Causing Chaos in Cardiff

It’s always nice to catch up with friends from school, so the other week I ventured across to Wales for a catch up with some of my buddies.

It also happened to be Duncan’s birthday.

He was hosting a barbecue at his house before a night on the town in Cardiff with a gang of mates, so Becky and I thought it would be rude not to join in…
I’m going to have to apologise in advance for the quantity of selfies that ensue (that’s what the rosé does…!)

We bought him an appropriately masculine birthday cake. 

Which he ate in an appropriately masculine fashion…
Duncan’s wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt.

Doesn’t Becky look lovely!?

She’s wearing a top from Miss Selfridge, an acid wash denim skirt (see similar), New Look shoes, and a colourful statement necklace (again, see similar).

I’m wearing a Miss Selfridge playsuit (recognise it from a previous post!?), a Tiffany necklace, and black chunky heels (see similar).

After a pretty tasty barbecue and a drunken game of beer pong, we all walked into Cardiff city for a night out. We started in Revs, and were inundated with stag dos…

Hence the attire!

Before crawling back to bed in the very early hours of the morning and gorging on barbecue food that had been left over (the best kind of drunk food FYI!)

In our hungover state, we hung around in Cardiff Bay near Duncan’s.

Not looking so fabulous!

Fortunately for us, Becky didn’t drown!

So we bundled ourselves amongst our stuff in the car and headed back home!

I can’t believe another weekend has passed us by so quickly!

What did you get up to?


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