Tips for staying healthy during Covid-19

Tips for Staying Healthy During Covid-19

Being stuck indoors with limited freedom to exercise or go about our normal routines isn’t the most conducive to a healthy lifestyle. But there are so many ways to keep both physically and mentally healthy during Covid-19. From workouts to the best supplements to take, there are so many ways to stay healthy during self isolation. It’s more important than ever to look after your diet, incorporate workouts into your routine, and get a good night’s sleep. Here are my top tips for staying healthy during Covid-19.

Take regular workouts

Finding a form of exercise that works for you is so important. With most people’s routines now thrown out of the window with gym and studio closures, we need to adjust accordingly. Perhaps walking is your thing, or running or cycling – a safe distance from others, of course. You could always track your progress on an app like Strava for an additional motivating factor. If none of these are for you, you’re in luck. There’s a plethora of home workouts on YouTube that you can choose for the mood you’re in. From barre to full body HIIT sessions, many studios and instructors are also live streaming sessions during Covid-19.

Tips for staying healthy during Covid-19: exercise

Follow a healthy diet

One of the best tips for staying healthy during Covid-19 is making sensible decisions in the supermarket. It’s very easy when you’re a little bored to eat more than usual. Therefore, try and make a list before shopping for healthy and balanced meals. Planning ahead for the week before going to the supermarket is another good idea. Ensure you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables incorporated into your diet where you can. Vitamins have never been such a crucial part of your diet. Meal prep is another smart way of fixing healthy meals, and it means you don’t have to cook every day.

Eating healthy, balanced meals

Get some sunlight

We’re not all fortunate enough to live in hot climates with sun for hours of the day. But there are things we can do to try and make the most of the natural sun during the day. Perhaps you can set up a working from home station near a window for the light. If you live somewhere where you’re able to leave the house for daily exercise, do make the most of it. It’s quite incredible what the power of a little sunlight can do for your mental health. Otherwise, it could be worth investing in a SAD daylight lamp and taking some vitamin D tablets to make up for any deficiencies.

Tips for staying healthy during Covid-19: getting sunlight

Practice mindfulness

A little bit of time to focus on yourself is what’s needed during the stressful period of Covid-19. Meditating is a great way of managing stress, and apps like Headspace is great for achieving virtual mindfulness. Winding down is a great form of therapy, as is yoga. Achievable from the comfort of a small space in your home, it’s something you can easily practice each day. A daily stretch will do wonders for your mind and body, particularly when most of us are cooped up indoors. There are hundreds of free classes you can take online, and many studios are streaming live yoga and hypnotherapy classes.

Meditation and yoga

Protect your mental health

One of the most important tips for staying healthy during Covid-19 is really looking after your mental health. With so much uncertainty in the air, it’s a hard time for everyone. An essential step is taking time out of your day to do something you enjoy. A little escapism didn’t hurt anyone, so tuning into a bingeworthy Netflix show or gaming can work wonders. Simply switching off from the news and social media is also extremely beneficial. Sometimes we can all overload on the news, so use the time to do something productive instead of stressing.

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Top tips for staying healthy during Covid-19: relaxing

Get into a routine

A routine is a top tip for staying healthy during Covid-19, particularly if you’re working from home. It can be very difficult to stay productive while detaching your new office life from your home life. For that reason, a routine can help. Try to get up at the same time each day, have a proper breakfast, and get dressed. Perhaps you’ll dedicate a particular part of your house to work to keep this separation. Break up your day with meal times and exercise breaks, and ensure to allow some relaxation time. Winding down in the evening as part of a night time routine will help you get a good night’s sleep. And that is extremely important right now!

Night time routine

Have a spring clean

Not only does a tidy house make for a tidy mind, but cleaning is an imperative tip for staying healthy during Covid-19. With more time on our hands than usual, it’s a perfect time for a spring clean. Pay special attention to wiping down metal surfaces like door handles, railings, and communal surfaces. It’s also important to keep hand towels washed frequently, and of course, to practice regular hygiene in the home. Washing your hands and keeping the home clean will keep you healthy, and a tidy home will have a surprisingly positive effect on your brain too.

Top tips for staying healthy during Covid-19: cleaning

Keep occupied

A key tip to staying healthy during Covid-19 is keeping both your mind and body occupied. With all our routines thrown out of the window and new circumstances to contend with, it’s so important to stay busy. For your mind, indulge in a favourite hobby or activity. Try painting, knitting, gaming, or reading. There’s never been a better time to start watching a new show, learning a new skill or taking on a project. For your body, keep energised by eating the right foods and exercising. This will help keep you feeling strong and avoid lethargy. Keeping busy also helps you to stay away from excessive alcohol, which can be tempting in our current climate.

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Reading as a hobby

Those are my top tips for staying healthy during Covid-19! Is there anything else you’re trying to keep fit and healthy? Feel free to share in the comments.

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