Top reasons to visit Rome
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Top reasons to visit Rome, the Eternal City

Few cities in the world can match Rome when it comes to sheer spectacular history. The Italian capital city has been the fulcrum around which the entire European continent has moved over the last few thousand years, and there are lots of notable and impressive landmarks dotted around the city to prove it. Rome, the Eternal City, beckons with its timeless allure and storied past. Steeped in history, culture, and an undeniable charm, this Italian marvel stands as a testament to centuries of human achievement. Best of all, it’s a city that’s easily reached, with flights operating from all over the UK. If you’re in the north, you might want to consider cheap Manchester Airport car parking a major draw. If you’re in the south, the London airports also provide regular flights to Rome.

But why might we consider a trip to Rome in the first place? Let’s take a look at the top reasons to visit Rome.

The Food: Culinary Delights and Gastronomic Journeys

Italy, and Rome in particular, is synonymous with incredible cuisine. If you’d like to sample pizza, pasta, and gelato in their most authentic and delicious form, then you’ll be able to do it here. The city tantalises tastebuds with its culinary prowess. Rome is famous for its simple, yet authentic pasta dishes like cacio e pepe (that’s cheese and pepper), traditional and delicious Roman pizza, and creamy gelato. As with so much great Italian food, it’s all about putting together a few simple ingredients in the right way. The local trattorias and markets offer an authentic taste of Rome’s gastronomic legacy, too, and are well worth a visit.

Pizza in Trastevere

The Landmarks: Immersive historical Tapestry

Several of the most iconic and important buildings on the continent are to be found in this city, another of the top reasons to visit Rome. What’s even better is that many of the city’s landmarks are within walking distance of one another. You can take a walk around the Roman Forum (once the heart of ancient Rome’s political and social life) and Palatine Hill before moving on to the Colosseum. The Colosseum is an awe-inspiring ampitheatre that echoes stories of gladiator battles. From there, you might make your move to the Pantheon’s architectural marvel, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. History quite literally comes alive in every cobblestone.

Artwork: Artistic and Architectural Marvels

During the Renaissance, Italy was responsible for some of the most influential sculptors and painters in the world. Art aficionados find solace in Rome’s rich tapestry of art and architecture. Many of their works are to be found in Rome’s series of incredible museums and galleries, another of the top reasons to visit Rome. Deserving of particular notice is Villa Farnesina, and its collection of frescoes by Raphael (among others). The Vatican Museums also house some of the world’s most iconic works, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. The intricate fountains and sculptures adorning the city’s squares and streets are testaments to the artistic brilliance that defines Rome.

Top reasons to visit Rome

The Vatican: the Spiritual Epicentre

If you visit the headquarters of the Catholic Church, then you’re actually visiting two countries rather than just one. You might as well tick off two countries in one, right? While you’re in the area, you can observe the stunning interior of St. Peter’s Basilica, and then take a look around the Sistine Chapel and its incredible ceiling. Just make sure that you’re dressed for the venue, and not displaying too much skin. Vatican City is a cultural and spiritual gem and one of the top reasons to visit Rome. It’s the spiritual heart of Catholicism, and the seat of the Pope. It features St Peter’s Basilica, a marvel of Renaissance architecture and the largest church in the world. In Vatican City, you’ll also discover the Sistine Chapel, a pinnacle of artistic achievement. Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes, notably ‘The Creation of Adam’ are nothing short of incredible.

Trastevere: Vibrant Piazzas and lively Street Life

This picturesque little neighbourhood is found on the other side of the Tiber (the name ‘Trastevere’ literally means ‘across the Tiber’). This area is another of the top reasons to visit Rome. It provides a welcome change of pace from the rest of the city, and it’s incredibly trendy, too. There’s a vibrant nightlife here, with plenty of popular cafes, restaurants, and bars around the centre. Whatever you do, you must visit Roma Sparita for their incredible cacio e pepe served in a parmesan nest. You should also make time for Basilica di Santa Maria, and the incredible murals in the centre. Trastevere has narrow, cobblestone streets and medieval buildings that evoke an old-world charm, preserving Rome’s authentic character. The neighbourhood also provides stunning views of Rome. Climb the Janiculum Hill for panoramic vistas, especially beautiful at sunset.

