January in Jacksonville, Florida

In January, I was set to go and visit a client in Jacksonville, Florida. You could say I was pretty happy to escape the frosty winter of Canada and to dive into a land of 20+ degrees C. Despite two layovers in Seattle and Atlanta, we finally arrived, settling in for an evening of presentation reviews and a full hotel table of Mexican food.


Taking a quick lunch break, we went for sushi – don’t ask me why it’s served with a cherry! If you’re anything like us, you’ll find it pretty difficult to eat healthily in the south. If you order a salad, typically it’ll come with tubs of dressing and cheese on top so sushi was our best bet for a group of hungry Vancouverites.

At a pretty tasty 20 degrees, we went for a walk in the sun to take in the view.


Nothing makes me happier than the sight of palm trees in January!


How’s this for a view from the boardroom?


Finally, what would end our trip better than a rooftop bar with seafood for dinner?




The sun set on a lovely flying visit to Jacksonville! Have you been? Where’s your next trip?

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