A guide to visiting Sopot, Poland
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Sopot, Poland: a guide to visiting [2024]

Considering a trip to Sopot? You should absolutely visit! I went to the beautiful seaside town during a visit to Gdańsk and absolutely loved it. In this article, I share why.

Located along the picturesque Baltic Sea, the Polish town of Sopot captivates visitors with its alluring blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy. The town’s beautiful sandy beaches, historic architecture, and iconic wooden pier make for a perfect seaside escape. Just a short distance from neighbouring Gdańsk, Sopot is where visitors and locals come to relax and party by the sea. Picture a long stretch of beautiful beach, waterfront restaurants, dozens of bars, and a long promenade, and there you have it – Sopot. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in nearby Gdańsk. Head to Monte Cassino Street, a lively pedestrian walk for boutique shopping, excellent restaurants, and a lively atmosphere. You’ll also discover rich culture, museums, and a dynamic art scene. Whether you visit for wellness, international cuisine, or a fun nightlife, I’m sure you’ll Sopot as much as I did when I visited.

Sopot Beach, Poland

Quick tips for visiting Sopot

Get this: a sunset yacht cruise around Sopot with prosecco for a memorable experience of this beautiful seaside town.

Don’t miss: experiencing the highlights of Gdansk, Gydnia, and Sopot in a 1-day private tour to see the very best of the Tri-City by private car.

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Where is Sopot, Poland?

Sopot is a resort town located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. Specifically, it’s situated in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, part of the larger Tri-City metropolitan area, which also includes Gdańsk and Gdynia. Sopot is situated between Gdańsk to the west and Gdynia to the east, forming a trio of interconnected urban centres known for their historical significance, cultural attractions, and coastal beauty. Sopot is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

How do you get to Sopot?

There are a few ways to reach Sopot relatively easily, and there are several transport options for reaching the seaside town:

  • By air – the nearest major airport to Sopot is Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN), which is well-connected to various international and domestic destinations. From the airport, you can take a taxi, bus, or train to reach Sopot. The airport is approximately 20 kilometers west of Sopot.
  • By train – Sopot has a well-connected railway station, offering direct train services from major cities including Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Warsaw. The train station is centrally located, making it easy to reach the heart of Sopot upon arrival.
  • By car – if you prefer to drive, Sopot is accessible by road. The town is well-connected to major highways, and it takes about 30 minutes to drive from Gdańsk and approximately 20 minutes from Gdynia, depending on traffic conditions.
  • By bus – intercity buses operate between Sopot and other cities in Poland. The central bus station in Sopot is conveniently located near the train station.
  • By sea – although a less common form of transport, Sopot’s location on the Baltic Sea means that it’s possible to arrive by boat or ferry, particularly for those exploring the coastal region.

Once in Sopot, the town is easy to navigate on foot, and its compact size makes it convenient to explore the beaches, historic sites, and vibrant streets by walking. Additionally, public transport, taxis, and rental bikes are available for getting around within the town and the surrounding areas.

When is the best time to visit Sopot?

The best time to visit Sopot really depends on your personal preferences and the type of experience you’re after. I visited in February, and although it was chilly, it was a lovely place to enjoy walks along the beach and pier, and to warm up with a hot chocolate in one of the seaside cafes. I’d love to go back when it’s a little warmer to enjoy some of the beach clubs.

Here are some considerations for the different seasons:

  • Summer (June to August) – this is the peak tourist season when Sopot experiences warm weather and longer days. The beaches are bustling, and numerous outdoor events and festivals take place. If you enjoy a fun, busier atmosphere, water activities, and open-air concerts, summer is an ideal time to visit Sopot.
  • Spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) – the shoulder seasons offer milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and more affordable accommodation. Spring brings blooming flowers, while autumn showcases colourful foliage. These periods are great for exploring Sopot’s cultural attractions, enjoying pleasant weather, and experiencing a more relaxed ambiance.
  • Winter (November to March) – Sopot in winter has a quieter charm. While temperatures can be chilly, the town takes on a serene atmosphere, and you can experience the festive holiday decorations. Winter is ideal for those who prefer a peaceful escape and may also enjoy the nearby ski resorts.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can vary. I recommend checking the specific climate and events during your intended travel dates. Whether you’re drawn to the lively summer vibe or the quieter allure of the shoulder seasons, Sopot offers a unique experience all year round.

Where are the best hotels in Sopot?

