Pool party in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pool Party in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been high up in my bucket list for several years. As a huge fan of a party or two, it needed to happen. Part of my huge move to Vancouver was to enable me to travel much more easily across Canada and the US, a country I’ve been in love with for years. Having partied hard in places like Ibiza and Hvar, when my friend Jo came to stay, we knew we had to tie in a trip. We booked a hotel, some club nights, and of course, a pool party in Las Vegas.

Flying to Las Vegas

Just a two hour flight from Vancouver Airport, what better excuse for a trip to Vegas than one of my best friends coming to see me? To top it off, a friend of ours from uni was also swinging by Vegas for some partying and boozing.

Discover my guide to the best pool parties in Las Vegas.

Flying to Las Vegas

Never before have I flown over such a deserted landscape. It looked as thirsty as the thousands of revellers suffering hangovers in the city each morning. It’s also one of the most overwhelming places I’ve visited in the US. If you think America does it bigger, better, and faster; well, Vegas does it the biggest, best, and fastest.

Hakkasan at MGM, Las Vegas
New York, New York Hotel, Las Vegas

We stayed at the MGM Grand for our four night’s stay in Vegas. Quickly dumping our bags off at the hotel, we set off in search of alcohol ahead of the pool party in Las Vegas we’d booked for our trip. Vegas really is a sensory overload. Not only do you turn the corner to be greeted with a miniature New York City, but people are openly drinking alcohol on the street and smoking indoors. It really is something else!

Pool Party in Las Vegas

Having successfully completed our quest for booze, we sipped questionable cans of margarita. We then headed back to what we were promised as the ultimate pool party situated right in our very hotel: Wet Republic.

Girls at the pool party in Las Vegas
Girls at the pool party

Deemed the Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand, Wet Republic is a venue and dayclub set across a sprawling 54,000 square feet. It’s packed with pools, cabanas, daybeds, and bungalows. Bringing the ultimate pool party in Las Vegas, Wet Republic has places to drink, dance, and dine.

Pool party in Las Vegas

Whether you’re down to order premium bottle service with sparklers in VIP or chug poolside pitchers of mojito, Wet Republic has it all. What’s more, it hosts world class DJs headlining weekly residencies. The sundeck turns into a stage, and DJs like Calvin Harris and Tiesto come to life.

Pool party in Las Vegas

After our $80 locker fee and two hour wait to store a bag, we made it into the pool party. I can’t recommend leaving your belongings in your hotel enough! We showed our tickets and joined the partygoers. Settling in with a few drinks, we got in the water and partied with everyone else.

Calvin Harris at Wet Republic

With Calvin Harris playing Wet Republic, we were ready for the best pool party in Las Vegas. Things got a little blurry as we partied with hundreds of others to all of Calvin’s greatest dance tracks.

Calvin Harris at Wet Republic, Vegas
Calvin Harris at Wet Republic

We spent the rest of the day drinking, chatting, and dancing. Calvin Harris’ set was amazing and it was a pool party we were so happy to have booked. We had the most fun imaginable.

Girls at a pool party in Las Vegas

In true Las Vegas fashion, we were in bed having wined and dined by 6pm, having truly partied hard at the pool. At 8pm, some much needed room service miraculously appeared by our beds. After naps, painkillers, and some buffalo hot wings, we were ready for the second part of our evening: Tiesto at Hakkasan. Another club that’s very handily located in our hotel. Sadly no photos as we were a little worse for wear. Vegas, you’ve given us the most wonderful introduction. Bring on more tomorrow!

Have you been to a pool party in Las Vegas? If so, which did you go to? Let me know in the comments below!

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