Best party cities in Europe
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The Best Party Cities in Europe

There are a lot of fun party cities in the world, but nowhere quite like Europe, it must be said. As a continent famous for its good beer, party vibes, and infamous Eurotrash sound, it unsurprisingly hosts a damn good party. From the underground clubs of Berlin to the beach clubs of Mykonos, here are the best party cities in Europe.

Berlin, Germany

Teetering on the forefront of electronic dance music, Berlin boasts an incredible nightlife. Undoubtedly one of the best party cities in Europe, Berlin has it all: cheap hotels, cheap beer, and a crazy party vibe at the weekends. You’ll find clubs in the vast abandoned buildings, underground clubs, and likely won’t be back home before the next morning. Don’t miss iconic Berghain, and grab a drink beforehand at Roses. Don’t miss the bar’s fur-lined walls.

Best party cities in Europe: Berlin, Germany

Barcelona, Spain

It’s no secret that the Spanish don’t come out until late – but when they do, they really go for it. Join the night owls by lining your stomach and dine on delicious tapas and paella at midnight. By 2am, you’ll be hitting up Barcelona‘s best bars and partying until dawn – the W’s rooftop bar offers some incredible pre drink views. Afterwards, check out the city’s world class clubs, from Shoko to Pacha, and crawl into bed just as the sun is beginning to come out.

Best party cities in Europe: Barcelona, Spain

Budapest, Hungary

A city famed for its affordable booze and impressive ruin bars, Budapest is one of Europe’s best party cities. Get your party on by hitting up one of the many abandoned buildings. Inside, you’ll likely find a ruin bar with old decor. It’s the perfect watering hole, with the perfect blend of art, edginess, and cheap drinks. Many of the ruin bars also feature different rooms, each with a unique theme. By day, check out the Roman thermal baths – many of these even turn into party venues by night.

Europe's best party cities: Budapest, Hungary

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Whether you prefer to keep your socializing a little more mellow at one of the local Amsterdam coffee shops, or by going out on a rager, hit up this Dutch city. A top party city in Europe, Amsterdam prides itself on its techno and trance music. It’s home to some of the best clubs in the world, many of which have 24 hour licenses. Of course, don’t miss the bumping bars and blurriness of the red light district.

Europe's best party cities: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prague, Czech Republic

Hedonistic tourists have been booking trips to Prague for decades, thanks to its popular reputation for cheap booze. That stays pretty much the same even now, with Prague ramping up its bar and club offering. Book a budget flight and get on the cheap beer. If you’re looking for a suitably boozy club, check out Karlovy Lazne club. Spread across five storeys, it’s actually Europe’s largest club, and not one you’ll want to miss out on. One thing you’re guaranteed to take home with you from Prague is a huge hangover.

Europe's best party cities: Prague, Czech Republic

Krakow, Poland

Poland is also rather unsurprisingly well known for its incredibly affordable boozing, making it one of the best party cities in Europe. There’s a plethora of bars to choose from, and you won’t struggle to find some vodka. Head to a shot bar for vodka in a multitude of whacky flavours. Krakow’s the perfect city for a pub crawl thanks to its smattering of bars across the city, particularly in Kazimierz. Naturally, at the end of the night, switch your kebab for some decent Polish pierogis at an all night shop.

Best party cities in Europe: Krakow, Poland

Munich, Germany

Another German mention. We can’t discuss Europe’s best party cities without a customary mention of Munich. Of course, come September, Oktoberfest is in full force, making it one of the most fun destinations on the content. Don your lederhosen and head to the world’s largest beer festival for the beer halls. Serving up steins of strong beer between 5.8% and 6.3%, you won’t need many to start feeling the effects. When you’re drunk, it’s compulsory to dance along to the traditional German bands, and of course, munch on bratwursts.

Europe's best party cities: Munich, Germany

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most famous islands, known for its beauty and glamour. The island’s iconic party scene is dominated by seaside bars and beach clubs by day (don’t miss Cavo Paradiso) with their world class DJ line ups, which turn into nightclub hotspots by night. Mykonos Town hosts everything from drag shows to live events, and is populated by fun loving partygoers. Don’t miss the Little Venice area of the town. Mykonos is also a super gay-friendly destination, making it an inclusive party destination for all to last until the early hours.

Europe's best party cities: Mykonos, Greece

Paris, France

After a day spent exploring the culture and high calibre restaurants of Paris, who knew it’s also one of the best party cities in Europe? The City of Light has nightlife to suit every taste, from world-renowned opera to comedy clubs to burlesque. For the true partygoers looking to go hard on a night in Paris, the city’s eclectic clubs can’t be missed. Revellers should head to the SoPi region – or South Pigalle for those new to the city – for the trendiest places to drink and dance the night away. For those seeking hip clubs that are a little more off the beaten path, hit up Canal Saint-Matin and also Strasbourg Saint-Denis to party along the Seine.

Best party cities in Europe: Paris, France

London, England

Boasting something for quite literally everyone, we can’t have a post on the best party cities in Europe without mentioning London. With a worldwide reputation for its healthy pub culture, it’s unsurprising that the party scene is as equally as impressive. Each borough has its own character for bars and clubs, from indie and world-class DJs in Shoreditch, to heavy rock in grungy Camden. Expect to hit the pubs from 5pm and not head back home until the very early hours.

World's best party cities: London, England

Ibiza, Spain

Of course, we can’t discuss Europe’s best party cities without mentioning the White Isle. Ibiza is the continent’s answer to partying for the young and the beautiful, offering beach clubs galore and nightclubs that run through to the very early hours. You can’t visit without missing the various superclubs of the island, from Pacha to Amnesia. Any night you go to will bring a full sensory experience, and one that won’t be forgotten. It may not be the cheapest party destination, but it’s world class hedonism for good reason.

World's best party cities: Ibiza, Spain

So that’s my list of the best party cities in Europe! Where are your favourite party destinations in the continent? Let me know below.

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