Laura with Sydney Harbour on Fort Denison

Fort Denison, Sydney

You may well be wondering what an earth Fort Denison in Sydney really is. Sounds historic, right? Well, that’s because it is. It’s a historic fort on an island in Sydney Harbour, and was called Pinchgut once upon a time. Due to its location, this also means it has some of the best views of Sydney in the entire city. You can only imagine how in demand it must be for the New Year’s Eve fireworks! Fort Denison was once under attack from US friendly fire during World War II, and to this day it has a museum with canons and a gun powder. It’s also home to Australia’s only Martello Tower, and has served as the home of several Sydney families. What a place to live!

Fort Denison, Sydney

Arriving at Fort Denison, Sydney

Fort Denison is accessible by Captain Cook Cruises or by private water taxi. As you’ll pull in, you’ll see the most amazing views – can you spot the Sydney Tower Eye?

Views to Sydney Harbour Bridge
Views to Sydney from Fort Denison

Arrive at Fort Denison just before 1pm to witness the cannon go off. It’s surprisingly scary! Back in the early twentieth century, this daily cannon was to signify to sailors that they need to set their ships to the correct time. It’s important to mark Fort Denison’s history, given that it’s had a varied past, from being a fishing hub to a weather station, to a tide gauge station. It’s previous name of Pinchgut was said to have been given because convicts sentenced on the island were given barely any bread or water.

View across Sydney Harbour
Paul on Fort Denison, Sydney
Views of Sydney's skyline from Fort Denison
Sydney Harbour from Fort Denison

Fort Denison is also the home to a pretty awesome yet hidden gem of a restaurant.

Fort Denison Restaurant, Sydney

There aren’t too many restaurants you can eat in in Sydney with such impeccable views of the city. Although currently closed due to refurbishments, it promises to be back in 2019 with a new operator.

Fort Denison restaurant, Sydney

During our visit, due to time constraints, we had a quick pot of tea. I’d love to come back and dine here properly though, maybe on New Year’s Eve one year! Even the teapots were pretty.

Teapot on Fort Denison, Sydney
Chinese teapot on Fort Denison, Sydney
Laura drinking tea with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background
Laura with Sydney Harbour on Fort Denison

After a lovely time spent enjoying those epic views, we had to get ready to head back to the airport.

Leaving Sydney, Australia

We had to collect our suitcases from the apartment ready for the airport. We then took a quick pitstop at Opera Bar, to grab some food and drinks before our 23 hour flight back to the UK.

Circular Quay, Sydney
Food and coffee at Opera Bar, Sydney
Mum with suitcases on Circular Quay, Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge in the cloud
Laura and Mum with suitcases at Circular Quay, Sydney

Each of us took in our last glimpses of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, even if it was in cloudy weather. It was hard to believe our trip was already over. Luckily enough, we caught one last Sydney sunset before having to catch a taxi to the airport.

Sydney sunset near Westfield

And that’s a wrap on our wonderful visit to Australia. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I have memories to last a lifetime. A true delight, and I can’t wait to come back to see you again soon. But for now, a 23 hour plane journey home is calling out for me! Over and out.

Have you dined at Fort Denison? Where are your favourite restaurants in Sydney? And what are your favourite memories of the city? I miss it already.

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