Tajikistan Tearoom, Berlin

Tajikistan Tearoom, Berlin

Following a super fun evening out at Hofbräuhaus beer hall, Alice and I woke up ready to take on another day of sightseeing in Berlin. We had a few things pencilled in for our day in the city, but we were also happy to see where the day took us. We had yet to see the Berlin Wall, and wanted to visit another Christmas market. First things first, a few slightly more obscure activities planned for Berlin. We took a trip to the rather bizarre David Hasselhoff Museum before heading to the unique Tajikistan Tearoom. Let me show you what we got up to.

David Hasselhoff Museum

Many of us are aware of the slightly unexpected link between Berlin and American actor, David Hasselhoff. In fact, what began as a slightly ironic shrine to the actor has now become an actual museum and tourist attraction in Berlin. We went to go and check it out at the Circus Hostel in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district.

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

The Hoff’s relationship with Berlin began back at the Berlin Wall in 1989. David Hasselhoff is credited with helping aid the reunion of Berlin when the Berlin Wall began to come down. He sang a celebratory song called ‘Looking for Freedom’, which become an instant hit. His performance to crowds at New Year’s Even in 1989 has been remembered ever since.

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

Nowadays, the spirit of David Hasselhoff lives on in Berlin, as fans can pay homage to the Hoff himself in the unique museum. While it may have been a cheeky joke initially, nowadays the museum is a collection of Baywatch and Nightrider artefacts. There are murals, photos, and all kinds of paraphernalia that fans will love.

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

I was even surprised to discover that the hostel has tried to campaign for the street of the museum to be renamed ‘David-Hasselhoff-Strasse’. It’s even gone as far as Angela Merkel. Make of that what you will!

David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin

No matter what your thoughts of the Hoff, the museum is certainly a unique attraction to Berlin. I’m a huge fan of Atlas Obscura and actually discovered it on ther site, so head along if you’re after something a little different.

Walking in Berlin

Next up, we were in search of some tea from the Tajikistan Tearoom. Thankfully it wasn’t too far away from the David Hasselhoff Museum, so we walked along to find it.

Berlin TV Tower

On the way, we spotted these bronze plaques on the floor. After a little more investigation, I realised their upsetting nature. Known as stumbling stones, or Stolpersteins, they’re memorials to the Jewish lives lost during the Nazi killings. They’re each embedded at the former homes of the victims, and can be stumbled upon across Berlin.

Jewish memorial plaques, Berlin

We paused for a moment before walking on towards the Tajikistan Tearoom. We passed this beautiful festive building.

Festive building in Berlin, Germany

Tajikistan Tearoom

We arrived at Tajikistan Tearoom, a surprising piece of Asia in the heart of Berlin. It’s a beautiful room, and started off as a pavilion for Tajikistan at a trade fair in the 1970s. Afterwards, it was then donated by the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan to its East German hosts.

Tajikistan Tearoom

The tearoom itself is beautiful – dark green, elaborate, and cosy. It’s decorated in a Persian style, with plush carpets and cushions for everybody to sit on the floor. You take your shoes off at the door, and enter for tea.

Tajikistan Tearoom, Berlin

Much like Tajikistan itself, the tearoom is a place where Russian and Persian cultures blend together. You’ll find Persian decor against an old map above the counter displaying Soviet tourist resorts. There’s an oriental tea menu against Russian food selections.

Tajikistan Tearoom

We ordered a classic Russian samovar of hot tea. It arrived with traditional accompaniments, including currants, different sugars, and a bowl full of tasty Russian biscuits. We were even asked which alcohol we’d like to accompany the tea, and opted for a vodka shot.

Laura at Tajikistan Tearoom, Berlin

It was a lovely, calming experience and one perfect for the winter months. We sat and chatted while we sipped cups of hot tea and nibbled at biscuits. There’s something about being sat on the floor that just feels so relaxing.

Samovar of tea at Tajikistan Tearoom, Berlin

Having worked up quite an appetite, we left in order to find some food. The tearoom was a fun experience that I’d recommend, and it’s reasonably priced. Due to the Tajikistan Tearoom’s position in the KunstHof, it’s in a pretty courtyard lit up with fairy lights. This does, however, make it slightly hidden to tourists making it an even more favourable attraction.

Christmas lights of Berlin, Germany

We headed back to near the David Hasselhoff museum to some of the chic eateries in Mitte. Opting for Vietnamese, we hit up Pho, which was delicious and perfect for the cold German weather.

Pho in Mitte, Berlin

Another wonderful day in Berlin.

Would you visit the Tajikistan Tearooms? What are your favourite things to do in Berlin?

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  1. The David Hasselhoff Museum is hilarious! I had no idea that there’s a place (practically a shrine) dedicated to the American icon himself, even in the US! The Tajikistan tearoom looks fabulous; I went to a similar-themed one in Colorado, and it was delicious. The difference is that I was super full after having my weight in scones and tea: I can’t eat dinner after that! Berlin is a fun, quirky city that you captured perfectly in your posts; I can’t wait to read more!

    1. Haha, it’s quite random isn’t it!? The Tearoom was lovely though, that’s so interesting there’s one in Colorado too! Thanks for reading 🙂

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