In Rome, the past and present harmoniously coexist, inviting travellers to step into a world where every corner tells a story. Beyond its historical grandeur, Rome’s vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and enchanting atmosphere make it an unrivalled destination—one that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who visit. As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome’, and there’s no place quite like it.

Top reasons to visit Rome

Top Reasons to Visit Rome: FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to visiting Rome:

What makes Rome so special?

Rome holds a special place in the world due to a number of reasons that collectively contribute to its unparalleled charm:

  • A rich historical legacy, bearing witness to over two millennia of history. Its ancient ruins, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Pantheon reflect the city’s role as the epicentre of the Roman Empire.
  • Artistic heritage – the city is a treasure trove of art and culture, boasting masterpieces by renowned artists like Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael. From the Vatican Museums to exquisite churches, Rome showcases incredible artistic brilliance.
  • The spiritual centre of Catholicism. As the home of the Vatican City and the seat of the Pope, Rome holds immense religious significance. St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel within Vatican City draw millions of pilgrims and art enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Gastronomic delights – Rome’s culinary heritage is a celebration of flavours and traditions. From delectable pasta dishes to mouthwatering pizzas and gelato, the city offers a gastronomic journey through Italian cuisine.

Rome’s allure lies not just in its historical monuments or cultural wealth but in the spirit that pervades the city—a unique blend of history, art, culture, and an unmistakable sense of timelessness.

What are 5 facts about Rome?

Here are five fun and intriguing facts about Rome:

  1. The Mouth of Truth – in the portico of the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth) is a marble mask with an open mouth. Legend has it that if you tell a lie while placing your hand in the mouth, it will be bitten off!
  2. The Spanish Steps – known for their elegance and beauty, the Spanish Steps have been a gathering place for artists, poets, and travellers for centuries. It’s a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike to socialise and enjoy the atmosphere.
  3. Cats of Rome – in the heart of Rome, you’ll find the Largo di Torre Argentina, an archaeological site that’s home to a cat sanctuary. Here, feline friends roam amidst ancient Roman ruins, cared for by volunteers – a unique blend of history and love for animals.
  4. St. Peter’s Basilica – the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica is so huge that there’s a popular optical illusion within it known as the ‘trompe l’oeil’. From a specific spot on the floor, it appears that the dome is not perfectly round, creating a cool illusion of depth.
  5. La Befana – in Italy, particularly in Rome, the Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th with a unique tradition involving La Befana, a kindly witch. Children believe she flies on a broomstick, delivering gifts to well-behaved kids and coal to naughty ones.

What is the most beautiful area of Rome?

Singling out one area as the most beautiful in Rome is super difficult because of the city’s diverse charm. However, the historic centre stands out for its breathtaking beauty. With iconic landmarks like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the vibrant streets of Trastevere, this area encapsulates the essence of Rome’s artistic, architectural, and historical splendour in a picturesque and enchanting setting.

What foods to try in Rome?

Rome is a mecca for food enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of dishes that showcase the richness of Italian cuisine. Here are some must-try foods when in Rome:

  • Cacio e pepe – a simple yet divine pasta dish made with pecorino cheese and black pepper.
  • Carbonara – a classic Roman pasta dish featuring spaghetti, eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, pancetta, and black pepper.
  • Suppli – Roman rice balls that are fried and stuffed with mozzarella cheese, coated in breadcrumbs.
  • Pizza Romana – Roman-style pizza has a thin, crispy crust topped with simple but flavourful ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh herbs. Try the classic Margherita or Marinara for an authentic taste.
  • Trapizzino – a modern twist on street food, trapizzino features triangular pizza pockets filled with various savoury toppings like meatballs, chicken cacciatore, or aubergine parmigiana.
  • Gelato – indulge in authentic Italian gelato – creamy, delicious, and available in a myriad of delightful flavours.

Buon appetito!

Is Rome a walkable city?

Rome is a walkable city, especially in its central areas where many iconic landmarks and attractions are within reasonable walking distance of each other. The historic centre, with its cobblestone streets and charming neighbourhoods, offers an immersive and enjoyable walking experience. Some sights, however, may require longer walks or the use of public transport to reach, and the city’s layout might pose challenges for those with mobility issues due to uneven surfaces and occasional distances between sites.

That’s my guide on the top reasons to visit Rome! It’s an incredible, historic city with some excellent sightseeing and even better food. If you have any questions about visiting Rome, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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