Sopot has a generous range of accommodation options, from luxurious hotels to charming boutique establishments. The best hotel for you depends on your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you’re looking for. Here’s where I’d stay when visiting Sopot:

Luxury hotels in Sopot

Sofitel Grand Sopot – 5*

Staying at the Sofitel Grand Sopot is lavish retreat, offering both historical elegance and modern luxury. Set in a beautiful historic building near the iconic Sopot Pier, the hotel’s prime location means you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and easy access to the town’s attractions. With rooms meticulously designed for comfort and style, you can also indulge in some excellent cuisine at the hotel’s fine dining establishments, and unwind at the spa and wellness facilities for a little R&R. You’ll discover attentive service and state-of-the-art facilities for an unforgettable experience of Sopot.

Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa – 5*

Overlooking the beautiful Baltic Sea, the 5* Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa offers a luxurious coastal retreat. Inside, you’ll discover an elegant escape with spacious rooms, a relaxing spa, and multiple dining options. Each room is a classy blend of modern design and panoramic views, offering a serene stay near the seaside. The hotels’ central location makes it super easy to reach Sopot’s main attractions, while the hotel’s facilities cater to both leisure and business travellers. You can expect to receive the great service associated with the Sheraton brand for an excellent blend of luxury, convenience, and coastal beauty during your stay in Sopot.

Budget hotels in Sopot

Aqua House – 3*

Just a short walk from Sopot Beach, Aqua House features reasonably priced accommodation in Sopot, complete with a garden, terrace, and luggage storage. Onsite, you’ll find a restaurant, free WiFi, and individual units with a wardrobe, flat screen TV, fridge, kettle, private bathroom, and all the linen and towels you’ll need for a comfortable stay. All rooms are soundproofed, and there’s a buffet and a la carte breakfast option available. Don’t miss the fresh pastries and pancakes – they’re delicious. For guests with kids, Aqua House has an indoor play area as well as outdoor play equipment. You can even hire bicycles from the hotel, enabling you to explore Sopot freely.

Seaside Sopot – 3*

SeaSide Sopot is a lovely budget hotel. Offering parking onsite, an express checkin and checkout, the hotel also has beautiful sea and garden views for you to enjoy. Just a short stroll from Sopot Beach, you can even borrow bicycles from the hotel to explore for yourself. Each of the rooms at SeaSide Sopot have a private entrance, soundproofing, private bathrooms with walk-in showers, and free WiFi. As a bed and breakfast, you can enjoy a delicious a la carte or American breakfast each morning. There are some great dining options close to SeaSide Sopot, and you can enjoy activities including cycling, hiking, and walking in the nearby area.

Things to do in Sopot

Sopot, with its coastal charm and vibrant atmosphere, offers a variety of activities for visitors. Here are some of the best things I did when visiting Sopot, as well as a few extra recommendations you could do when visiting this beautiful seaside town:

  • Stroll along Sopot Pier: Sopot actually boasts the longest wooden pier in Europe, at a staggering 515 metres long! And I thought Southend-on-Sea’s was long. Take a leisurely walk along the iconic Sopot Pier, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and take in the refreshing sea breeze. I visited in February and it was still a really lovely walk. Just along Sopot Pier, you’ll discover Modern. It’s a restaurant located on the pier, and it’s beautifully decorated. Modern serves up contemporary cuisine, inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean. There’s also an extensive wine and cocktail menu to enjoy. We perused the list and ordered a couple of glasses of white wine while chatting away. Over summer, there’s also an outdoor terrace which I imagine would be equally as delightful. There are lovely views across the Baltic Sea from all angles, and it felt really cosy inside. The perfect place to relax in the heart of the Polish Tri-City.
Sopot Pier

  • Explore Monte Cassino Street: wander down the bustling Monte Cassino Street, known for its lively atmosphere, charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a perfect place for shopping, dining, and people-watching. I was surprised to discover how good nightlife is in Sopot, so if you’re looking for good dinners and drinks, you’re in the right place.
  • Relax on Sopot Beach: spend some time on the sandy beaches of Sopot. Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or trying water sports, the beach is a central hub for relaxation and recreation. There’s something about Sopot that reminds me of Brighton – perhaps it’s the long stretch of beach fringed by hedonistic bars and beach clubs. It’s beautiful, nonetheless, and who’d have thought Poland boasts some really pretty beaches? We walked from the hotels lining the promenade for a walk along the beach. There are all sorts of people here, from families to elderly couples enjoying the seaside air.

