A weekend in the Okanagan Valley

A weekend in the Okanagan Valley

I’ll admit it.

I didn’t really know what was in the Okanagan Valley until Jordan and I randomly decided to head there this weekend. I’d heard there were vineyards (so what more do you need to know!?) and that the climate was more desert-like, so we hopped in his car and set off in search of wine and winding down.

The Okanagan is around a four hour drive east of Vancouver, headed towards BC’s neighbouring province of Alberta.

Our first destination was Kelowna, the self-proclaimed ‘gateway to the Okanagan Valley’. I had no idea there would be beaches with such gorgeous views. After slathering on the sun lotion and grabbing a bite to eat, we splashed into the cooling water of Lake Okanagan in the hot semi-desert heat.


Once we’d soaked up those lovely mountain views and cooled off, we hopped back in the Jeep to find a beach that was a little more secluded. The West Kelowna beach was lovely, but sometimes it’s nice to find somewhere a little quieter!

Peeling off the roof, we sat back and hit the road.

Okanagan is famous for it’s plump, juicy cherries (the most sought-after in Vancouver), and when we passed this orchard, we had to stop off for a snack along the way.


It was so adorable! I’ve picked strawberries and raspberries countless times in the summer back home in England, but had never come across a PYO cherry orchard. The hardest thing is reaching them…


But they were the most delicious cherries ever – even better for being slightly warmed up in the glorious sunshine! After a quick refuel, it was time to hit the road again, leaving a trail of cherry stones behind us.


That was, until we longed once again to hop into the lake to cool off. Our next stop was the beautiful Bertram Creek Park. Just about to strip off, we decided just to hike a little bit higher to see what was around the corner…


…and we were so glad we did! A super quiet little beach area with the most inviting crystal-like waters. Ditching our stuff at the top, we sped down and splashed in for the most invigorating swim ever!


As the sun dipped, we head back peeking on the most adorable groundhogs cheekily nipping at sunbathers’ feet. We were staying at a hotel in Kelowna, so settled in for the night with a bottle of local wine and dinner.

A perfect day.


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