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What to wear in Marrakech: a holiday packing list for 2024

Heading to Marrakech, but no idea what to wear? I was in exactly the same position, so thought I’d pull together my top tips on what to wear in Marrakech, as well as things to avoid and things to pack so you can make the most of your trip to this incredible, vibrant city.

Heading to Marrakech, but no idea what to wear? Unsure just how conservative this city in Morocco is when it comes to packing your suitcase? I was in exactly the same position, so thought I’d pull together my top tips on what to wear in Marrakech, as well as things to avoid and things to pack so you can make the most of your trip to this incredible, vibrant city.

Marrakech is one of my favourite holiday destinations in north Africa, especially when it comes to getting some winter sun. It’s a sensory wonderland – vibrant souks, fragrant spices, beautiful architecture, and distinctive cuisine. As you get ready for your visit to Morocco – perhaps for the first time – you might well be wondering what to wear in Marrakech. Just as I was completely clueless about which clothes to pack, you’re probably wondering how to balance dressing for the heat with remaining somewhat conservative during your visit. For this reason, I thought I’d put together a packing list for 2024 so you can plan your visit to Marrakech with confidence.

Quick tips for visiting Marrakech

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Don’t miss: the Yves Saint Laurent and Majorelle Gardens. I LOVED exploring these incredible French gardens but highly recommend booking in advance to skip the long queue.

Bucket list experience: an afternoon trip to the Agafay desert with camel ride and sunset dinner – this is a must-do in Morocco, and one of my favourite things to do when visiting.

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What to wear in Marrakech
Spice stalls in Morocco: A guide on what to wear in Marrakech

What can you wear in Marrakech?

When visiting Marrakech, I highly recommend dressing modestly to respect local customs and traditions. Although it might be hot when you visit thanks to the warm climate, the best way to stay cool while covering up is by wearing light and breathable clothing. As a woman, think linen trousers, maxi dresses, long skirts, and lightweight tops that cover your shoulders. I also took a scarf with me to cover my head and shoulders when visiting mosques and other historic or religious sites. Another essential is comfy shoes for walking – there’s a lot to see in Marrakech, and you’ll cover some ground!

What to pack for Marrakech

Here are some items of clothing I’d recommend adding to your Marrakech packing list – mostly lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for the warm climate that also allows you to cover up. This is essentially what I took with me, and it worked a treat:

  • Lightweight, modest clothing – long skirts, floaty trousers or palazzo pants, T-shirts, and maxi dresses will look stylish while offering coverage. Oversized linen shirts also look good over a vest or tank top.
  • Scarf – this was honestly a lifesaver when I was in Marrakech, and I picked up a cute colourful silky one from a souk while I was there. As well as being a great accessory, you can use it to cover your head and shoulders if you’re feeling a little exposed, or are visiting a religious site. If you’re visiting the desert, it’s also ideal for using as a face mask or turban to keep sand at bay.
  • A jumper or light jacket – you might not expect to be bringing a sweater with you to Marrakech, but the evenings are cooler so it’s good to have a layer to throw on top of your outfit.
  • Sunglasses – a non-negotiable in the hot Moroccan sun. Even in the winter months, it’s super bright, so you’ll need a hat too.
  • Hat – given the unforgiving heat, a chic hat is perfect for the hot weather.  I’d recommend a cap, bucket hat, or fedora – it’s a great accessory too.
  • Comfortable shoes – there is plenty of walking to be done in Marrakech, so I highly recommend a few pairs of comfy shoes. I lived in my Birkenstocks as they’re comfy but also keep your feet cool. The streets in Marrakech are not the smoothest to walk along, so keep this in mind when packing. Sneakers or sandals are good options for exploring the city’s streets and markets.
  • A secure shoulder bag – you really need to be careful of pickpockets – particularly in crowded tourist hotspots – so I took this crossbody bag for storing my valuables which was super helpful. Make sure it can zip, and internal pockets are a godsend too.
Yves Saint Lauren garden, Marrakech
Le Jardin Majorelle: A guide on what to wear in Marrakech

What to wear in Marrakech as a female

As a girl, it can be quite tricky navigating what to pack and what to wear in Marrakech, so hopefully I can help. What to wear does of course depend on the activities you have planned for your visit. I recommend having a good think about what you’d like to do when visiting the city – will you be heading to the desert? Do you plan on visiting mosques? You can then pack clothes that can be mixed and matched for different scenarios. In general, bring modest clothing and lightweight layers so that you can cover up as needed. If you’re staying in a riad or hotel, you can feel a little more relaxed in your clothing, and swimwear in private pools is fine.