  • Visit the Crooked House (Krzywy Domek): marvel at the unique architecture of the Crooked House, a whimsical building that adds a touch of eccentricity to Sopot’s skyline.
  • Attend a concert at Forest Opera (Opery Leśnej): experience cultural events at the Forest Opera, an open-air amphitheater surrounded by lush greenery. The venue hosts concerts, performances, and shows during the summer months, so it’s well worth checking out the events before your visit.
  • Visit Sopot Lighthouse: head to the historic Sopot Lighthouse at the end of the pier. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the sea and the town.
Sopot Beach and Lighthouse, Poland
  • Indulge in spa treatments: when relaxing, why not enjoy a relaxing spa experience at one of Sopot’s wellness centres? Many hotels offer spa services, providing an opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate.
  • Visit Aquapark Sopot: have family-friendly fun at Aquapark Sopot, featuring water slides, pools, and aquatic attractions for all ages.
  • Dine at the local restaurants: delight your taste buds with Polish and international cuisine at Sopot’s diverse range of restaurants. Try local specialties and enjoy dining along the charming streets. We fancied some seafood for dinner when visiting, so decided to browse the beachfront restaurants of Sopot. I spotted Tawerna Rybitwa on the beach, and its twinkling lights in the February night sky looked really inviting. We headed inside and both ordered turbot with fried potatoes and a side of tartare sauce. It wasn’t the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, but it was tasty. It was also nice to sit in the restaurant’s marquee area and watch the waves as we ate.
Fish and chips at Tawerna Rybitwa
  • Visit Oliwa Cathedral: take a short trip to nearby Gdańsk to visit Oliwa Cathedral, known for its impressive organ concerts and beautiful park surroundings.
  • Enjoy the nightlife on Monte Cassino Street: experience the vibrant nightlife of Sopot by exploring the bars, clubs, and entertainment venues along Monte Cassino Street. Having envisioned a sleepy little seaside town in Poland, I was quite surprised to discover the town’s vibrant nightlife. There are dozens of late night bars and clubs, as well as beach bars that could almost rival Ibiza. I imagine it’s a really fun place to hang out in the summer. Did you know Sopot also hosts its own International Song Festival? It’s now the largest event of its kind in Europe, aside from Eurovision. We started our night out on Sopot Beach at White Marlin. A restaurant and lounge, it’s directly on the beach and has an upmarket feel. The decor is beautiful both inside and out – the perfect stop for some cocktails. White Marlin has an extensive champagne and cocktail menu, making it a fun place to party. We then headed into Sopot’s town district. Along Monte Cassino Street, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to bars. We settled in for cocktails, and it all got a little blurry from there. I can confirm Sopot is a really fun (and cheap) place to party! Afterwards, it was time for us to head back in an Uber to Gdańsk. I had an awesome time checking out Sopot and recommend it to anyone visiting Poland.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, after cultural experiences, or lively entertainment, Sopot offers a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for visitors of all interests.

What to pack for a visit to Sopot

What to pack for visiting Sopot ultimately depends on the weather on the day you visit! There are, however, a few things I highly recommend taking with you – especially, if like me, you’re visiting for a weekend and are limited with your carry-on baggage.

  • SPF 50 – no matter what the weather, a good SPF is a non-negotiable for me. The sun can be deceptively strong, even when cloudy, so I really recommend taking plenty of SPF with you and wearing it before you head outside. Your skin will thank you later!
  • Plug adaptor – if you’re UK based, you’ll need a plug converter. Like most of Europe, Poland uses type E plugs. This plug adaptor is amazing as you can use it in most other countries, no matter what the plug type. I don’t travel without one any more.
  • Multi device charger – I can’t travel without one of these any more, either. It’s so handy for charging a couple of iPhones at once (ideal when you’re travelling with someone and are limited on time or plugs for charging), as well as a couple of other devices.
  • Clear toiletries bags – these are an absolute lifesaver at airport security – no more flimsy sandwich bags for a starter! When I visited Poland, I was just taking a rucksack so it was super handy just to shove all my toiletries into one of these while moving about.
  • A secure day bag for storing essentials like your passport, cash, and cards. I love this crossbody bag from Amazon. As well as being really reasonably priced, I use it for most of my trips as it’s super convenient for storing your phone etc while exploring a city.
  • An underseat cabin bag. If you’re like me and love scoring a bargain on Ryanair or Easyjet, you’ll want one of these bags. I recently purchased one for my weekend trip to Poland it was genuinely a lifesaver. It packs in much more than you’d ever think, and is airline approved so you can save the pennies you’d splash out on taking a suitcase on cocktails at the hotel bar instead.
  • Travel bottles for toiletries – these travel sized containers are so helpful for the 100ml flying restriction. I use the colour coded bottles for my different products – shampoo, conditioner, etc as I hate using the cheap hotel toiletries on my hair.
  • Reusable travel water bottle – I don’t go anywhere without one of these any more. It’s super cheap and is easy to just refill and shove into a backpack when you’re out exploring. I always like to have water on me, and don’t like buying single use plastics, so this is perfect.
  • An umbrella – this is an essential if you’re visiting in the winter or shoulder season. The weather can be a little unpredictable in Sopot, so make sure you pack one of these into your bag.
  • A quick drying beach towel – this towel is a godsend if you’re visiting in the summer. It’s super lightweight so you can shove it into a backpack. You may want to sunbathe when visiting Sopot in the summer months, and this towel is ideal as it dries really quickly. I also love the design, and it comes in a bunch of different colours.
  • A Sopot travel guide – a handy book that’s perfect for reading on the plane on your way to Sopot to get a feel for Sopot and the surrounding areas.

