Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, LA

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

I think the whole time I was in Beverly Hills, I couldn’t get the Weezer song out of my head. But my goodness, this beautifully luxurious suburb really didn’t disappoint. We hopped from Melrose Avenue to one of the world’s most iconic hotels. Say hello to the super iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel

Located just off one of the US’ most famous streets, Sunset Boulevard, the hotel has welcomed the likes of the Rat Pack, Humphrey Bogart, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe… the list goes on. Did you know The Eagles’ Hotel California is written about the hotel too? There was something very cool about seeing those iconic pink and green shades in the flesh. All the while, we were hobnobbing past the ultra rich and passing hordes of Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce cars parked in the hotel lot.

Beverly Hills Hotel

Virtually everywhere you turn, the plants are perfectly manicured, exotic, and fabulous. We also loved the retro photoshoot they’d illustrated along the famous walkway into the hotel lobby.

Vintage photos at Beverly Hills Hotel, LA
Vintage photos at Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

We wanted to find the pool area, so snuck in to find it after a look around the beautiful hotel interiors.

Pathway to Beverly Hills Hotel pool
The pool at Beverly Hills Hotel

How gorgeous are even the pool furnishings!?

Pink sunbeds at Beverly Hills Hotel, LA
Neon sign at Beverly Hills Hotel, LA

Once we’d finished scouting out the hotel, we walked through the rest of Beverly Hills in search of Rodeo Drive. I’m certainly one for house porn, but goodness me, this was something else. Row after row of dreamy mansions all in the setting of blue skies and perfectly placed palm trees. Even better was many of them were decorated for Halloween which made the snooping even more fun.

Beverly Hills

Walking along Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, LA
The palm trees of Sunset Boulevard, LA
Palm trees in Beverly Hills, California

I could very much get used to such wonderful sunshine and lack of a jacket at the end of October! At the end of the road, we turned the corner and saw the very famous Beverly Hills sign. In all honestly, the water was pretty murky and it was teeming with tourists like us. The much more glamorous side to the 90210 neighbourhood is most definitely back towards where we’d just been.

The Beverly Hills sign, Los Angeles

‘Surely not another mural’ said noone ever!

Stood in front of the heart mural, Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive

Carry along and you’ll soon hit the plethora of ultra expensive, ultra glamorous designer shops along Rodeo Drive. Even the palm trees here are super feathery and perfect looking.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, LA

Imagine having such a successful retail business you can afford to invest in a mustard yellow Rolls Royce to just permanently sit outside your store? Yeah, me neither.

Yellow Rolls Royce of Rodeo Drive, LA
The palm trees of Rodeo Drive
Luxury designer shops along Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles
Rodeo Drive, LA

It’s pretty incredible just to witness the sheer wealth of this street – let alone the city – of the rich and famous, just as we saw in Malibu the previous day. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to come back and even just entertain the idea of going into one of these shops!? Hmm, we’ll see. Take a stroll around the rest of the area and you may even spot the luxury retailer where Julia Roberts talked to snobby staff in that famous scene from Pretty Woman.

Beverly Hills Hotel, Rodeo Drive

It was so amazing seeing some of these iconic spots you see so often in TV shows and movies in the flesh. They’re just as grand as I had imagined. But for now – we were off to our next destination on our whistlestop tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood!

Have you been to Beverly Hills? If so, where would you recommend visiting? Where do you like to shop?

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