What to wear in Marrakech as a male

Men often have an easier job than women when it comes to what to wear in Marrakech! There aren’t really any rules. I’d plan your activities ahead of time so that you can pack your outfits accordingly. Surprisingly to some, men still need to dress modestly when visiting religious sites including mosques. You’ll need to wear long sleeves and full-length trousers, and dress conservatively. Having a few pairs of shoes for different scenarios is a good idea too – pairs for the pool, restaurants, and for exploring the city. A cool shirt, shorts, Birkenstocks or Converse and sunglasses will do the job nicely. Dress for the heat and avoid anything too ‘out there’ that may attract attention. In the evening, linen trousers or chinos with closed shoes work well, as well as a jacket or blazer for the cooler weather. Make sure to pack a few jumpers if you’re visiting Marrakech in the cooler seasons. Comfy shoes are a must for all the walking you’ll do, too.

What to wear in Marrakech in summer

The summer months (June, July, August) can be incredibly hot in Marrakech, with temperatures often exceeding 4C (104°F). July and August are the hottest months, and you’ll need to prepare for intense heat and strong sunshine. I highly recommend staying in a riad or a hotel with a pool so you can cool off. Keep hydrated, wear light and breathable clothing like linens and cotton, use suncream, and seek shade wherever you can. Here are a few things I’d recommend packing for a holiday in Marrakech in June, July, or August:

  • Maxi dresses 
  • Floaty long skirts
  • Knee-length shorts
  • Loose-fitting trousers
  • Plenty of swimwear – I took swimming costumes with me to remain a little more conservative
  • Cover-ups – kaftans were my best friend for keeping it modest while staying cool!
  • Hats – the sun is fierce in Marrakech during the summer months so mine came everywhere with me
  • A lightweight jacket or jumper for covering up in the evenings, or for when you enter air conditioned spaces
  • A scarf for covering your shoulders from the sun and for modesty

What to wear in Marrakech in autumn (or fall)

In autumn (September, October, November), Marrakech has moderate and pleasant weather, making it a great time to visit the city. You’ll discover mild temperatures between 20°C to 30°C (68 – 86°F) and low chances of rain. The weather is sunny with comfortable temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures in the evening. It’s a great time to explore Marrakech and its many sights without having to battle the intense heat. I recommend taking layers so you’re prepared for temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Here are a few things I’d recommend packing for a holiday in Marrakech in September, October, or November:

  • Plenty of light layers, including cardigans, lightweight jackets, and jumpers
  • Long-sleeved tops 
  • Lightweight trousers
  • A scarf for cooler evenings and visiting religious sites
  • An umbrella or rain jacket as it can rain in November
  • Comfortable shoes with a closed toe in case it’s cooler

What to wear in Marrakech in winter

In the winter months (December, January, February), as with most places in the northern hemisphere, Marrakech is at its coldest in January. It’s a great time of year to visit as flights are cheap, and you can dodge the crowds. You’ll find mild temperatures throughout the day in Marrakech, and chillier mornings and evenings. Unsurprisingly, it’s the coolest time of year to visit Marrakech. Temperatures range from 8°C to 20°C (46 – 68°F) during the day, although you will feel a chill at night. Make sure you pack for cooler weather and dress accordingly to stay warm. Here are a few things I’d recommend packing for a holiday in Marrakech in December, January, or February:

  • Warm layers, including jumpers, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets
  • Long trousers and jeans
  • Comfy closed toe shoes, like trainers or pumps
  • A scarf and hat
  • A light coat or jacket for additional warmth
  • An umbrella or rain jacket, as there’s an increased chance of rain in January

What to wear in Marrakech in spring

Marrakech in spring (March, April, May) has pleasant, mild temperatures that make it a great time to visit the Moroccan city. The weather is comfortable for exploring the city, and temperatures begin to warm up following the winter months. Daytime temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C (59 – 77°F), and evenings are mild. I visited Marrakech in April and found it perfect – not too hot, not too cold, and much quieter than the summer months. Here are a few things I’d recommend packing for a holiday in Marrakech in March, April, or May:

  • Light layers, including long-sleeved tops and light jackets
  • Plenty of lightweight clothing, as the days will begin to feel very warm
  • Long skirts and maxi dresses
  • A scarf for cooler evenings and visiting religious sites
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around the city
  • An umbrella as there is a chance of rain in Marrakech in April
  • Some open toed shoes or sandals to keep your feet cool
  • A hat to shield you from the strong sun

What should you avoid wearing in Marrakech?