I really recommend checking the weather forecast closer to your travel dates to adjust your packing list accordingly. Sopot’s coastal location means that the weather can vary, so it’s good to be prepared for different conditions.

Visiting Sopot – FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting Sopot.

Is Sopot, Poland worth visiting?

I genuinely can’t recommend visiting Sopot enough, especially if you’re visiting nearby Gdynia or Gdańsk anyway. I didn’t have huge expectations for visiting – we mainly went because we heard it had a beach, but I was so impressed by its beauty and charm. It has a lovely sandy beach and an iconic pier that make for a picturesque backdrop. There’s also rich history in its elegant architecture, including landmarks like the Crooked House and the historic Lighthouse. If you’re looking for good restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, Monte Cassino Street pulses with life, featuring lively cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, making it a hub for shopping and entertainment. Sopot’s designation as a spa town adds a touch of relaxation to the experience, too. With festivals and cultural events, Sopot caters to various interests, making it a destination I really can’;t recommend visiting enough.

Can you swim in the sea in Sopot?

Yes! You can swim in the sea in Sopot. Sopot is a popular seaside resort town located on the Baltic Sea in Poland, and its sandy beaches attract visitors for swimming and other water activities. The town is known for its clean and well-maintained beaches, making it a suitable destination for those who enjoy swimming in the sea. The water temperature can vary depending on the season, with the summer months generally being the most popular for beachgoers. If you plan to swim in the sea in Sopot, it’s advisable to check local conditions, follow any safety guidelines provided, and be aware of seasonal variations in water temperature.

What is the main street in Sopot?

The main street in Sopot is Monte Cassino Street (ulica Monte Cassino). This vibrant and lively pedestrian street is often considered the heart of Sopot. It runs parallel to the beach and is lined with a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Monte Cassino Street is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, offering a bustling atmosphere, especially during the summer months. It’s a central hub for shopping, dining, and enjoying the vibrant street life that characterises Sopot.

What is the crooked building in Sopot, Poland?

The crooked building in Sopot is commonly known as the “Krzywy Domek” in Polish, which translates to the “Crooked House” in English. This unique and whimsical architectural structure is located on Monte Cassino Street, the main pedestrian street in Sopot. Designed by the Polish architects Szotyńscy & Zaleski and completed in 2004, the Crooked House is characterised by its irregular, curved shape and warped facade, creating the impression of a building that is seemingly melting or leaning. The design was inspired by the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and the artwork of Per Dahlberg. The Crooked House has become one of Sopot’s most famous landmarks and a popular tourist attraction. It houses various shops, cafes, and businesses, making it not only an architectural curiosity but also a functional and lively part of the town’s commercial scene.

Is Sopot cheaper than Gdańsk?

Both Sopot and Gdańsk are both located in the Tri-City area of Poland and are known for their unique attractions and cultural experiences. However, the cost of living and prices for goods and services can vary between the two cities. Generally speaking, Sopot is considered a more upscale and resort-oriented destination, and prices for accommodation, dining, and entertainment are slightly higher compared to Gdańsk. Gdańsk, being a larger city and a major economic hub, offers a broader range of options at different price points, making it more budget-friendly for certain aspects of travel. Of course, prices depend on various factors, including the specific time of year, the type of accommodation and dining establishments you choose, and individual spending preferences.

Where is the Polish Riviera?

The term ‘Polish Riviera’ typically refers to the coastal area along the Baltic Sea in Poland, encompassing several resort towns and cities. The main destinations on the Polish Riviera include:

  • Sopot: known for its sandy beaches, the iconic pier, and a lively atmosphere, Sopot is a popular resort town and a key destination on the Polish Riviera.
  • Gdynia: another prominent city on the Polish Riviera, Gdynia, offers modern amenities, a bustling port, and cultural attractions. It is part of the larger Tri-City area along with Gdańsk and Sopot.
  • Gdańsk: a historic port city with a rich maritime history, Gdańsk contributes to the charm of the Polish Riviera. It features well-preserved medieval architecture and serves as a gateway to the region.

Together, these cities and the surrounding coastal areas make up the Polish Riviera, offering a diverse range of attractions, including beautiful beaches, cultural sites, and a variety of recreational activities along the Baltic Sea.

I hope you found my guide to visiting Sopot helpful – I really enjoyed visiting this beautiful Polish seaside town. Do you have any questions about visiting? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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