Beaches of Formentera: Playa de Ses Iletes

The best beaches in Formentera

Considering heading to Formentera? Having visited several times and falling in love with this tiny island, here’s my guide to the best beaches in Formentera.

Formentera is an aquamarine jewel in the heart of the Balearic Sea, well known for its pristine shores, crystalline waters, unspoiled beauty, and serene ambience. A short sail across from the hedonistic island of Ibiza, it’s the White Isle’s more relaxed, boho little sister. It’s where partygoers come to recover and sunbathe among the breathtaking beaches during the day. As well as a whole host of glamourous seafood restaurants and trendy bars, the beaches of Formentera are simply stunning. In this article, I share my guide to the best beaches in Formentera.

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The best beaches in Formentera

Having explored the beautiful island of Formentera on multiple occasions, here’s my guide to the best beaches on the island.

Playa de Ses Illetes

One of the most famous and accessible beaches of Formentera, Playa de ses Illetes often tops European lists as one of the best beaches in the world. It’s a short stroll from the port of La Savina, and you can easily cycle to Playa de Ses Illetes. The epitome of paradise, here you’ll find powdery white sand and mesmerising turquoise waters. There are plenty of chic beach bars and restaurants, as well as sun beds and parasols to hire. Walk along the long stretch of sand to reach the quieter part of the beach, perfect for sunbathing. It’s also a nudist beach towards this quieter end. Located along a narrow peninsula, you’ll be captivated by the clear waters, stretch of soft sand, and gentle waves. The sea here is excellent for snorkelling too. Illetes literally translates to ‘islets’, which you’ll see along the water. Reach the end of the beach and see if you can spot the neighbouring island of S’Espalmador.

Playa de Ses Illetes

Playa de Llevant

Another of the best beaches in Formentera, Playa de Llevant is the eastern and quieter side of the peninsula. It’s no less beautiful, however, with a long stretch of white sandy beach. What you’ll find on Playa de Llevant is an unspoiled haven – quiet coves and rocky areas for a little more peace and privacy. It’a a popular spot for nudist sunbathing with a little more discretion added by the neighbouring sand dunes. Another reason that Playa de Llevant is a little quieter is because it can be windier – but it does mean you can watch the waves against the shore. It’s a great spot for some peaceful sunbathing near the ocean in a wilder and less-developed ambience. You might even be able to spot the neighbouring island of Ibiza from the shore.

Best beaches in Formentera: Playa de Levante

Playa Migjorn

The longest beach in Formentera, Playa Migjorn is on the island’s southern coast. It’s another spectacular white sandy beach that stretches for over 5km. On this beach, you’ll find hidden coves, rocky patches, and gorgeous golden areas of beach. It’s one of Formentera’s slightly busier beaches, but it does have some excellent beachfront chiringuitos. At these beach bars, you can pick up cold beers while relaxing in the sun. There are also some great restaurants that line Playa Migjorn, as well as chic beach clubs from Pelayo Chiringuito to Gecko Beach Club. Do note that Playa Migjorn has a boho, free vibe and it’s also clothing optional. Thanks to its beautiful clear waters, it’s also a great spot for snorkelling so don’t forget your gear.

Best beaches in Formentera: Playa Migjorn, Ibiza

Cala Saona

A small beach at just over a hundred metres long, Cala Saona is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Formentera. Although there are some other coves across the island, they are all much smaller in comparison to Cala Saona. It’s a tranquil escape set amidst rugged cliffs and beautiful panoramas. The beach itself is particularly calm, making it perfect for families, with shallow sea and beautiful waters that are great for snorkelling. For refreshments, there’s a nearby hotel, restaurants, and a chiringuito for food and drinks. The surrounding area of Cala Saona is beautiful and lined with pine trees. A great area to explore is the cliffs of Punta Rasa, near an adorable stretch of wooden boat shacks. From the cliffs, you can enjoy incredible views across the area and catch the iconic Formentera sunsets.

Cala Saona

Caló des Mort

The beautiful cove of Caló des Mort is the final beach before the south side of Formentera simply becomes too rocky for sunbathing. Another of the best beaches in Formentera, it’s a small, scenic bay that isn’t overlooked. In fact, it’s steeped by sandy cliffs to allow for a private feel. Do bear in mind that there isn’t a great deal of sand, but instead you can stretch out on the flat rocks to sunbathe. The water is brilliantly transparent, and if you head out a little into the sea, you’ll discover gorgeous views that stretch across the Formentera coast. Caló des Mort does get busy in the summer, so try to get there early or later to dodge the crowds. As it’s secluded, there aren’t any restaurants or bars so bring your own snacks and drinks. It’s a perfect place for snorkelling to spot colourful fish, before watching the sunset.

