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The 2010s: A Decade in Review

I honestly can’t really believe we’ve entered a new decade. It sounds unbelievably cliche, but those ten years really did fly by. In many ways, it feels like I haven’t achieved a whole lot. On the other hand, I guess I’ve changed everything. I’ve grown from being a student to continuing to adult, and the world around us has changed a ton too. I watched Russell Howard’s Roundup of the Decade and my goodness, a lot really has happened! Sometimes we all need a little time to reflect to appreciate things, so here’s my review of the 2010s.


Flicking through Facebook, the beginning of the 2010s was a wonderful time indeed! I was a fresher at university, and life was simply making friends, cooking with housemates, and going pubbing and clubbing. I ballooned in weight, unlikely helped by the vast quantity of alcopops and cheap pub meals consumed. My fashion sense was questionable, given a mysterious affiliation with tight body con dresses. I was happy, though – I had a steady boyfriend who’d visit me, and life was all about friends. I got to grips with my course and uni. There were loads of people around me. I moved into a new uni house with some close friends, and went on some great holidays that summer. My family took me to San Francisco and Hawaii, which was a real dream. I also went to visit my Dad in Vancouver for a few weeks of sun.


Things got a little more serious. Uni work began to count for something, and sometimes I found it extremely stressful and got anxious. My relationship wasn’t so great and had blips and was very much long distance. Friends were still really close, but it wasn’t quite the bubble of first year. My family continued to be amazing, supporting everything I did and always helping. I always need to be more thankful for that. It was fun in a slightly more civilised way. We hosted some great parties and still clubbed hard. We all started our final year and moved uni houses once again to one that would hopefully mean less maintenance issues! One of my favourite things was cooking a huge Christmas dinner in our house.


2012 was the point in the 2010s when the going started to get a lot tougher at uni. There were tense deadlines and long days in the library. We were all stressed, getting coursework over the line and prepping for our final exams. I needed pressure to get going and did some really late nights. We fitted in fun where we could, and I’m always grateful for that. Some friends began to drift, particularly a group of school friends from home. I guess it’s the year when you need to figure out what you’re doing with your life. I had GradBall, graduated with a good degree, and then went travelling across the US and Canada with my best friend. It was amazing fun. I turned 21, and decided to go and do a Masters degree up in Durham. It wasn’t quite as I expected and I didn’t like my living arrangements, but I stuck at it, and I’m glad I did.


Everything in Durham was very different for me. Other students were often older than I was used to, and mostly from different countries with different interests. I struggled to start with. There was a new boyfriend, and old uni friends came to visit. I was drinking too much beforehand to be social. At the start of 2013 I got really sick for months, in a way that can still affect me now. I had to take two months out of my studies, which caused more stress. My boyfriend helped me to get through, and luckily I did along with some changes to my lifestyle and diet. I studied as hard as I could, and explored Durham and Newcastle when I had time. There were some crazy formal dinners in uni colleges and the Castle, which I’ll never forget. I got a good grade for my Masters with extended deadlines, and did better than I could imagine. 2013 also meant fun trips with uni friends around the country, my first job as a copywriter, and a new boyfriend.


I welcomed in this year of the 2010s at the fireworks in Embankment, London. Perhaps it was foreshadowing what was to come later in life. I wasn’t paid much, but made of it what I could. I had a little car, a new boyfriend, and close friends near me. Let’s not forget, I started this blog! And cut my hair shorter. During the weekends, I had some fun trips away, and graduated with my Masters. I was away with uni friends in Manchester and around the country as much as I could be. I went to some festivals. Glastonbury was a particular highlight. I also went to Reading Festival with my friend Jo, and we were pretty inseparable at the time. My relationship was short-lived, but I dated someone new and had new experiences and travels. I went to Australia for three weeks with my family, and explored Sydney and Melbourne, which was incredible. Next, I quit my job and travelled to Vancouver to give it a shot for living. I struggled with it, and came home for Christmas.


Once I got back from Vancouver, everything seemed to flow nicely for me. I got a new job in marketing straight away to start in January. It all felt like it was meant to be. I reconnected with friends and made new ones through work. I started to earn more money. My uni friends planned a trip and we went to Dublin, which was really fun. I went racing and to lots of social events through work. Although my job was pretty toxic because of the culture, I travelled whenever I could. I took my first trip to Ibiza and fell in love with it. I was single and had a lot of fun dating and with other single friends. Soon, I got into a relationship, and was out of it again. I went to Barcelona and partied there, and whenever else I could.


In 2016, my life began to shift a little. I welcomed in the year at Cheltenham Races with new friends. A close friend got into a serious relationship, and my small town life wasn’t so fun any more. I was made redundant at the end of 2015, and had to look for something new. I found a new job at a good agency despite it being a fair commute away near Oxford. Things went well and I got lots of good experience. I had a great time celebrating my birthday in Bristol. I went for a fun weekend in Amsterdam with good friends. At the same time, I had a close friend who wasn’t a great influence. I partied hard, and caught up with old friends. My dating life was dire, and I fell for someone in London which didn’t work out. We had a family holiday to Florida, which was lovely. Two close friends moved to London and I spent a lot of time there. My friend and I went on an amazing holiday around Croatia and Rome, and then back to Ibiza for Radio 1’s Big Weekend. I nearly bought a flat in town but got cold feet. I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and that change was coming later in the 2010s.


I welcomed the new year in Manchester, and began planning for an inevitable change the coming year. Taking a trip up to my old university in Durham, I delivered a speech to new students. I began applying for jobs overseas and was instantly offered an interview in London and got it. This meant a swift move to Vancouver! I said some sad farewells to friends and family, and found an apartment in Vancouver. I reconnected with family, started my new job, and made new friends. It was a lot, but it was great. Soon, I got a new boyfriend. I travelled loads – both for work and pleasure. It was such a great adventure, even if it was tough being away from home. My boyfriend and I explored new places, from Whistler to Portland, and celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday. Friends visited from home, and we went on amazing hikes and to Las Vegas to party. To catch up with family, I met them in Florida and went home for Christmas. It really was one heck of a year within the 2010s!


2018 was rung in at a 1920s party at an old Underground station in London. Foreshadowing what was to come the following year, perhaps. It was a little more tough – I flew back to Vancouver but was so uncertain about how long I wanted to stay there. My boyfriend had move to Toronto so it all felt different. I hung in there and did tons of exploring, and even had my first ski lesson. There was plenty of travel for work, and I was even promoted later in the year. I moved to a new apartment with a rooftop pool which I loved, and got close to a new friend. Travels were great, with trips to Banff, San Diego, Toronto, LA, and Florida all thrown into the mix. I partied in style in Vancouver, and made memories to last a lifetime. Friends came to visit, and life really was one big adventure.


I can’t complain about the final year of the 2010s! It’s been a crazy, busy year that was jam packed with travels. I flew back to Vancouver after a great Christmas in the UK, and booked my first trip to Mexico. I fell in love with Mexico City, and spent my birthday partying in Cancun. Between work trips across the USA, I then took my first trip to Asia by visiting Hong Kong and Macau. A dear friend moved to Vancouver, and I decided to move back to the UK. I began in a new office and a new apartment in London. This in itself brought new travels, with trips to Ibiza, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, and Berlin. I partied, I learnt a lot, I met new people, and I adjusted to a new life back in the UK. All while exploring London.

The 2010s flew by unbelievably quickly. Who knows what the next decade will bring, but I’m sure as hell excited to see. What are your favourite moments from the 2010s, and the bits you’re most excited for in the coming decade?

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  1. Wow, you had a whirlwind of a decade! I can see you’ve changed a lot, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings for you. 🙂

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