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At the weekend, I had a bit of a reunion.

A reunion with some of my nearest and dearest: my uni friends.

We met at the University of Birmingham, back in 2009.

We were freshers – pretty naive, pretty innocent, and with no idea of the hard work that the next few years would throw at us. All that mattered was meeting our essay deadlines, ensuring we had enough cheap vodka to tide us through the weekend, and having each other for giggles, or simply just a shoulder to cry on in the library when times got tough!

But we did it! And with a little help from each other, we pulled through, ‘blossoming’ you might say into twenty-somethings with a bigger idea of life, love, and loss.

We decided it was time to go back to our roots – to crack out the vodka, get dressed up, and hit Birmingham’s Broad Street just like we used to. So that’s exactly what we did…

The next morning, we all woke up in our hotel with heavy heads.

A proper brunch seemed very appropriate. So we hopped over the road to Brindley Place, one of Birmingham’s finest complexes of restaurants, bars, and hotels.

We headed to Carluccio’s. And damn, it was good!

We were all in different stages of the day. Some wanted breakfast, others lunch.

Anna and Jamie went for pastries…

Alice demanded a ‘massive’ bowl of spaghetti carbonara…

And the rest of us picked one of my favourites, Eggs Royale.

And we all went for a strong latte to pick us up!

Leaving with full tummies and slightly less fuzzy heads, we went for a bit of a walk.

Before hopping on the train and heading back to our old abode.

Although not the prettiest student village in the world, Selly Oak held lots of fond memories for us all when we lived here from 2010-2012. It got very nostalgic!
We headed on to the beautiful University of Birmingham’s campus, soaking in the sights of the beautiful clock tower.

If you’ve never visited the campus, it’s worth popping along one day if you happen to be in Birmingham. As one of the UK’s first Redbrick universities, there is some really beautiful architecture.

Whilst we were taking photos, we bumped into a group of adults having a picnic on the grounds.

They were all University of Birmingham graduates too, and fondly spoke to us of their memories of the university and how they’d all stayed in touch. Some of their children attended the university now.

They told us that in around thirty years we’d be doing the same as them, and it made us think on… hopefully it would be!
We had a brilliant time back in Birmingham.

Sometimes it is lovely to revisit the places that mean to you, with the people who mean even more.

How do you like to reunite with your old uni friends!?


I’m Laura, a roaming blonde who recently made the leap from my home in the Cotswolds, UK to be based across the pond in Vancouver, BC for a brand new job and plenty of adventures.

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