Best beaches in Formentera: Caló des Mort

Es Pujols

Es Pujols is one of the best beaches in Formentera, well known for its party scene. Head to this beach if you want to be near restaurants and bars, and to mingle with other people. It’s close to the residential district of Es Pujols, and so it’s perfect if you’re staying in one of the hotels nearby. As with most of the beaches of Formentera, the water is crystal clear and beautiful. This is caused by the sea depositing pink coral that blends with the white sand and beautiful aquamarine water. Es Pujols does get busy in the summer, but there’s plenty to do, with water sports and shopping in the area.

Es Pujols, Formentera

Playa De S’Alga

At Formentera’s northern tip, you’ll find the tiny yet beautiful island of S’Espalmador. Although it’s privately owned, it’s currently still open to the public for a visit. If you fancy getting away from the crowds, Playa de S’Alga on the island is the place to come. You can catch a small boat across to S’Espalmador from Formentera, although do note that there are no services on the island. It’s all about the beaches here, and they’re mostly untouched, serene, and secluded. Surrounded by rocky formations and lush greenery, the beach’s unspoiled beauty and quieter atmosphere create a picturesque haven for relaxation, leisurely swims, and moments of peaceful contemplation. The sea is wonderfully calm, and you can spend your time spotting luxury yachts. Relax on the unspoilt beaches, and indulge in a little luxury on this incredible island near Formentera.

Playa de S'Alga, S'Espalmador

Best beaches in Formentera: FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions about visiting the beaches in Formentera:

Does Formentera have sandy beaches?

Absolutely. Formentera boasts some of the most stunning sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. Its shores are a paradise of fine, powdery sands that stretch along the crystal-clear waters of the Balearic Sea. From the famous Ses Illetes, celebrated for its pristine white sands and azure waters, to lesser-known gems like Playa de S’Alga and Cala Saona, Formentera’s beaches offer a tapestry of soft, golden sands, inviting visitors to bask in their beauty and tranquility.

Is it better to stay in Ibiza or Formentera?

Choosing between Ibiza and Formentera depends on the vibe you’re after. Ibiza pulsates with vibrant nightlife, diverse activities, and a bustling atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking entertainment and plenty of things to see and do. On the other hand, Formentera offers a serene escape, renowned for its pristine beaches, tranquil ambiance, and unspoiled landscapes. If you crave parties, activities, and a lively scene, Ibiza is the go-to destination. If, however, your heart yearns for secluded relaxation and breathtaking natural beauty, Formentera is the ultimate retreat.

Is Formentera good for a holiday?

I really can’t recommend Formentera enough. It’s an idyllic destination for a serene and rejuvenating holiday. With pristine beaches, the island’s a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy the slower pace of life. I like to visit Ibiza for a few days beforehand to enjoy the nightlife in spots like Pacha, before heading to Formentera to recuperate and relax.

Can you swim in Formentera?

Absolutely! Formentera boasts some of the most pristine and inviting waters in the Mediterranean, making it an ideal destination for swimming. The best beaches in Formentera are renowned for their crystal-clear waters and soft sands, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The gentle waters are generally calm and welcoming, making them perfect for leisurely swims or enjoying water activities.

Which month is best for Formentera?

The best time to visit Formentera is typically between late spring and early autumn, from May to September. During these months, the weather’s warm and pleasant, the sea temperatures are warm enough for swimming, and the island’s alive with activity and events:

  • May and June: these months offer warm weather with fewer crowds, making it an excellent time for a relaxing holiday. The sea is warming up, making it suitable for swimming.
  • July and August: these are the peak summer months, attracting more visitors due to the hot temperatures and lively atmosphere. The beaches and restaurants are bustling, and there are various events and activities happening across the island.
  • September: As summer winds down, September still offers warm temperatures and relatively fewer crowds compared to peak season. The sea remains suitable for swimming.

Formentera is a great destination throughout the tourist season, but the month to visit depends on your preferences on weather, crowds, and activities.

Can you walk around Formentera?

Formentera’s compact size makes it a perfect destination for walking around. Whether strolling along its pristine shores, wandering through its charming villages, or exploring scenic coastal paths, the island offers a picturesque setting for leisurely walks.

How long is the ferry from Ibiza to Formentera?

The ferry ride from Ibiza to Formentera typically takes around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of ferry service and the specific route. Several ferry companies operate between the two islands, offering frequent departures throughout the day, especially during the high season. The duration may vary slightly based on factors like weather conditions, the type of boat, and the chosen departure point on Ibiza and arrival point in Formentera.

Formentera’s allure lies not just in its breathtaking beaches but in the harmonious blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and authentic Mediterranean vibes it offers. Each beach holds its unique charm, inviting visitors to unwind, connect with nature, and create unforgettable moments. As you plan your island escape, allow this pick of the best beaches in Formentera to be your gateway to relaxation.

That’s my guide to the best beaches in Formentera – I hope you found it helpful. Which are your favourite beaches in the beautiful Balearic Islands? If you have any questions about visiting Formentera, let me know in the comments below.

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