Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

After a few weeks of exploring beautiful Australia, from Melbourne to Canberra and Sydney, our trip had nearly reached its end. Despite feeling like it was only five minutes since we were driving down the Great Ocean Road and climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was our last day in Sydney. For that very reason, we wanted to make it a good one! We wanted to see all of our favourite spots, and see some new ones, including the Sydney Tower Eye.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney

We sauntered through Woolloomoo for the last time, gazing enviously at Russell Crowe’s apartment on the Wharf.

Woolloomoolloo wharf, Sydney

This was just before turning the corner and reaching the view that never failed to amaze me during our Sydney stay. Naturally, we stopped for a few snaps in front of that priceless view.

Sydney Opera House
Laura in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge

It’s very difficult to get tired of the beautiful Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge when you’re able to see both of them from so many amazing angles.

View of Sydney and Sydney Tower Eye
Laura at Mrs Macquaries Chair, Sydney
Mum in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Family in front of Sydney Opera House
Laura and Mum at Mrs Macquaries Chair, Sydney
Sydney Tower Eye and Sydney skyline
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House
Seagulls near Sydney Harbour Bridge
Seagulls and a view of Sydney Harbour

During our stay in Sydney, we’d been searching throughout the city for the themed rhino figures spread across the city. This was all in promotion of Taronga Zoo, each with a different famous designer. This was my favourite, all made of bottle caps.

Colourful rhino for Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Sydney Tower Eye

Next, we headed for a trip up the Sydney Tower Eye. Also known as the Westfield Tower, it’s the tallest building in the Sydney CBD. It’s also the second tallest building in the southern hemisphere. As it’s visible from our apartment, we thought it would offer great views across the city.

View from Sydney Tower Eye
Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Tower Eye

The views were good, but unfortunately the main landscapes (including Sydney Harbour Bridge) was a little obstructed. This was a little disappointing. In fact, I’m typically more a fan of towers or monuments from the outside (including the CN Tower), as they’re such an iconic part of the cityscape that you don’t see from the top.

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Tower Eye
View from Sydney Tower Eye
Mum in front of the view from the Sydney Tower Eye, Australia
4D show at Sydney Tower Eye

The final part of the experience was a 4D cinema. This, however, was simply a promotional video for other Sydney attractions with a few water splashes dropped into the mix. Make of it what you will! Only visit Sydney Tower Eye if you’re expecting a full on tourist experience. This was the final part of our day before one last activity, a trip to Fort Denison. Our next is a little more exciting, and much less trodden on the Sydney tourist map.

Have you visited the Sydney Tower Eye? What were your thoughts? Where do you visit for the best views of Sydney? Let me know in the comments!

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