Sunset Strip from Cafe Mambo

Sunset Strip, San Antonio

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. We’d reached our last day in Ibiza, but we were determined to live it out in style. We started out the day sunbathing by the pool. We wanted to relax before a long night ahead, partying on our last night on the White Isle. We’d be exploring both the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, before catching David Guetta’s iconic F*** Me I’m Famous night at Pacha.

Sunbathing at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

It was a pretty lazy day, to be quite honest. We were exhausted from the last few days of partying at the pool and nights of mayhem. In fact, a poolside snooze was just what we needed. I was determined to cram in what we could in our last night, so prepared appropriately.

Relaxing by the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza pool

We napped on sun loungers and relaxed with nachos, and some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. As well as plenty of cocktails, of course.

Jo by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza before visiting the Sunset Strip
Sushi and nachos at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza before the Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip, San Antonio

We got ready and drank on the balcony, before taking a taxi across to San Antonio on the other side of the island. Ibiza’s famous Sunset Strip is on the west side of San Antonio, and is a busy oceanfront promenade. As the name suggests, it’s the ideal place to catch the sunset with a drink before moving on to a club. World famous bars line the Sunset Strip, from Cafe Mambo to Cafe del Mar. Chilled Ibiza music fills the air, and you’ll meet plenty of interesting people on this vibrant strip.

Jo on the Sunset Strip, Ibiza
Cafe Mambo sunset, Sunset Strip

While we were staying in Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonio has a little more of a reputation. It’s a buzzing area with a lively vibe, and a lot busier than the part of the island we were staying on. We came purely to experience one of the island’s world famous sunsets. While the sun rises in Playa d’en Bossa, it sinks along San Antonio’s Sunset Strip into a blur of orange and pinks. There’s often music playing, and people often clap when the sun sinks.

Jo on Ibiza's Sunset Strip

Cafe Mambo, Sunset Strip

As you can imagine, the Sunset Strip is pretty busy every single night. We arrived just before the mayhem of the Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza, meaning extra clubbers. If, however, you can see past the crowds, grab a drink, and sink into the house music, you’ll love it just as much as we did.

Cafe Mambo on the Sunset Strip, Ibiza
Promoters for Pacha, Ibiza on the Sunset Strip
Jo enjoying the Cafe Mambo sunset on the Sunset Strip, Ibiza
Laura catching the Cafe Mambo sunset on the Sunset Strip, Ibiza
Sunset Strip from Cafe Mambo

It was a great experience to see the iconic Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo, whilst watching the sun finally bob beneath the clouds to a round of applause from its audience. I’ve seen some even more impressive sunsets in my adventures across the world, but there’s nothing quite like the buzz of an Ibizan sunset.

Girls on the Sunset Strip, Ibiza

We even caught a glimpse of Annie Mac performing her Radio 1 in Ibiza set. It’s just another of the never ending surprises that the White Isle has in store for your holiday.

Annie Mac at Radio 1 in Ibiza on the Sunset Strip

I’m not quite sure how we fit the rest of the night in, but here goes.

Alesso at Ushuaia, Ibiza

We made a quick pitstop back at the hotel to change before hopping across the road. Tonight before heading to Pacha, we wanted to see Alesso back at our favourite club of the week, Ushuaia. Alesso opened to Maroon 5’s ‘this summer’s gonna hurt like a motherf***er’. After this week, we really couldn’t agree more. All totally worth it though.

Jo at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza after the Sunset Strip
Alesso at Ushuaia, Ibiza

Alesso put on an amazing set. You forget just how many songs he’s released. This was with all the usual incredible Ushuaia theatrics, of course.

Alesso at Ushuaia, Ibiza

Leaving Ushuaia around 11pm, we had a few hours to chill before heading back out to Pacha. There’s no better place to head than the rooftop bar of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. It offers amazing views across the neon lights of Ushuaia, Playa d’en Bossa and the nightclubs beyond.

Rooftop view across Ushuaia, Ibiza

Getting Ready at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

We headed back to our room to get ready. There’s one tidy room, right there for you. You can tell all we’ve done all week is dip in and out of the room from one nightclub to the next.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza room after the Sunset Strip
Girls getting ready for Pacha, Ibiza after time on the Sunset Strip
Laura ready for a night at Pacha, Ibiza after visiting the Sunset Strip

We had all the essentials for the night of course – nothing like a Berocca before your night out. Already exhausted after a long school term, it appeared four nights of consecutive Ibiza nights out weren’t constructive to Jo’s health! She soldiered on, however, for our final night on the island.

Jo ready for Pacha, Ibiza
Girls ready for a night at Pacha, Ibiza

Did I mention? Making friends in Ibiza is a pretty easy task. These guys just popped up from nowhere and before long we had a new posse.

Girls at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Group of friends at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous at Pacha, Ibiza

Next stop – back to Pacha for David Guetta’s legendary F*** Me I’m Famous club night. Guetta did not disappoint – it was such an incredible night. Everyone in the crowd had coloured wands and the music was amazing. We danced, took shots, and partied all night long.

Girls at F*** Me I'm Famous for David Guetta at Pacha, Ibiza
David Guetta at Pacha, Ibiza
Girls at David Guetta, Pacha, Ibiza
David Guetta at Pacha, Ibiza
Girls at F*** Me I'm Famous, Pacha
David Guetta at Pacha, Ibiza
David Guetta at Pacha, Ibiza

It was an awesome night where we pretty much knew the words to every song. We crawled into a taxi around 5am to head back to our hotel.

Sunrise at Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza

Now, remember what I said about catching the sunrise in Playa d’en Bossa? Well, conveniently, we got back from Pacha just in time to see it ourselves.

Sunrise on Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza
Catching the sunrise at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Sunrise over Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza

So beautiful, and rounding our night off perfectly. After a super brief sleep, we slipped off back to the pool to catch our last few rays before jetting off back home.

Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The pool has entertainers to make your sunbathing experience a little more exciting. It’s exemplary of Ibiza and the lengths it goes to to make sure guests have the best time. That’s whether it’s in a nightclub or simply hanging out by the pool.

Entertainers by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

I must mention the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza’s Beach Club. It’s pretty glamorous with its very own Moet bar, and super chic. I love the decor including the roof which allows the sun to shine through leaving everything dappled underneath.

Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The Beach Club is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat to break up a day of sunbathing. We also visited after the pool party in the evening. The paella is delicious and it’s a great place for a casual bite while you watch the sunset across the beach.

Beach Club, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Octopus at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza's Beach Club

I tried something different and went for grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and piquillo peppers with crispy artichokes. As with all the food from the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, it was excellent.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza's Beach Club

Leaving Ibiza

Sadly, we had to say our farewells to the beautiful hotel which had been our home for the past five days. We waited outside for our pickup, and spotted the dedicated scooters you can borrow from the hotel. Such a great idea and something I’d definitely like to do next time to explore more of Ibiza.

Scooters at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza
Sunset on the plane journey from Ibiza to Bristol

Although it was sad to leave after an amazing holiday, we were exhausted. I will definitely be back in Ibiza before too long. The plane journey home offered views of a pretty sun set to close our Ibizan chapter. Oh Ibiza, you’ve stolen my sleep and my money, but most of all, my heart. Now to sleep!

Are you an Ibiza regular? Where do you like to stay on the White Isle? Let me know all your recommendations and tips in the comments below!

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