Laura with steins of beer at Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

We woke up feeling a little less than fresh after a long night out experiencing the nightlife of the city and exploring Berlin. Well, Berlin is one of the world’s best party cities after all. Have no fear – a little recovery and some food and we knew we’d be ready and fighting for another evening out. After a rather long lie in and a quest for some food, our plan for the evening was to head to a recommendation from our dear German friend to head to Hofbräuhaus. For anyone unaware, it’s an iconic beer hall where you can party with huge steins of beer. First up, food!

Prenzlauer Berg

If there’s nothing I crave more when I’m hungover, it’s poké. Although reminiscent of my holiday to Hawaii, my love for poké developed while I lived in Vancouver. With so many amazing places to eat in Vancouver, it soon became a staple of my diet. We had a look at where to get our hands on some, and caught the U-Bahn over to the area of Prenzlauer Berg. Prenzlauer Berg is a stylish, yuppie area of the city with restored pre-war buildings and casual restaurants.

Poké from Poké Pelelina, Berlin

We headed to Poké Pelelina, and I picked a bowl with wasabi salmon. It was delicious and well and truly did the trick! Next door, you’ll find Hacker Bäckerei. It’s a charming bakery serving a range of delicious cakes and pastries, as well as coffees.

Coffee and cake at Hacker Bäckerei, Berlin

Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for a fun evening at Berlin’s Hofbräuhaus.


If you’re unfamiliar with Hofbräuhaus, it’s a little slice of Bavaria brought to Germany’s capital city. Not far from the heart of Alexanderplatz, it’s based on Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest celebrations. Visitors can enjoy hearty German meals, Hofbräu beer from Munich, live music, and servers in authentic Bavarian costume. Although we didn’t arrive in lederhosen, we were ready to party.

Benches in Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

Whether you come to party on the benches, for the music, or simply to watch the football on TV, it’s a fun bar in Berlin. We took a seat on one of the benches and ordered in some authentic beer. It’s pretty impressive to see just how many steins of beer the servers can carry!

Laura with steins of beer at Hofbräuhaus, Berlin
Drinking steins of beer at Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

Taking our first sips of beer, we decided it was probably a good idea to order some food to soak up the alcohol. We decided to order the Hofbräu meat platter in order to sample a little of everything. It’s a huge dish full of half a giant pork knuckle (my favourite!), roast pork, Leberkäse meatloaf, two grilled sausages, veal sausage, sauerkraut, potato dumpling, cabbage salad, and topped with tangy gravy.

Food at Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

It was pretty delicious and perfect for sampling some new delights, albeit fairly stodgy. I’d recommend to anyone wishing to keep a hangover at bay!

Steins of beer at Hofbräuhaus, Berlin

We continued our evening by drinking more beer steins, mingling with others, and partying to live music on the beer hall benches. It’s such a fun place to spend a Saturday night, and I can’t really recommend it enough!

That’s my experience at Hofbräuhaus in Berlin. Are there any other bars in Berlin you’d recommend?

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  1. Very surprising that one can get poké in Germany (as I’m used to just getting it here on the US West Coast)! Your meal at the Hofbräuhaus looks monstrous; along with beer, I would barely be able to finish it all! Berlin is a fun city; I was hoping to go this May before COVID-19 hit, but I hope to return some time later. Stay safe!

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