Laura in St Ives at sunset

An Evening in St Ives, Cornwall

I’m no stranger to St Ives. Both my family and I have been regulars to the picturesque Cornish seaside town for years. It’s my favourite place in the whole of the UK, and no colour of ocean quite compares. It’s relaxing, the food is amazing, and it’s the perfect getaway from daily life. Despite showing you St Ives previously, the sunset I recently saw in the seaside town is something that I needed to share. Here’s an evening in St Ives.

Arriving in St Ives

Driving down from equally beautiful Salcombe that morning, we were greeted with less than miserable weather. If you haven’t, however, caught the train from Carbis Bay to St Ives, you need to. It’s my favourite trip for an evening in St Ives thanks to the tracks that run along the gorgeous ocean. Even in the rain, it was beautiful.

St Ives train in the rain

Despite arriving into St Ives a little soggy, we took time to stroll into the town. The rain is never as much of a problem when you have pretty ocean views like these. It’s the perfect place to take a guest who hasn’t explored much of the UK before.

St Ives, Cornwall

In order to dry off, we headed straight for a pub and had a few red wines before dinner.

View across St Ives

Dinner at the Seafood Cafe, St Ives

If you’ve followed my previous Cornwall posts, you’ll see I’m a big fan of St Ives’ Seafood Cafe. It’s a cute little restaurant off St Ives’ cobbled high street. Inside, there’s a display counter with dozens of types of fresh fish, seafood, and steak. You can simply choose what you fancy and order it at the counter. Pick your favourite sides and sauces and they’ll bring it over to you.

Fish and chips in St Ives

We started off with some scallops in a pea and mint dressing. Jordan then went for a classic fish and chips – his first taste of the UK delicacy. I opted for the crab and chilli linguine.

Crab linguine at the Seafood Cafe

Both dishes were sensational, as always. Another wonderful meal from the Seafood Cafe – I will be back.

Looking for somewhere to eat in St Ives? Check out my guide to the best restaurants in St Ives, Cornwall.

A Sunset Over the Harbour

Leaving the cobbled streets out of the Seafood Cafe and heading for the harbour, we came across the most stunning sunset.

Sunset over St Ives Harbour

It looked as though the sky was on fire, it was so vibrant.

An evening in St Ives, Cornwall
The sea at sunset in Cornwall

With such beautiful sunset views for an evening in St Ives, we went for a wander. The waves crashed down against the harbour walk, and there were lobster cages in abundance.

Sunset in St Ives, Cornwall
Couple in St Ives at sunset

St Ives Harbour Beach lit up in a way I hadn’t seen it before. While normally a stomping ground for kids making sandcastles or holidaymakers munching crab sandwiches, this evening it looked different.

Sunset in St Ives, Cornwall
St Ives at sunset

St Ives continues to be a working port, and typically you can watch fisherman at work. Perhaps you’ll spot them offloading their daily catches of fresh bass and mackerel, or at the town’s Lifeboat Station.

Lobster cages at sunset

Beyond the harbour and its beach, we could see across the town as well as nearby Carbis Bay.

An evening in St Ives
Sunset over St Ives, Cornwall

We watched with full bellies as the sun lit up the evening in St Ives, fading slowly.

An evening in St Ives at sunset
Laura in St Ives at sunset

A lovely evening in St Ives, and a place I’ll always love to visit.

Laura during an evening in St Ives
Sunset across the seaside town

Heading back to the apartment in nearby Lelant, a furry friend came to visit us. He also came back the following day, and made a habit of it the whole time we were in St Ives. He made quite the pet for the weekend.

Cat in the apartment in Lelant, Cornwall
Cat asleep in Lelant, Cornwall

And just like that, I fell asleep too.

That wraps up an evening in St Ives! Where are your favourite places to catch a sunset? Let me know in the comments below.

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