Cheapest pint in Cheltenham
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Where to find the cheapest pint in Cheltenham

With Cheltenham Races nearly upon us, you’re likely looking for spots where you can find the cheapest pint of Guinness in town. As a Cheltenham local, it’s probably unsurprising I’ve frequented most of the watering holes in town, so I thought I’d save you the hard work and share the most affordable so you don’t have to!

Last year, Cheltenham Races made headlines for selling Guinness at an eye watering £7.50 per pint. If, like me, you don’t fancy spending your life savings on a day of boozing, here are some of the cheapest spots to go instead. As Cheltenham Racecourse has strict rules on taking alcohol into the site with you (you’ll be searched on entry), I highly recommend visiting a pub or two before heading up to the racecourse. Here’s my comprehensive guide on where to find the cheapest pint in Cheltenham.

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Please note that any prices shared are valid as of the date of publication – I’ll update as and when I receive new information.

Where to find the cheapest pint in Cheltenham

Cheapest pints in Cheltenham

Here are some of the best spots to find the cheapest pint of Guinness in Cheltenham.

The Bank House, Clarence Street

I can’t really share where to find the cheapest pint of Guinness in Cheltenham without mentioning The Bank House, can I? Quite possibly Cheltenham’s most popular Wetherspoons (there are 2), it’s a top pitstop for finding Cheltenham’s cheapest booze. At an impressive £3.45, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness at a conveniently placed spot in the town centre that’s around a 25 minute walk from the racecourse.

The Moon Under Water, Bath Road

The other Wetherspoons location in Cheltenham, you’re guaranteed one of the cheapest pints of Guinness in town at £3.45 once again. Although the other end of town and less modern than The Bank House, this Wetherspoons is licensed, meaning you can drink with music on in the background.

Yates, Promenade

You’ve probably visited a Yates before, and it certainly does the trick when it comes to finding the cheapest pint in Cheltenham. Yates is a lively chain pub with regular promotions. In Cheltenham, it’s conveniently located off the Promenade, making it well placed for hopping to other spots in the town.

The Rotunda Tavern, Montpellier Street

A popular spot for locals to watch sport, The Rotunda offers a relatively reasonably priced pint. Located at the top of the chic Montpellier area of town, it’s perfectly placed for a Guinness or two before taking a pub crawl down towards the Racecourse. There’s also a generous selection of beers on offer.

Circus Bar, Queen’s Circus

Not many people realise that Circus Bar is a Samuel Smiths pub. When I lived in London, this was always one of the cheapest places for a pint. Located in Montpellier, Circus Bar offers all their usual ales on keg, as well as an extensive range of bottled ales. Do note that there is a no music or phone policy, so be wary of this when you head in for a drink.

The Brown Jug, Bath Road

Set in a prime spot on popular Bath Road, I’ll sometimes head to The Brown Jug for one of the cheapest pints in Cheltenham. It’s a Victorian pub serving real ales and ciders with unfussy home-cooked food, including pre-race breakfasts.

Bentley’s Bar, High Street

A popular spot (especially among Cheltenham’s younger crowd), Bentley’s is open every single day until 4am. Here, you’ll find some of the cheapest pints in Cheltenham, as well as a range of promotions including ‘Beat the Barman’, where you can gamble getting a free drink with your order. It’s handily located on the High Street, making it well placed to reach from all over town.

Where to find the cheapest pints in Cheltenham: FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions about finding the cheapest pint in Cheltenham.

How much is a pint of beer at Cheltenham?

If we’re talking about the price of a pint at Cheltenham Races, last year it cost a staggering £7.50 for a pint of beer or Guinness, a rise of 50p on 2022’s prices. I can only imagine it will be higher than that this year! For this reason, I recommend having drinks before you enter the racecourse. Ironically, Cheltenham Racecourse only keeps these prices during Race Week – they’re soon lowered for other events at the racecourse.

How many pints of Guinness are consumed at Cheltenham?

It is thought that the Jockey Club sells a whopping 300,000 pints of the black stuff each year at Cheltenham Racecourse for the Festival.

That’s my guide on where to find the cheapest pint in Cheltenham! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

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