Primrose Hill views

Primrose Hill, London

Just a short walk from Camden Town along the Regent’s Canal, you’ll find the gorgeous neighbourhood of Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is arguably my favourite part of London. This is thanks to its candy coloured townhouses and sprawling views across the Big Smoke. If you haven’t yet visited, I urge you to get your butt over there pronto. Here’s why.

Getting to Primrose Hill

Perhaps you’ll hit up Camden Market for lunch or a snack before heading over to Primrose Hill. It’s rude not to when the glorious stalls of the market are just a short stroll along the Regent’s Canal. Last time I went, however, my family and I went via Borough Market. This was primarily to check out Bread Ahead bakery once and for all.

Bread Ahead, Borough Market

Although they look delicious, they are a little overpriced and more bland than I was expecting. Pippins Doughnuts in the Cotswolds, Bristol, and Swindon are an easy winner in my books! Nonetheless, we sat out and enjoyed the beautiful rays of the tail end of summer at London Bridge. The quickest way to get to Primrose Hill is to catch the tube to either Mornington Crescent or St John’s Wood. The best way, however, in my opinion is to get off at Camden Town and walk along the canal.

Shard from London Bridge

Exploring Primrose Hill

You’ll soon know you’ve arrived in Primrose Hill when you begin to see beautiful pastel coloured townhouses on every street. Just north of Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill was once woodland full of trees and wolves. It was also a hunting ground used by English royalty. Nowadays, it’s one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in London, and one of the nicest in which to live. Walk around near Chalcot Square and you’ll find blue plaques around every corner, pointing out the former homes of authors like Sylvia Plath and Dylan Thomas.

Streets of Primrose Hill, London

Even more recently, celebrities like Kate Moss, Jude Law, and Sadie Frost moved into the area, coining the term the ‘Primrose Hill set’. It’s little surprise with such gorgeous houses and boutique shops and restaurants. Don’t miss cute little brunch spots like Greenberry, the Primrose Bakery, and Lemonia.

Sweet Pea, Primrose Hill

The gorgeous pubs like the Princess of Wales, The Lansdowne, and The Queen are a welcome break from seeking your favourite house in the neighbourhood. With candy coloured townhouses wherever you look, it’s no easy decision.

Streets of Primrose Hill, London
Houses of Primrose Hill, London

Enjoying the Views

Of course, what would this area be without an actual Primrose Hill? Join the hip and wealthy by climbing the hill for some of the best views of the city from North London.

Views over Primrose Hill, London

From this glorious spot, you’ll be 63 metres above sea level. The views across the Big Smoke are truly spectacular. Head up on a sunny day and see if you can spy landmarks like the London Eye, the Shard, and the BT Tower.

Primrose Hill views

The most wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon in London. Take a picnic with you and enjoy the view over a bottle of fizz along with the locals.

Family enjoying the city views over London
Primrose Hill, London

Where are your favourite spots in Primrose Hill? Are there any other neighbourhoods I need to explore in London?

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