Graduating from Durham University

Durham Graduation

As if once wasn’t enough, I got to graduate again. After graduating from the University of Birmingham back in 2012 with my BA, I went on to study for an MA at Durham University. I spent just a year studying there, but it was enough time for me get to know this amazing city. I spent much of my time there exploring the historic city, and the greater North East, which I still believe is so underrated in the UK. For this reason, I was really happy to make the four hour journey back for my Durham graduation.

Arriving in Durham

If you haven’t visited already, I’d highly recommend heading to the North East for a mini break. It’s a hidden gem – hardly any of my southern friends have visited, but the scenery is incredible. There’s also plenty of coast, lots to do, it’s very reasonably in price, and the food is fantastic.

Durham train station

While we had a long drive up from Cheltenham, we met Paul’s Dad who was coming to join my graduation celebrations. After breakfast, we got ready for the day ahead.

Beautiful Durham, UK

Durham had thrown a lot at me over the year I spent studying there. I’d struggled moving to the other side of the country, leaving all my friends and family behind and stepping into the unknown. I’d had no idea whether I’d enjoy my course, or what the next steps would be. In January, I then got sick for a few months and was nearly hospitalized. After these three months of illness, against doctor’s orders, I went back to Durham to complete my course. Successfully, I finished the course and wrote my dissertation, all because I was determined to get it done and graduate on time.

Laura at Durham Graduation

I did it! I graduated with a Merit and a score higher than my BA. It was honestly one of the toughest things I’d ever done. This beautiful cathedral is where I’d finally be graduating.

A Durham Graduation

Once I’d fetched my robes, we congregated in Durham Castle’s Great Hall. This room is where I’d sat through various formals over the year, fine dining and sipping port. Oh, how I miss it! After making the pilgrimage over from the Castle to the Cathedral, we waited. We were televised to the crowd inside the Cathedral until it was our time to graduate. I may have had a slight slip on the TV screen, wonderful.

Durham Cathedral
Durham Graduation at the Cathedral
Inside Durham Cathedral

I think the cameraman may have captured my embarrassed face post-trip, oops.

Graduating from Durham
In the graduation congregation
A Durham Graduation

And that was that, I’m officially a double graduate! Can you see the look of relief on my face?

Laura on graduation day
A Durham Graduation
Laura with Mum
Graduating from Durham University

For those of you wondering what I wore for my Durham graduation, my dress is French Connection. I’m also wearing the Christian Louboutins I bought in London. They were such a treat to wear, even if they’re a little painful.

After the Graduation

We grabbed a bunch of graduation pictures and were able to relax for the rest of the afternoon. I watched as hordes of other graduands got ready to officially claim their degrees.

A procession from the castle to the cathedral
Ceremonies at the Cathedral
Durham Graduation

It was time for a quick lunch stop. There was only one place to go in my opinion, the best chippy in the world. Head to Bells Fish & Chips on Saddler Street if you want to join in on the experience. They cook all of their chips traditionally in beef dripping and they are simply divine.

Chips from Bells in the city centre
Bells Fish & Chips

So that’s my Durham graduation! Have you graduated from Durham University too? I’d love to see your graduation ceremonies and pictures.

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