Laura stood in front of the Paul Smith pink wall on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

About Laura

Hello, and welcome to What Laura Did Next, my little section of the internet dedicated to travel inspiration, beautiful places to stay, and remote working travel tips. I’m Laura, a 30-something from the Cotswolds, having returned home after years spent living overseas in Vancouver, and more recently, London. On the rare occasion I’m not exploring, I work at a digital marketing agency. If I’m not overseas, you’ll probably find me planning my next adventure. Travel and exploring new places is definitely when I’m at my utmost happiness!

I first started my blog back in 2014 when I initially moved to Vancouver – it was a great way for me to document my favourite places to visit, where to stay, and where to eat. My travel blog has since evolved, and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some incredible brands to create content and raise their profiles. Thankfully, it continues to grow and I now have loyal readers from over 100 countries around the world.

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Meet Laura

Where are you from?

Cheltenham, in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK.

What do you do?

I work in digital marketing for ecommerce brands, across both European and North American markets. I’ve partnered with huge retailers like Ebay and Macy’s to help them grow online. Retail and marketing are two of my biggest passions, so I’m lucky they’re also my career.

Where do you live now?

After spending several years overseas in Vancouver (I’m half Canadian) and in London, I’m back home in the Cotswolds.

Favourite destination for nature?

Undoubtedly Canada – ocean, mountains, desert (yep, you read that right), the lot!

Favourite destination for beaches?

Hawai’i – particularly on the island of Maui. They’re incredibly beautiful, and mostly deserted. There are volcanic black sand beaches, and golden beaches with the most incredible colour of ocean.

Favourite destination for photography?

Mexico! There’s the most insane, brightly coloured architecture in Mexico City, and spectacular beaches in Quintana Roo. With all this natural beauty, it doesn’t make it too hard to get a great shot!

Favourite destination for luxury?

The Seychelles – not only is it an incredibly beautiful archipelago off the coast of East Africa, it’s also super luxurious. Check in to one of the all-inclusive hotels and you’ll come back feeling like a new person!

Favourite destination for food?

Such a tough question as I’m a huge foodie, but probably Italy. I could quite literally feast on cacio e pepe and pizza until the cows come home.

Favourite destination for culture?

Probably Hong Kong – it really blew my mind! Everything from the culture to the people to the food is extremely different to anywhere else I’ve visited, and I loved exploring the phenomenal city.

Favourite destination for adventure?

The USA! There really is something for everyone across its fifty unique states. From roadtripping the West Coast to flying over the Grand Canyon, you can choose an adventure holiday to suit you.