Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin

As our last day of a jam packed trip to Berlin, there were still a few sights we wanted to fit into our city break. Having attempted to see the Brandenburg Gate on our first day of exploring Berlin, we decided to head back. This time, we knew there wouldn’t be any green protests and we could get a better look. Afterwards, we wanted to head on to Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, one of the most iconic in Berlin. The perfect way to wrap up our festive trip in the country that’s the home of the Christmas market.

Brandenburg Gate at Christmas

We rose pretty late after a lazy morning in the hotel following our night out in Mitte after seeing the East Side Gallery. Fast approaching the shortest day of the year, the sun was already beginning to set not long after lunchtime. It left the sky in the most glorious flurry of colours, right over the famous Berlin TV Tower.

Berlin TV Tower at sunset
Sunset in Berlin

We walked on, back towards the Brandenburg Gate where we hoped to get a much better view than our first visit. We were lucky and due to some light drizzle, it was near enough empty. It also looked fabulously festive with the Christmas tree next to it.

Christmas tree at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

We were really hoping to get tickets to go and explore the Reichstag Building. It’s where the German parliament lives, and it’s suffered Berlin’s turbulent history. That said, it’s a beautiful building which you can go in and explore. Inside, you can join a guided tour, listen to an assembly session, and even climb the iconic dome. Unfortunately for us, you have to book in advance. Don’t make the same mistake we did, and book your tickets in advance by filling out the form on the Bundestag website.

Christmas at the Reichstag Building, Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

After a wonderfully festive look around the Reichstag Building, we headed on to something we’d been looking forward to the whole trip – Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market. There’s a small admission fee to enter, but it’s worth every cent!

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt is known as being one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. It has an important history as a place where soldiers once marched. Surrounding the square, there’s a concert hall and two churches. Most significantly, in the winter the square becomes a winter wonderland with one of the most impressive Christmas markets you’ve seen.

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market
Christmas Market in Berlin

As well as incredibly impressive decorations and Christmas trees, there’s a vibrant atmosphere. At Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, you’ll discover stunning handmade goods, a delicious array of food, and entertainment.

Christmas market in Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

In terms of food and drink, there’s something for everyone. Splash out on a tasty glass or two of champagne from the Veuve Clicquot stand, or keep it traditional with a mug of glühwein.

Veuve Clicquot stand
Alice with a Christmas bear

We explored all of the market, soaking in the atmosphere, entertainment, and the festive tunes. Working up an appetite from all the delicious aromas from the food stalls, we set off in search of some dinner.

Laura at Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market
Cheese fondue at the Christmas market

We discovered a wonderful pop-up restaurant at Gendarmenmarkt called T-House, offering a Christmas grill and cheese fondue. It was fully decked out in Swiss chalet style decor, and felt so festive. We shared a cheese fondue with potatoes, bread, and pickles, and it was a delicious treat.

Christmas decorations stall
Christmas decoration at the market

Afterwards, we meandered between the amazing craft tents, from paintings to tailors, to wood carvings. There was entertainment galore in between our explorations.

Entertainers at the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market
Entertainers at the Christmas market

The food offerings at the Christmas market are so impressive. You’ll find everything from Christmas treats, to bratwursts, to gingerbread. It’s hard to pick just one thing.

Bratwurst stand
Cakes and biscuits stand
Candy and biscuits stand
Candy canes stall at Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

We made a pitstop for traditional crepes and Nutella after our fondue – when in Rome, after all.

Crepes and Nutella stand
Roasted nuts stand

After a wonderful time at Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, it was time for us to head back to the hotel. We had a wonderful time in Germany, and I’ll be back! We finished it off with an early morning flight back to London, with a sunrise across the city.

Sunrise over London from the plane
Sunrise over the Thames in London

That’s my guide to visiting Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market. Have you visited? Where are your favourite Christmas markets?

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