New home Christmas decoration

New home Christmas decoration: a how-to guide

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us (including myself!) will have moved house in the past year. The joy of celebrating Christmas in a new home is unparalleled. New home Christmas decoration is a chance to infuse the festive spirit into your space and create memories. Decorating a new house can seem daunting, as trying to fit your precious decorations in a new space can be tricky. Whether it’s your first holiday season in a new place or you’re just looking to revamp your decorations, here’s a guide on how to deck the halls and make your home a winter wonderland this Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed buying new festive bits and pieces for my home this year, so thought I’d share my tips on sprinkling a bit of Christmas magic in every corner of your new home.

Start with a theme

Choosing a theme sets the tone for your new home Christmas decoration. Whether it’s traditional, modern, rustic, or minimalist, having a cohesive theme guides your decor choices. Consider colour schemes and styles that resonate with you and your home’s ambiance. I’ve gone for neutrals to keep things simple and aesthetic. Moving house is expensive, so keeping to a theme or colour scheme can also help you to save a bit of money. There are plenty of colours associated with Christmas (red, gold, silver and green), but there has been a surge of non-traditional colours being popular at Christmas like navy, pink, and purple. Start by decorating your tree as this will be the focal point of your living room. Then you can work through the rest of your house, using your tree as inspiration. 

Decorate outside

A special festive memory for many is going for a walk with your loved ones to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights on neighbouring houses. Decorating the outside of your house by decorating your porch or garden can help to spread some festive cheer within your own household and to passersby. I started by hanging a Christmas wreath on my front door. Hoisting up some outdoor Christmas lights is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. Utilise the space in your front garden with light up figurines of reindeer or polar bears, creating a wintery scene to light up the entryway to your home. If you have little ones, think about adding candy cane lights to lead Father Christmas to the front door. Pair this with a sign letting the big man know to stop for presents, and you will be sure he’ll visit. 

Christmas lights

Illuminate with Lights

Lights are the heart of Christmas decor. Wrap twinkling fairy lights around bannisters, drape them across mantels, and adorn your Christmas tree with plenty of glowing bulbs. LED lights offer energy efficiency and come in various colours and styles to suit any theme. I’ve used warm white lights on my Christmas tree, in garlands across my media unit, and also along my stair bannister for a really cosy and festive feel.

Create DIY decorations

Getting crafty over Christmas is another great way to keep new home Christmas decoration costs low. Paper chains are a classic Christmas decoration that will fill you with nostalgia. You don’t even need to buy a kit – you could use wrapping paper, card or even magazine cutouts. If you want an alternative to a foliage wreath, why not make one out of pompoms? Although slightly more time consuming, the effect at the end will be sure to spread Christmas cheer throughout your new home. This is also great if you like bright and colourful decorations. Don’t think wreaths are limited to the front door; they can adorn interior walls or even hang over mantelpieces. Combine them with garlands to create a cohesive flow throughout your home. Add embellishments like pinecones, berries, or faux snow for a festive touch.

Consider New builds 

If you’ve just moved into a new build, you’ll want to make considered decorating choices. Avoid hanging decorations directly onto the walls to prevent the paint from getting damaged. Instead, try hanging some string or light across the ceiling by utilising the curtain pole and doorframe. Once this is in place, you could hang baubles from it, making it a simple but sparkling Christmas feature. Once you’ve been in the house for a year or so, you’ll instinctively know where your existing decorations will look best and where you’ll be able to add some new additions.

Adorn your Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of festive decor. If you’ve gone for an artificial Christmas tree, start by fluffing the branches to create a full look. Rattan or wicker Christmas tree skirts are a great addition for adding a layer of luxury to your tree, and hiding the stand or pot it’s in. Then, decorate with ornaments, tinsel, ribbons, and a tree topper that complements your theme. Personalised ornaments or DIY decorations can add a sentimental touch.

Add festive touches

There are simple and effective ways you can add a seasonal feel to your home. Introduce warmth with cosy, seasonal textiles. Swap out regular pillows and throws for some in holiday hues and textures. Plaid, faux fur, or knitted blankets instantly evoke a cozy Christmas vibe. Elevate your dining experience with a beautifully adorned table. Incorporate themed tablecloths, placemats, and centrepieces. Candles, pinecones, and seasonal foliage also add elegance to the setting. Don’t overlook windows—they offer prime real estate for decorations. Hang wreaths or garlands, and consider using window clings or snowflake decals to create a wintry scene. You can also enhance the ambiance with scented candles or diffusers that evoke Christmas scents like pine, cinnamon, or gingerbread. Playlists featuring classic carols or holiday tunes also add to the festive atmosphere.

