A Weekend in Seattle

A view of Seattle from Pike Place Market

For any of you unfamiliar with Vancouver’s geography, you may not know that Emerald City is not far away. In fact, just a few hours’ drive and a border crossing away. I was super happy to have my friend, Alice, over to stay with me for a couple of weeks. As her first visit to Canada and indeed the West Coast, I thought she’d kinda like a weekend in Seattle too. So we booked a trip for her birthday weekend.

Kicking off a weekend in Seattle

Whilst catching the 6am BoltBus (or the Greyhound) after a night out and just a couple of hours’ sleep plus a last minute pack wasn’t quite so fun, we were able to sleep for a while before an aggressive grilling and quite the lineup at the US border. Nothing the thought of a decent brunch couldn’t pull us through!

We checked in for a one night stay at the very beautiful and opulent Art Deco Hotel Theodore. It’s in a great central location in Seattle and has been newly refurbished, so I’d highly recommend booking for a weekend in Seattle! There’s an adorable coffee shop in the lobby, and all of the staff were super friendly.

Kerry Park, Seattle

A weekend in Seattle, Washington
Beautiful Seattle skyline from Kerry Park

Our first stop was the beautiful view from Kerry Park, which may look familiar from my last stay in Seattle. It’s a must-do for your visit to the city.

View from Kerry Park, Seattle
Girls enjoying the Space Needle view from Kerry Park, Seattle

Once we’d finished lusting over the view and stretching out after our brunch, we went for a walk down from the Queen Anne district to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Outside a retro theater sign in Queen Anne, Seattle

Olympic Sculpture Park

Whilst it does remind me a little of Vancouver, I really love walking along the beaches of Puget Sound.

Views across Puget Sound, Seattle
An oil liner on the coast of Seattle
Sculptures at the Olympic Trail, Seattle

Pike Place Market

Of course, as Alice’s first time in Seattle, we had to head to Pike Place Market.

Unicorn street art in Seattle

We could have spent ages just walking around all the quirky vintage shops and flea markets.

ET and Michael Jackson art at Pike Place Market, Seattle
Flowers in Pike Place Market, Seattle

Having already worked up quite the appetite on our walk, we stopped in at Lowell’s in the market for some fresh seafood with a view. We each had some local chowder which was delicious, as well as a seafood platter, which was equally divine.

A view of Seattle from Pike Place Market
Ferris wheel from Seattle
A seafood platter at Lowell's, Seattle
Seafood at Lowell's, Pike Place Market

We gobbled as many samples as possible and wandered around each of the many delicious outlets at Pike Place Market. Next, we stumbled across a rather mysterious and seductive looking bar called CanCan. which appeared to be part of Seattle’s underground city. A cabaret bar known for its cocktails and burlesque shows, we pulled up a stool and made some new friends.

Cocktails at CanCan, Seattle

Capitol Hill

A few hours and a couple of fuzzy heads later, we headed back to our beautiful hotel to get ready for the night ahead and Alice’s birthday celebrations.

Girls in Capitol Hill, Seattle

We caught an Uber over to the wonderful Capitol Hill area of the city. It was packed with bar after bar and neon lights. The nightlife really is awesome in this area. Our first stop was Poquitos for some delicious tacos and margaritas.

Tacos at Poquitos in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle
Girls in Seattle
Poquitos, Capital Hill in Seattle

Conveniently located next door is Havana’s, a dance bar and club for when you’re ready to dance. Although when we first arrived it was pretty empty, it didn’t take long to get completely packed out.

Drinks at Havana's, Capitol Hill in Seattle

After a great time ringing in Alice’s birthday in Havana’s, we set off in search of a club. We went to Neighbours, which was a complete sensory overload but a great time!

The rainbow crosswalk in Capitol Hill
Clubbing in Seattle

Five Point Cafe

Waking up the next day with sore heads, we headed to a brunch spot I’d discovered on my last visit to Seattle. Make sure you visit the legendary, grungy, yet hearty Five Point Cafe any time you’re around on a weekend in Seattle.

Five Point Cafe, Seattle

We met our new pals and ordered the strongest Bloody Mary’s you’ll get for miles around. We then settled up against the jukebox, where 90s grunge was blaring.

Making friends at Five Point Cafe, Seattle
Enjoying a Bloody Mary at Five Point Cafe, Seattle
Using the iconic jukebox at Five Point Cafe

The breakfasts are extremely hearty at this fun diner – perfect with plenty of hot sauce and an ass-kickingly strong drink!

Brunch at Five Point Cafe dive bar, Seattle

Museum of Popular Culture (MoPop)

Our next port of call was Seattle’s iconic Museum of Popular Culture (or the MoPop). It’s a particularly appropriate museum for the city, given the amount of incredible artists, musicians, and actors that hail from the PNW.

Space Needle, Seattle

Located conveniently right next to the city’s landmark Space Needle, we set of first in search of the Pearl Jam exhibition – packed with artefacts, videos, and handwritten lyrics from the iconic band.

Fan messages for Pearl Jam

As big fans of their music, it was really worthwhile a visit and one of the best sections of the museum.

Pearl Jam exhibition, Seattle

Dedication to great music is spread out across the museum.

David Bowie on the big screen at MoPop, Seattle
Guitar sculpture at MoPop, Seattle

There’s also a ton of cool spaces dedicated to the art of the video game, and a very famous exhibition on the wonderful native band, Nirvana.

Gaming exhibition at MoPop, Seattle

Here, you’ll find tons of handwritten musings and lyrics by Kurt Cobain himself, as well as private photographs, videos, and intriguing letters.

Handwritten lyrics from Kurt Cobain
Private photos of Kurt Cobain

Finding murals in Seattle

With a little time left to kill, we went back to the market in search of a bite to eat before our bus back to Vancouver. What are your thoughts on this car?

Louis Vuitton car, Seattle

One thing I love about Seattle is the cool street art you just pass walking around the city.

Pop art in Seattle
Murals and street art in Seattle
Streets of Seattle

We stumbled upon a vintage shop where Alice’s bought a unique T-shirt you certainly wouldn’t find anywhere else on the planet!

Vintage record store in Seattle
Vintage record store in Seattle
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Interesting hybrid fruit on offer at Pike Place Market, Seattle

The Gum Wall

Of course, we had to see the famous Gum Wall.

Propaganda near Pike Place Market, Seattle

Fascinating or downright disgusting – what do you think?

Seattle's Gum Wall
Seattle's Gum Wall

And there we have it – a round up to an awesome weekend to celebrate Alice’s birthday. Just a 4 hour bus ride later until we could recover at home.

On our way home from Seattle

What do you like to do during a weekend in Seattle?  Please feel free to share your tips below!


I’m Laura, a roaming blonde who recently made the leap from my home in the Cotswolds, UK to be based across the pond in Vancouver, BC for a brand new job and plenty of adventures.

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  1. October 21, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    Hello Laura!!

    Im brand new to Blogging, having just started mine 2 weeks ago, I been looking around for other blogs to follow, and your stories of your travels interests me quite a bit, I Look forward to reading more of your stories along with your previous ones!

    • Laura
      October 21, 2018 / 6:12 pm

      Hi there,

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog, and welcome to the blogging world! Hope you enjoy reading more blogs 🙂


  2. November 14, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    How good is the MOPOP museum?!?! We LOVED it! The Marvel exhibition was totally awesome too, and actually most of the reason we went lol. Also loved 5 Point Cafe!

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