View across the Tyne in Newcastle

Newcastle, UK

‘A sense of embrace’. That’s what Antony Gormley set out to achieve when he created the beautiful Angel of the North, and I don’t think he could have pulled it off any better. It’s probably my favourite sculpture, and no picture really does its grandeur any justice. We went to visit this impressive piece of art as part of our road trip, following my Durham graduation. We had a whole evening and the next morning to explore the northern city of Newcastle.

Angel of the North, Gateshead

Angel of the North, Gateshead

When I first saw the Angel of the North last year, I was taken aback by it’s grandiosity. It really moved me, and you can tell it has an impact on everybody else who sees it. This is due to its scale, and the impending silence you feel as you approach it, despite the nearby motorways.

Angel of the North sculpture near Newcastle

The Angel of the North was completed in 1998, and its steel structure is 20 metres tall, with wings stretching 54 metres wide.

Paul with the Angel of the North

The second time I saw the sculpture, it just got better. Settled upon a mound in Gateshead near Newcastle, you can spot the angel from quite a distance. This certainly adds a sense of security – knowing that the sculpture’s always there watching over you, both literally and metaphorically.

The Angel of the North, Newcastle
Laura with the Angel of the North near Newcastle

Dinner in Newcastle

After stopping for a few pictures, we headed into nearby Newcastle, checked in at our hotel, and set off for some food. We picked one of my favourites at the time, Browns, on beautiful Grey Street with its many columns.

Laura and Jack in Browns, Newcastle
Crab and avocado stack at Browns, Newcastle

I started with the crab and avocado stack, which came with mustard creme fraiche and an avocado and potato salad. It was pretty good! A very light and refreshing starter that’s perfect for summer.

Lobster tagliatelle at Browns

For my main, I picked the lobster tagliatelle. I’d had it before and loved it. Last time, however, it was more of a creamy, cheesy based sauce which was amazing. This time, it was in more of a bisque. Still great, but not quite the same.

Mum with dessert at Browns

Of course, we had to have dessert. My mum seemed to enjoy her Peruvian brownie with ice cream. I picked the salted caramel cheesecake and it was absolutely delicious.

Salted caramel cheesecake at Browns, Newcastle

An Evening in Newcastle

After dinner, we decided it was probably time to stretch our legs and burn off some of the calories from throughout today. We went for a wander around beautiful Newcastle and along the Tyne.

Viaduct of Newcastle, UK

This was my family’s first visit to the city. As I used to be a bit of a regular during my Durham days, I took them straight to the Quayside.

Family at the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

As you can see, it was pretty windy! This wasn’t enough to stop us from exploring the city, and we managed to catch some wonderful views. The sun set along the Tyne which illuminated the city during golden hour.

Family on the Tyne, Newcastle
View across the Tyne in Newcastle
Quayside in Newcastle
Gateshead Millenium Bridge, Newcastle
Art in Newcastle upon Tyne
Views across Newcastle at sunset
Newcastle at dusk
Golden hour in the North East

Some beautiful views across the amazing city of Newcastle. After a long walk, we went back to the hotel, as the next day we were leaving the country. Read on for our trip up to Edinburgh, Scotland.

What do you love about Newcastle? Which tips would you recommend for first time visitors to the city? Let me know your top tips.

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