Milsons Point and Luna Park, Sydney

Fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Today brought another beautiful evening in the city following another impressive Sydney sunset. The perfect, balmy weather where you can happily step out wearing just a cardigan without fearing hypothermia. Something a little unfamiliar for us Brits. It was perfect, in fact, for a bit of a walk to another part of the city we hadn’t explored yet, following our trip to the incredible Blue Mountains. We set out for Circular Quay and admired Sydney Opera House as dusk settled, and the evening buzz began. We then wanted to go and check out Luna Park at Milsons Point.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night from Milsons Point

Milsons Point, Sydney

We hopped onto a train and headed across the bridge to Milsons Point to have a peek on the other side of Sydney. Milsons Point is a Sydney suburb that takes its name from British settler, James Milson. Here you can find some pretty spectacular views of the bridge. If you haven’t seen already, check out my Sydney Harbour Bridge climb from earlier on in the week.

Luna Park, Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House at night from Milsons Point

Sydney Harbour Bridge looks even more beautiful illuminated at night.

Fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Luckily for us, there was a perfectly timed firework display from Sydney Opera House. This is thanks to the production of Madame Butterfly happening in the city at the time. It was all pretty perfect.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night from Milsons Point

Luna Park, Sydney

You might recognize Luna Park from my pictures of St Kilda in Melbourne. Here are some pictures of Luna Park in Milsons Point, Sydney, which looks particularly cool at night. It’s also a little eerie thanks to the slightly creepy smile staring at you, don’t you think? In case you’re wondering what Luna Park is, it’s an old fairground style theme park. The parks are named after, and partly based on, the world’s first Luna Park, which opened in 1903 in Coney Island, New York. Nowadays, there are several all over the world. It’s great fun for all ages, and there are plenty of rides for everyone to enjoy.

Luna Park, Sydney at night

I’d recommend having a spin on the ferris wheel to get a better look over the twinkling lights of downtown Sydney at night. There’s something pretty magical about it.

Inside Luna Park Sydney at night

Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night

Once you’re ready to leave Luna Park, make sure to talk a walk along the water. You’ll see some of the most magnificent views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the city. Both look pretty cool at night when they’re illuminated.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night
Laura in front of Sydney Opera House at night
Laura at Milsons Point at night
Parents in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

When you’re ready to head back to the city, you can simply hop onto a ferry. It’ll take you back across to Circular Quay in a matter of minutes. Enjoying a relaxing walk around Milsons Point is a great way to spend an evening in Sydney.

Have you been to Milsons Point before? Where are your favourite spots to get a great view of Sydney?


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