Feasting in Florida

Holidaying in Florida has become a bit of a ritual with my family. In fact, this will be our FIFTH visit to the state (you may have read my blogs from last year)! Normally I love to try and branch out in my travels, visiting somewhere different each time I go away, but there’s something so easy about Florida.

We’ve travelled around most of it – all the way down to Key West, Key Largo, Miami, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral – you name it, but usually we get a villa in Orlando, mainly because it’s so simple, we know our way around, and most importantly we know the best food spots and shopping centres!

This time, we were intent on another chilled holiday with plenty of food, and that’s pretty much what was delivered! In this post, I’ll share with you some of the things we got up to.

I spotted this beautiful view from our plane just as it was flying over Long Island, NY – it brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘Monday blues’, right!?


One of the first things we’ll do when we get to Florida is go for steak. Because Americans do it like noone else can. If you’re planning a trip to the state and have no idea where to go, add the Outback Steakhouse or Longhorn to your list – great quality food for very reasonable prices and there are branches dotted all around. And always go large, ‘cos you won’t regret it!


We’ve stayed at the same villa for a few years now, and the barbecue always comes in handy for cooking up more steaks or whatever meat or seafood we can find in the supermarket. Even handier is the lime tree next to it – perfect for popping inside poolside Coronas!




I’m more than happy to shrivel up in the jacuzzi for a few hours each day with a book when we’re away – what’s your favourite way to relax on holiday?


We usually try and fit in a spot of mini golf whilst we’re away – and if your family is anything like mine, things can get pretty competitive!




Look how seriously the Americans take their mini-golf courses, complete with pirate ship!


Sadly, I didn’t win. But hey ho, I’ll commiserate over another of my favourite meals in the states… crab, and plenty of it. Introducing Joe’s Crab Shack. You’re seated and given your own personalised bib.


…yup, apparently.

Then you get to choose from their amazing buckets of crab, seafood, and meats. I always pick the same – a huge crab and a lobster, simply because I can’t choose between the two. It gets messy (you’ll see why you need the bib), but so tasty nonetheless.


Oh, and give the cocktails a try too!


For pudding, if you’re lucky, you’ll be based near a Cheesecake Factory. And wow, it’s certainly not one for the health-conscious but everything tastes AMAZING. Just look at that choice, it’s a thing of beauty!



If it’s burgers you’re after, check out the Longhorn Steakhouse (mentioned above) amongst a million other awesome restaurants, but just check out this one. I think my brother was pretty happy with it!



One evening, after lounging around by the pool, we set off in search of Crabby Bill’s, an awesome seafood restaurant we’d visited last year in Clearwater.



The food was amazing – I had the tastiest fresh tuna steak I think I’ve ever had, with creamy garlic mash and veg.


We ate our food whilst overlooking a sign warning us of nearby alligators! But we did get these awesome views of the sun going down…






The sun sets on another awesome day in the Sunshine State!


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