New home Christmas decoration

Of course, while indulging in new home Christmas decoration, prioritise safety. Secure electrical cords, avoid overloading sockets, and opt for flameless candles to prevent accidents. Remember, the essence of Christmas lies not just in the decorations but in the joy and warmth they bring. Cheers to a merry and memorable Christmas in your beautiful new abode.

New home Christmas decoration: FAQs

How can I make my house super Christmassy?

To transform your house into a festive wonderland, start with a big Christmas tree as the heart of your decor. Deck every space with twinkling lights, wreaths, and garlands—adorn mantels, bannisters, and windows. Infuse seasonal scents through candles or diffusers, and cosy up spaces with holiday-themed textiles and pillows. Elevate your dining experience with themed table settings, plenty of candles, and a dazzling centrepiece. Get crafty with DIY ornaments and decorations to add a personal touch. Fill the air with merry tunes, create cosy nooks for reading or relaxing, and extend the festive cheer outdoors with lights and decorations. Embrace family traditions and indulge in baking delights to make your home feel irresistibly Christmassy in every corner.

What should I decorate first in a new home?

When decorating your new home for Christmas, start with the focal point: the Christmas tree. Set it up in a central area like the living room or a space visible from multiple rooms. Once the tree is in place, decorate it with lights, garlands, and ornaments according to your chosen theme. After the tree, focus on decorating the mantel or fireplace, as it’s often a natural centrepiece in a room. Adorn it with garlands, stockings, candles, or a festive centrepiece to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. From there, expand your decorations to other areas of the home, such as windows, doorways, and tabletops, spreading the Christmas cheer throughout your new space.

When should you start decorating your house for Christmas?

Deciding when to start decorating for Christmas largely hinges on personal preference and traditions. Generally, many opt to begin transforming their homes into festive wonderlands on the first weekend of December. Starting early allows for ample time to enjoy the decorations and the joyful ambiance they bring. It also spreads out the task, minimising stress and allowing for more creativity in decorating. However, some prefer to wait until closer to Christmas, wanting to maintain the magic of the holiday season for a shorter, more concentrated period. Ultimately, the best time to start is whenever feels right for you and your household.

When it comes to new home Christmas decoration, there are a few trends for 2023:

  • Sustainable decor – think eco-friendly and reusable decorations, like wood, dried flowers, and recyclable ornaments.
  • Non-traditional colour schemes – although red, green, and gold will always be classics, non-traditional colour palettes like pastels, monochome, and metallics have brought a modern twist on a classic Christmas theme
  • Nostalgic touches – decorations that remind you of the past are in. Think retro-inspired ornaments, vintage-style lights, and heirloom decor to create a sense of sentimental charm.
  • Personalised ornaments – the more handmade and personal, the better! DIY and custom-made Christmas decor brings a sense of individuality to your celebrations.
  • Minimalist and Scandinavian influences – this is my absolute favourite theme for Christmas 2023. ‘Hygge’ means cosiness, and so influencing this into your Christmas decorations is key. Minimalist designs, natural elements, and simple arrangements are all popular this year.
  • Tech-integrated decor – things like smart lighting and app-controlled decorations are the trend this year, allowing for interactive and customisable experiences.

How do you decorate for Christmas in a classy way?

To keep things classy for your new home Christmas decoration, focus on simplicity, elegance, and cohesive design. Choose a specific colour palette—such as gold and silver, white and champagne, or classic red and green—and stick to it throughout your decor. Opt for quality over quantity, selecting a few statement pieces like beautifully adorned wreaths, lush garlands, and sophisticated ornaments. Use natural elements like pinecones, greenery, and fresh flowers to bring a timeless touch. Consider adding ambient lighting with candles or soft white string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lastly, coordinate your decorations throughout the house to maintain a harmonious and sophisticated look.

New home Christmas decoration

That’s my guide to new home Christmas decoration. Do you have any other tips to share? If you have any questions about decorating your home for the festive period, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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