An Evening in Seattle

If you’re a regular to my blog – or you follow me on Instagram – you’ll be aware that earlier this year, I moved to start a new life and a new job in Vancouver, BC. Part of my ambition of my hop across the pond was to experience new places and travel as much as possible whilst working abroad. So far, I’ve managed to visit San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Kelowna, and Orlando, but there are so many more places I’m left to discover.

One of those places is just across the Canadian-American border, Seattle. Also known as the Emerald City, the cool appeal of the city and its grungy vibe had always appealed, so it seemed like an obvious choice to tick off the bucket list. We planned a trip down to Oregon, and made this a key stop on our journey – firstly, for a break from driving, and secondly on our way back when we’d get a better chance to explore.

We set off on Thursday before the long weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving.


As a city for a reputation for frequent rain – Vancouver is also given the well-deserved nickname of Rain City – we were spoiled with nothing but sunshine on our arrival!


Our first stop was Kerry Park, a beautiful spot with a great view of the city. It’s situated in the affluent Queen Anne district, which boasts some incredible houses whilst also being treated to this iconic skyline.



With a quick pitstop for coffee to break up the driving, we set off for a walk along the Seattle’s waterfront, passing the hip restaurants and tattoo parlours of Queen Anne Avenue.



Discovering the waterfront, I’d have been fooled for thinking I was stood at English Bay on Vancouver’s coast, staring across at the oil liners at sea under sunset.



Strolling a little further along the waterfront, you’ll discover the Olympic Sculpture Park. Make of the sculptures what you will!



With a quick glimpse over towards the piers lined up along the sea, we headed back towards the car and to get some food en route.


A big shout out to Blue Water Taco Grill for the most delicious chicken enchilada!


Driving into the darkness and onto Oregon, we looked forward to what was left to explore in Seattle on our return to the city in a few days!


I’m Laura, a roaming blonde who recently made the leap from my home in the Cotswolds, UK to be based across the pond in Vancouver, BC for a brand new job and plenty of adventures.

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