That’s all very well for what to wear in Marrakech, but how about clothes to avoid when visiting the city? It’s important to dress modestly and respect the local customs and culture, so don’t pack anything that goes against this. As a general rule, Moroccan women dress conservatively. It’s a similar dress code to the Middle East, although women visiting Morocco do not need to cover their heads. That said, you have much more flexibility in what you wear when in your hotel or riad. When out and about, here are some items of clothing to avoid wearing in Marrakech:

  • Revealing clothing – avoid clothes that are revealing, like short shorts, mini skirts, low-cut tops, and crop tops. It’s important to cover your shoulders, chest, and knees, especially when visiting religious sites or in more conservative areas.
  • Tight or clingy outfits – it’s best to avoid tight or body-hugging clothing that may be considered inappropriate in the local culture. This will also help you to avoid any unwanted attention.
  • Anything flashy – although you might fancy taking your designer bags out, signalling your wealth can make you a target for petty theft and pickpocketing.
  • Beachwear – save your beachwear, including bikinis and swimsuits, for the pool or beach areas. It’s not appropriate to wear these items in public in Marrakech.
  • Offensive clothing – avoid clothing with offensive language or imagery that could be disrespectful to locals.
  • Overly casual outfits – while Marrakech is a tourist-friendly city, I recommend avoiding overly casual attire like workout clothes when out and about.
What to wear in Marrakech or the desert
Sahara Desert: A guide on what to wear in Marrakech

Marrakech outfit ideas

If you’re unsure on what to wear in Marrakech as a female, but still want to look good, I’ve popped some Marrakech outfit ideas below. These items are the same – or similar – to what I took with me, and were perfect. Comfy sandals, and lots of lightweight fabrics that offer coverage while keeping you cool. I’d 100% recommend packing these with you. Just click the image to shop the look.

Marrakech outfit ideas

Daytime sightseeing

  • Flowy maxi dress with a lightweight silk scarf
  • Loose trousers paired with a breezy top
  • Midi skirt with a tucked-in top and Birkenstocks
  • Jumpsuit for easy movement

Evenings out

  • Maxi dress
  • Wide-leg trousers with a dressy top
  • Skirt with a dressy top or shirt
  • Jumpsuit or tailored trousers with a dressy top

Visiting the mosque

  • Long, loose-fitting pants or maxi skirt
  • Long-sleeved top or blouse
  • Scarf to cover your head if needed

Exploring the souks

  • Comfortable and breathable clothing
  • Light layers for changing temperatures
  • Comfortable shoes for walking

Outdoor activities

  • Athletic wear or activewear for outdoor adventures
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for sun protection
  • Comfortable shoes for walking or hiking

I highly recommend packing versatile pieces that can be easily layered and mixed and matched to suit different activities and occasions during your time in Marrakech. When shopping in Marrakech, I picked up some colourful scarves and accessories to add a little bit of Moroccan style to my outfits.

What to wear in Marrakech: FAQs

Hopefully my advice so far has been helpful in making it clearer what you should pack for your trip to Marrakech. Generally speaking, dress conservatively with lightweight fabrics. I’ve covered some answers to questions I’m commonly asked about what to wear in Morocco below.

Can you wear shorts in Marrakech?

Absolutely – as long as they are not super short or hot pants. Longer shorts (just above the knee) are a great option and will keep you cool, especially in linen or cooler cargo pant style material. When packing, just be sure to consider the more conservative values of Morocco, and choose clothing accordingly.

Can you wear flip flops in Marrakech?

I don’t recommend wearing flip flops in Marrakech due to the city’s uneven surfaces, the dusty streets, and cultural considerations. Instead, take a good pair of sandals that are comfortable for walking, or trainers. In more conservative areas of the city, or when visiting religious sites, it’s respectful to opt for closed-toe shoes or sandals that cover the feet. Sandals with straps, espadrilles, or closed-toe shoes are all good options.

Do I have to cover my hair in Marrakech?

Unlike the Middle East, it’s not mandatory for women to cover their hair in Marrakech. That said, it’s important to respect local customs and traditions by dressing modestly. In more conservative areas or when visiting religious sites such as mosques, I chose to cover my head with a scarf. Covering your hair in Marrakech is a personal choice, but it can be a way to demonstrate cultural awareness and respect during your visit.

