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Travel Wish List

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly guilty of spending hours poring over beautiful destinations on Pinterest. From there, I get planning my next few trips. I thought I’d share some of the places highest on my travel wish list as well as why I’d like to visit so badly. Perhaps then you can share yours? If you haven’t yet seen my favourite travel destinations, you may want to check those out too.

The following travel wish list is by no means exhaustive. You’ll probably be able tell I’m most definitely a girl who loves the sun!

My Travel Wish List Destinations

Cape Town, South Africa

For as long as I can remember, Cape Town has really appealed to me and so it’s on my travel wish list. Perhaps it’s the stunning views from the cable cars up to Table Mountain. Or the beautiful hikes from above the Cape of Good Hope at sunset. Or the adorable Boulders Beach penguins that remind me of the cute blue penguins I spotted on Phillip Island, Australia. As a self-confessed wino, a trip to the many beautiful vineyards of Stellenbosch amidst some of the country’s Cape Dutch architecture would be a real dream. Of course, I’d also love to go to Robben Island and see the prison that previously housed Nelson Mandela and became such an important and iconic part of history too. And finally, I’d love to see the colourful streets of the historically significant Bo-Kaap neighbourhood.

Travel wish list: Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Côte d’Azur, France

Now that I live in Canada, people I speak to are often shocked I haven’t explored more of France than I actually have. I guess I am too – it’s easy to take places for granted when they’re so close by, and I vow to make more of them if I ever return to the UK. The Cote d’Azur – or the French Riviera – has long appealed thanks to its gorgeously glamorous seaside resorts and beaches. What’s not to love about sipping a cocktail underneath a striped parasol whilst you people watch sunbathers dripping in Chanel or relaxing on yachts before heading out to a glitzy bar or club!? I imagine it to be a little like the party haven of Hvar in Croatia. Key places I’d like to see along the coast would be Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes, and of course the millionaire’s playground of Monaco, preferably during the Grand Prix.

Travel wish list: Cote d'Azur, France

Big Sur, California

I’ve always loved a good, dramatic coastline, so Big Sur is a no-brainer for me on my travel wish list! For those less familiar, it’s a beautiful stretch between the Californian towns of Carmel and San Simeon and runs along arguably one of the most beautiful oceans in the world. As a current West Coaster, I’m naturally biased. I’d like to imagine hiring a Jeep and heading down the winding road, past cliffs, over Bixby Bridge, near to waterfalls, and stopping to capture pictures, much like I did on a trip along the Oregon coastline last year which was truly dreamy. The heavenly beaches and gastro spots along the way also help add to the appeal I see in this gorgeous region of one of my favourite US states.

Travel wish list: Bixby Bridge by Big Sur, California

Dubai, UAE

Having never visited the Far East before – minus a brief layover in the airport en route to Australia – the drastic culture change really inspires me, as well as the city’s iconic extremes. Whether it’s the weather (excuse the homonyms), the skyscrapers, the luxurious nature, or the sheer possibilities despite the climate, Dubai seems to own it all. As a huge fan of architecture, I’m intrigued to explore and take a ride up to the top the Burj Khalifa. I can only imagine how mind-blowing yet terrifying the views are from the world’s tallest building. I’d love to experience the nightlife, head to The Palm, stay in a luxurious hotel, go skiing (because why not?), and take a ride across the desert’s dunes. Shopping can’t be missed, so I’d be sure to head to one of the malls and take a more traditional browse around the souks.

Travel wish list: Dubai, UAE

Belize, Central America

The beautiful Central American country of Belize has long inspired me as a holiday destination. This is thanks to the glorious pictures I often see with the most incredible blue waters. I’d love to stay in an eco-lodge, bask on the beach, explore Mayan ruins, and trek through the jungle. Of course, I’d have to visit the country’s own Barrier Reef for snorkelling in the cayes amongst colourful, tropical fish. Of course, the mysterious Great Blue Hole must be ticked off my bucket list too! Any holiday that enables me to mix beautiful beaches and relaxing with an icy cold cocktail with exploring incredible new scenery and wildlife is always a winner in my books.

Travel wish list: Belize

Kotor, Montenegro

The sheer colour of the water, surrounded by burnt orange roofs and cliffs of the nearby mountain (Mount Lovcen) is what has always attracted me to go and visit beautiful Kotor. It reminds me a little of my Dubrovnik trip from images I’ve seen, although it seems a little less discovered and so I’d like to visit before even more tourists discover the spot. I’d love to explore the narrow streets and historic treasures from the past, before island hopping and devouring a bowl of seafood pasta with a cold glass of local wine. Hikes up the mountain appear so worth it for the incredible views across Kotor. The architecture also looks stunning, from Kotor Cathedral to Pima Palace.

Travel wish list: Kotor, Montenegro

Tanzania, East Africa

Something I really can’t stop thinking about these days is an ultimate bucket list item of mine – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Ever since moving to British Columbia in Canada, I’ve embarked on a fair few mountain climbs for some of the best views I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it’s the view or simply the sense of achievement after a ridiculously long hike.

Having never been to Africa before, I’m keen to do as much exploring as possible. Naturally, this needs to tie in a safari. Driving across Serengeti National Park on a Jeep to spot the ‘big five’ would be a dream to say the least. As if all that wasn’t enough, the sparkling turquoise waters of Zanzibar’s beaches is enough to draw me in, with its tropical islands and incredible coral reefs. I’d also love to soak up some culture in the capital of Dar es Salaam for its Swahili influences in a modern city.

