Sopot, Poland: The Best Things to See and Do

Essentially the Polish Riviera, Sopot is just a short distance from neighbouring Gdańsk. In fact, Sopot is where the Polish come to relax and party by the sea. Picture a long stretch of beautiful beach, waterfront restaurants, dozens of bars, and a long promenade, and there you have it – Sopot. It’s well worth a visit if you’re visiting Gdańsk. Come for long walks along the beach promenade, dine at the upmarket restaurants, then party at the beach clubs during the evening.

Sopot Beach

There’s something about Sopot that reminds me of Brighton – perhaps it’s the long stretch of beach fringed by hedonistic bars and beach clubs. It’s beautiful, nonetheless, and who’d have thought Poland boasts some really pretty beaches?

Sopot Beach, Poland
Sopot Beach, Poland

We walked from the hotels lining the promenade for a walk along the beach. There are all sorts of people here, from families to elderly couples enjoying the seaside air.

Sopot Beach, Poland

Sopot is also home to the longest wooden pier in Europe, at a staggering 515 metres long. Beginning at Sopot Beach, it reaches right out into the Baltic Sea. We took a stroll along it, and were surprised to see swans swimming along the Baltic.

Sopot Pier
Views over Sopot Beach

Food and Drink in Sopot

Further along Sopot Pier, you’ll discover Modern. It’s a restaurant located on the pier, and it’s beautifully decorated. There are lovely views across the Baltic Sea from all angles, and it felt really cosy inside. The perfect place to relax in the heart of the Polish Tri-City.

Table at Modern Restaurant on the Pier

Modern serves up contemporary cuisine, inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean. There’s also an extensive wine and cocktail menu to enjoy. We perused the list and ordered a couple of glasses of white wine while chatting away. Over summer, there’s also an outdoor terrace which I imagine would be equally as delightful.

Drinks at Modern Restaurant

We fancied some seafood for dinner, so decided to browse the beachfront restaurants of Sopot. I spotted Tawerna Rybitwa on the beach, and its twinkling lights in the February night sky looked really inviting.

Fish and chips at Tawerna Rybitwa

We headed inside and both ordered turbot with fried potatoes and a side of tartare sauce. It wasn’t the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, but it was tasty. It was also nice to sit in the restaurant’s marquee area and watch the waves as we ate.

Nightlife in Sopot

Next up – Sopot’s nightlife. Having envisioned a sleepy little seaside town in Poland, I was quite surprised to discover it’s vibrant nightlife. There are dozens of late night bars and clubs, as well as beach bars that could almost rival Ibiza. I imagine it’s a really fun place to hang out in the summer. Did you know Sopot also hosts its own International Song Festival? It’s now the largest event of its kind in Europe, aside from Eurovision.

Cocktails at White Marlin

The first bar we hit up was White Marlin. A restaurant and lounge, it’s directly on the beach and has an upmarket feel. The decor is beautiful both inside and out – the perfect stop for some cocktails. White Marlin has an extensive champagne and cocktail menu, making it a fun place to party.

Girls in Sopot, Poland

We then headed into Sopot’s town district. Along Bohaterów Monte Cassino, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to bars. We settled in for cocktails, and it all got a little blurry from there. I can confirm Sopot is a really fun (and cheap) place to party!

Drinks in Sopot, Poland
Cocktails in skull glasses

What would a trip to a new country be without trying the local McDonalds? I had a Red Hot Chili burger, and it was insanely good! If only they’d bring these to the UK.

McDonalds in Sopot, Poland

Afterwards, it was time for us to head back in an Uber to Gdańsk. I had an awesome time checking out Sopot and recommend it to anyone visiting Poland.

That’s my visit to Sopot from Gdańsk! Have you visited Sopot? What are your recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

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