Can you wear a bikini in Marrakech?

While Marrakech is a long way from the ocean, it’s likely you’ll have booked a riad or a hotel with a pool. In these areas, you can wear a bikini. Just make sure to take a kaftan or a coverup for any areas outside of the pool to show respect to other guests. It’s definitely not a good idea to wear a bikini top while exploring the rest of the city – you’ll likely attract unwanted attention so make sure to cover up. If you’re planning a trip to the Moroccan seaside town of Essaouira, near Marrakech, you may be wondering what to wear on the beach. Locals will not show their bodies off. Although as a tourist, you don’t need to do the same, I’d choose something with more coverage, like a swimsuit with a coverup.

What should you wear at night in Marrakech?

When heading out for the evening in Marrakech – perhaps for some cocktails and dinner – it’s important to strike a balance between style and modesty while respecting the local customs. When it comes to what to wear in Marrakech at night, my advice is to opt for outfits such as a dressy top with trousers, a flowy maxi dress or skirt, or a stylish jumpsuit for a chic and modest look. Take a light jacket with you to cover up if needed and choose comfortable yet stylish shoes for walking around the city at night. 

What should you wear inside a mosque In Morocco?

While most mosques in Morocco are only accessible to Muslims, there are a few that you can visit as part of a tour at specific times of day. If you’re interested in visiting a mosque, the dress code for women is to wear loose-fitting clothing that covers your arms, legs, and chest. A long skirt or dress is a good way to cover up, and you can use a scarf to cover your head, shoulders, and hair as a sign of respect. Men should wear long trousers that cover the knees and avoid shorts or sleeveless shirts, as well as covering your shoulders. Remove your shoes before entering the mosque, silence your phone, be quiet and respectful inside.

Mosque in Morocco
Mosque in Marrakech: A guide on what to wear in Marrakech

Items to pack for Marrakech

There are a few key items I always add to my packing list. Hopefully these will help you too:

  • SPF 50 – no matter what the weather, if you’re out and about, I can’t recommend a good sunscreen enough! The sun can be deceptively strong, even when cloudy, so you should make sure you take plenty of SPF with you.
  • A secure day bag for storing essentials like your passport, cash, and cards. I love this crossbody bag from Amazon. As well as being really reasonably priced, I use it for most of my trips as it’s super convenient for storing your phone etc while exploring a city.
  • An underseat cabin bag. If you’re like me and love scoring a bargain on Ryanair or Easyjet, you’ll want one of these bags. I recently purchased one for travelling across the Balkans and it was genuinely a lifesaver. It packs in much more than you’d ever think, and is airline approved so you can save the pennies you’d splash out on taking a suitcase on cocktails at the hotel bar instead.
  • Local currency – in Morocco, this is the Dirham. I usually take it out via my Monzo card at a local ATM and have some good to go in case it’s needed for cafes or taxis.
  • A Morocco plug adaptor. Morocco uses two different types of plug, C and E. This adaptor is a godsend – it’s compatible with most European countries so I keep it stored in my suitcase for every trip.
  • Medication and first aid. No one wants their trip to Marrakech ruined by sickness, so I usually keep a few key items packed. Paracetamol, suncream, plasters, mosquito repellant, diarrhoea medication, and rehydration sachets literally come with me everywhere. This basic first aid kit is great for covering the essentials during your travels.
  • A liquids bag for airport security. I take this bag every time as it’s airline approved – it saves so much time from emptying your liquids into those flimsy airport bags. In fact, I bought a few to give to my friends so it speeds up security for us all while travelling.
  • Luggage locks. Pickpockets are certainly something to be wary of in Marrakech, so I highly recommend adding luggage locks to your suitcases for peace of mind, especially if you’re travelling around Morocco.
  • Travel bottles for toiletries – again, these travel sized containers are so helpful for the 100ml flying restriction. I use the colour coded bottles for my different products – shampoo, conditioner, etc as I hate using the cheap hotel toiletries on my hair.
  • Reusable travel water bottle – I don’t go anywhere without one of these any more. It’s super cheap and is easy to just refill and shove into a backpack when you’re out exploring. I always like to have water on me, and don’t like buying single use plastics, so this is perfect.

Hopefully this article helps you with what to wear in Marrakech, and the key things to pack with you. Marrakech is a wonderful city and you’ll have the best time exploring. I can’t wait to go back to Morocco! Are there any other tips you’d share? Let me know in the comments below.

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