Soho Friends membership - a guide

Soho Friends membership: what you need to know

Are you considering getting a Soho Friends membership? The newest form of Soho House membership, a Soho Friends membership offers full access to all rooms across the globe at a discounted rate. You can also benefit from discounts at Soho House group restaurants, spas, as well as their retail offerings in Soho Home, Cowshed, and Soho Skin products. This type of membership, however, does have some limitations. In this guide, I’ll share with you all you need to know about a Soho Friends membership, and the top things to consider before submitting your application. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about a Soho Friends membership, and whether or not it’s worth it.

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What is a Soho Friends membership?

The latest membership offering from Soho House, a Soho Friends membership gives new members a taster of Soho House life. It’s also much cheaper than the other types of Soho House membership, while offering access to Soho House bedrooms, including Soho Farmhouse. A global membership, you also gain access to Studios and selected events. Soho House positions Soho Friends as being about community, allowing members to explore their creativity either through events, cooking, or leading workshops. With a Soho Friends membership, you ca also access Soho House’s spas and restaurants.

Soho Friends membership
Soho House Chicago. Photo credit: Soho House

What are the benefits of a Soho Friends membership?

Here are the key benefits of having a Soho Friends membership:

  • Access to Soho House bedrooms
  • 15% off bedrooms at all Soho Houses
  • 15% off at Soho Home
  • Complimentary design consultation
  • 20% off at public restaurants (including Cecconi’s, Pizza East, Café Boheme, Kettner’s and Dean St Townhouse)
  • 20% off at Cowshed and Soho Skin
  • Reduced rates on spa treatments
  • Access to Studios
  • 25% off access to Soho Works Lounges
  • Access to events including Members’ screenings

What does a Soho Friends membership cost?

A Soho Friends membership is £100 for the year – considerably less than a Soho House membership (closer to £2,750 per year), and so a great way to get a taster for the Soho House group while staying at their bedrooms around the world.

Little Beach House Barcelona
Little Beach House Barcelona. Photo credit: Soho House

Can you visit Soho Houses with a Soho Friends membership?

Unfortunately, you can only visit Soho Houses when you’re staying in the accompanying rooms. With other Soho House memberships, on the other hand, you can gain club access whenever you like, without the need to stay over, as well as access to facilities including pools, spas, and gyms. It does mean, however, that you can stay at any of the houses with bedrooms, including Soho Farmhouse, whenever you like. You’re also able to bring up to 3 guests with you when you stay. Do note that some Soho Houses do not have bedrooms, and so you will not be able to visit these locations with a Soho Friends membership. Soho Friends can benefit from tickets to festivals and events outside of the clubhouses.

Which Soho House locations can you access with a Soho Friends membership?

Thankfully, even with the restrictions of not being able to visit Soho House locations lacking bedrooms, there are still so many locations you can choose to visit and stay. These locations include the following:

UK & Europe

  • Redchurch Townhouse, London
  • Dean Street Townhouse, London
  • Kettner’s, London
  • White City House, London
  • Shoreditch House, London
  • High Road House, London
  • The Ned, London
  • Babington House, Somerset
  • Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire
  • River House, Windsor
  • Soho House Amsterdam
  • Soho House Barcelona
  • Little Beach House Barcelona
  • Soho House Berlin
  • Soho House Paris
  • Soho House Rome
  • Soho Roc House Mykonos
  • Villa Dagmar Stockholm
Soho Friends membership - Babington House
Babington House, Somerset. Photo credit: Soho House

Asia & The Middle East

  • Soho House Istanbul
  • Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa
  • The Ned Doha
  • Soho House Mumbai

North America

  • Holloway House West Hollywood
  • Soho House Nashville
  • Soho Warehouse Los Angeles
  • Soho House New York
  • Soho House Austin
  • Soho House Chicago
  • Soho Beach House Miami
  • Soho Beach House Canouan
  • The Ned Nomad New York
  • Line DC
  • Line LA
  • Line Austin
  • Line San Francisco
  • Saguaro Palm Springs
Soho Friends membership
Soho Beach House Canouan. Photo credit: Soho House

How do you apply for a Soho Friends membership?

The Soho Friends membership application is super straightforward. You just need to come prepared with a photograph of yourself and some basic information, but the form itself will only take you around 10 minutes to complete. You will need to complete a section on why you’d like a Soho Friends membership, and what you can contribute to Soho House. Remember, Soho House is intended for creatives to network, so it’s worth considering this in your answer. You can also add in any current Soho House members you may know to further support your application. Unlike the Soho House membership, you do not need to pay a joining fee when becoming a Soho Friends member.

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Is a Soho Friends membership worth it?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to go for a Soho Friends membership vs a traditional Soho House membership:

  • How often can you visit Soho Houses? Staying at one of the Soho House rooms will come at a cost, so bear this in mind if you are hoping to regularly visit. Although you do not pay the fee associated with a traditional Soho House membership, you will need to pay for rooms each time. If you live closer to a Soho House and want to gain value from your membership, a Soho House membership may be more appropriate. If, instead, you’d like to stay at a few different Soho Houses throughout the year and do not live close to one, a Soho Friends membership is likely your best option.
  • How often do you travel? If you’re a jet setter and keen to explore different Soho House locations around the world, a Soho Friends membership could be a great option for you.
  • How often would you use the facilities? If part of the reason for wanting to visit Soho House is for the luxurious spa facilities, pools, and gyms, a Soho Friends membership may not be the one for you. Instead consider a Soho House membership so that you can visit whenever you fancy.

Do note that you can upgrade from a Soho Friends membership to a Soho House membership – you need to reapply if you’d like to change.

That’s my guide to applying for a Soho Friends membership! I hope it’s been helpful for you. Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts or questions on the different types of membership.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your great articles on Soho House membership. I am curious whether you know, with a Soho Friends membership whether this comes with any connection to community? I am not near a Soho House location (and my nearest City without Houses is a good 30-45 mins away), however I do long for the social community aspect. I’m interested to know what this is like away from the houses themselves. I’m also unclear on what Studios are – if you’re able to elaborate at all? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Corinna,

      Thanks for your question, and for reading my articles. Yes indeed, you’ll get included into the network (the app, etc), just without physical access to the properties. It may be worth a try to see how you get on with it. Regarding the Studios – these are purely co-working spaces, so another way to network and connect, without the price tag associated with accessing the properties.

      I hope this helps!


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