Girls at Bluffers Park Beach

The Beaches of Toronto

Toronto isn’t typically known for its beaches and sandy, picturesque landscapes. First time visitors often expect more city living – towering skyscrapers, beeping horns and chaotic traffic, plenty of suits, and people running from A to B. Given the weather, we decided to explore some other more relaxed – and a little sandier regions –  of the Greater Toronto Area after a great few days of exploring the city and its islands.

Having spent a few hours initially catching up with both of the girls, we hopped on a streetcar (also a unique way of seeing the city) and headed up to Toronto’s iconic area of The Beaches, known for its four beaches along Lake Ontario. I was told this was a little like Vancouver’s chic Kitsilano, and could see some similarities.

Girls at Woodbine Beach, Toronto
With the girls at Woodbine Beach

We walked the length of the beach, taking in the views and the variety of people enjoying a hard afternoon’s sunbathe. I think we were all a little surprised at how blue the water was and how far it stretched for a lake!

Clear waters of Lake Ontario



The clear waters of Lake Ontario
The clear waters of Lake Ontario

Having reached the end of the beach, we hopped up and across some rocks for a little trail that ran alongside the water for some great views (and a few pesky mosquitoes).



Girls at Lake Ontario

Having seen all we had to see of the beach and melting a little under the powerful sun, we headed back to the townhouse for a relaxing evening in.

But we hadn’t quite had our beach fix for the week! Introducing beautiful Scarborough Bluffs, an escarpment in the Scarborough district offering amazing views across the iconic lake. A few days after our trip to The Beaches, we set over via Uber to explore the neighbourhood, which seemed to sprawl with charming houses and idyllic streets.


Unfortunately, the view upon arrival wasn’t quite what we had expected! A thick layer of mist was concealing the famous views we’d arrived for.


We decided to keep wondering and see what else was around. Having spoken to a few locals, they recommended heading down to the Harbour down at Bluffers Park and grabbing a bite to eat at The Dogfish. So we hopped on a bus and headed down for souvlaki and fish and chips.

Misty Scarborough Bluffs


Our server promised the mist would soon lift as the climate is completely different to the clifftops, so we waited it out. We were also told to go and visit the beach down the road (Bluffers Park Beach), apparently one of the best in Ontario. Feeling a little sceptical, we were pretty surprised to see such beautiful water at the beach!


Girls at Bluffers Park Beach


Having had a quick paddle, we headed back up to the clifftops in the hopes that the mist had cleared by now. Conveniently, there’s a bus stop at the end of the beach to take guests back up there. With a little bit of luck, the fog had cleared!


The views were truly beautiful and certainly worth a visit (try to pick a clear afternoon!) Unfortunately, visitors can’t get too close to the cliff for obvious reasons, but we found a few spots to grab a picture.

Girls at Scarborough Bluffs

IMG_0313 (1)

IMG_0317 (2)

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As you can see, it’s a truly beautiful spot with some lovely views across the sailboats on the lake. If you’re looking for a relaxing spot outside the city, I’d highly recommend checking out The Beaches or Scarborough Bluffs – let me know where you go!

Have you explored Toronto’s beaches?


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