Travel wish list: Tanzania, Africa

New Zealand, Oceania

Having now lived in Canada for almost two years, I often hear it offers similar panoramic views to scenic New Zealand. There’s only one way for me to find out! With incredible geography, from volcanoes to glaciers it looks so amazing to explore. The South Island seems to have so many amazing sights including Milford Sound. Who knows, maybe I’d even get the balls to do a bungee jump or something equally as exhilarating!?

After exploring, a dip in the natural hot springs of Rotorua seems just perfect. I’d follow my love of wine by exploring the vineyards of Marlborough to sample the Sauvignon Blancs I’ve bought from supermarkets for years. Of course, I need to see the capital of Auckland and its tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere. Catching an All Blacks rugby game would be an unforgettable experience. I may also need to take a trip to Cheltenham, the beach town that shares a name with my hometown. It’s high on my travel wish list so hopefully I’ll get there one day soon.

Travel wish list: New Zealand

Singapore, Asia

I really love how compact this country is. It must be so great to be able to explore in just a few days. The tropical climate and world-renowned architecture seem like a fabulous combination. I’ve long wished to take a dip in the iconic infinity pool of the amazing Marina Bay Sands building. Ideally, I’d splash out and stay there for a few nights! The beaches, including Palawan, look incredible with their beautiful turquoise waters. The shopping also seems dreamy thanks to the plethora of huge malls, boutiques, and markets. I’d love to a take a rooftop walk amongst the tall trees of Gardens by the Bay. Finally, the street food is a must, so I fully intend upon eating my way around the island. In a nutshell, this is why Singapore has made it onto my travel wish list!

Travel wish list: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Alaska, USA

Alaska often gets a hard time, perceived as a state only frequented by the older generation on a cruise. I beg to differ, as it looks so darn cool, and pretty similar to British Columbia. With mountains, lakes, and forests, I quite fancy jumping aboard a kayak and exploring some of the beautiful scenery. As the home to Denali, North America’s highest peak, I’d definitely need to go and see the National Park. I’d feel pretty accustomed having climbed several of Canada’s mountains, so I’d love to see how they compare.

Whale watching is another must, as is checking out picturesque Glacier Bay National Park. This park appears to be the chosen image of many glossy travel brochures. I’d plan to get a little history in the state’s capital of Juneau, and go to Sitka for its native culture. It would also be great to check out Fairbanks to learn more about the gold rush. I’m a huge fan of salmon so I’d be sure to go to some restaurants in Anchorage. Finally, if I’m lucky, I’d fly to the Arctic for a taste of adventure.

Travel wish list: Alaska, USA

Bergen, Norway

I’ve only visited Iceland in Scandinavia and so have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the area. Pardon the pun there! Bergen looks like a beautiful city in the midst of incredible fjords and mountains. I’d really like to stroll past the colourful wooden houses nestled along the wharf of Bryggen. It would also be great to climb Fløyen Mountain for stunning views across the city. I feel like any trip to Bergen needs to include a visit to nearby Trolltunga, one of the most scenic cliffs in Norway. That’s if I’m feeling brave enough of course! Hikers can dangle over seven hundred metres above Lake Ringedalsvatnet for the most spectacular views around.

Travel wish list: Bergen, Norway

Morocco, North Africa

As the third African destination on my travel wish list, you can probably see how keen I am to go and explore the fascinating continent. Morocco has long been a dream destination of mine. This is thanks to the sheer culture contrast and sensory overload I imagine it to be. First off, I think I’d head to Marrakesh for its iconic medina. I’d love to witness the bizarre entertainment and souks selling spices of all colours of the rainbow.

I absolutely adore Moroccan design and tiles so I’d be sure to spend much of my time checking out the architecture and style. I’d also have to visit the Majorelle Garden for the stylish botanical gardens and art from Yves Saint Laurent. The slightly more undiscovered city of Casablanca also appeals to see the famous Hassan II Mosque whilst taking in the seaside views. A true bucket list item would be to ride a camel across the Sahara desert, or to see the mighty Atlas mountains and hike.

Travel wish list: Morocco

Bali, Indonesia

Bali seems to have its tourism numbers soar over the last few years. Although this takes away a little of the appeal for me, it still looks like a gorgeous island I’d love to relax on. One of the main attractions for me is the fascinating landscape. You can find anything from the volcanic mountain of Mount Batur to rice paddies to coral reefs. This is all on one small island, and I’d like to see it all!

I’d plan to explore as much of the island as possible. From the temple of Uluwatu to the bars of Kuta and the beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Hopefully I’d fit in a little meditation and yoga along the way. It would be amazing to have a surf at Padang Padang, and see the adorable monkeys of Ubud. Another recommendation from my friends who have visited is to head to Gili Trawangan of nearby Lombok. This is too see some of the most beautiful beaches imaginable. For these reasons, it’s firmly planted on my travel wish list.

Travel wish list: Bali, Indonesia

There are so many more places I need to add to to my travel wish list. What’s on your travel wish list? Where am I missing from my list? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve been to the côte d’Azur, Big Sur, Kotor, Alaska, and Morocco; I can vouch that they’re all stunning! From your list, it seems like you’re a big nature traveler, and I’m sure that living in Canada for work is a nature’s paradise for you! Hope you can make it over to Alaska and Big Sur soon, since they’re not too far from where you are. Happy, safe travels!

    1. Hi Rebecca! That’s amazing – how lucky to have visited such beautiful places 🙂 I agree, planning out 2019 travels currently so fingers crossed I can squeeze them in. Thanks for reading!

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