dip. We grabbed a hot chocolate from a cafe inside the Bellagio and relaxed while taking in the sights and sounds around us. The hotel really has the amazing opulence and elegance of the Italian lake village it was based on.

Inside the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

We went back out onto the Las Vegas Strip to wander back to our hotel, the MGM Grand. Each hotel you pass gives you a sense of wanderlust as you long to be in the origins of the place it’s based on.

Paris, Las Vegas Strip

Taking a breather from the hot Nevada desert, we were lucky to introduce another guest to our Vegas trip. Our uni friend, Jamie, flew over from New York to come and party with us for a few nights. All feeling a little hungry, we decided to drop by one of Vegas’ famous buffets. We checked out the MGM Grand Buffet since it wasn’t too far. Our hotel literally has everything you need in one place, from pool parties to endless restaurants, to gambling, to IV drips. You could holiday at the hotel and not have to leave for days. There’s so much to do, and something for everyone.

MGM Grand Buffet, Las Vegas
Buffet at MGM Grand

The MGM Grand Buffet was amazing – I could talk about it all day! Although a mountain of mish mashed food isn’t the most photogenic, it was delicious. It’s such good value too. We arrived between brunch and dinner, so got the best of both worlds. There was everything, from crab legs to prime rib, to smoked salmon to Mexican cuisine. We were literally in heaven – all for the ultra reasonable price of around $25. Kerching!

Friends at the MGM Grand pool

Afterwards, we relaxed and sunbathed by the pool for a while, catching up while catching the sun’s rays. The pool at the MGM Grand is great, with a lazy river and various swimming pools among the loungers. We slept off all of the food before it began to get dark.

MGM Grand pool, Las Vegas
MGM Grand pool, Las Vegas

We relaxed until the sun began to drop, at which point we went inside to get changed. Our plan was to continue exploring the Las Vegas Strip into the evening.

New York New York on the Las Vegas Strip

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

One of Las Vegas’ most famous hotels is Caesar’s Palace. The iconic hotel has an exquisite design, with various pools, and a great spot in the centre of the Las Vegas Strip. We headed to explore, from the huge casino to the auditorium and beyond.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Strip

It’s an extremely impressive hotel, and one of the Vegas’ grandest. There are statues of Greek and Roman gods, and a shopping mall where the ceiling changes to reflect different weathers and times of day. It’s not hard to see why it attracts such huge artists for residencies.

Inside Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
Inside Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Crossing the road back onto the Las Vegas Strip to explore a little more, we passed all the neon of the Flamingo. Vegas by night is pretty spectacular. It’s just how you see it on the front of glossy travel brochures. Who doesn’t like a little neon?

Las Vegas Strip at night

We went in search of the Bellagio once again to discover the famous fountain show.

Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains of Bellagio is an amazing show that blends water, light, and music together in a choreographed fashion. Each show uses a different song or piece of music and a different performance, and it’s completely free to watch.

Bellagio Fountains at night

You simply find a comfortable spot to rest and watch the dynamic show against the background of the Las Vegas Strip and the Bellagio Hotel. The Fountains of Bellagio takes place every day during the following times:

Monday to Friday

  • 3pm – 7pm: every 30 minutes
  • 7pm – midnight: every 15 minutes


  • Noon – 7pm: every 30 minutes
  • 7pm – midnight: every 15 minutes


  • 11am – 2:30pm: every 15 minutes
  • 2.30pm – 7pm: every 30 minutes
  • 7pm – midnight: every 15 minutes
Friends at the Fountains of Bellagio

We watched a couple of the shows in awe, as the fountains reached high up in the air, perfectly timed to the music. After experiencing quite enough of the bright lights of Vegas, we snuck home to bed for another couple of fun-filled days in the desert and beyond. Stay tuned!

Have you visited the Las Vegas Strip? If so, which are your favourite hotels to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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