Exploring Seattle, Washington

Thanks to the lush greenery surrounding the city, along with Mount Rainier and some very iconic buildings, Emerald City – or Seattle – is an awesome city to visit for a short break. It was the last stop on our road trip, so we stayed over for a night to allow for a whole day of exploring.

Driving in from Portland and arriving at our hotel right next to the Space Needle, we had tickets to see Gorgon City, a dance act from the UK, so quickly got our drinks on before heading out to Neptune Theatre in the University District of the city.


Feeling a little worse for wear the next day, we headed out for breakfast, having been recommended a little breakfast spot a short walk away. Having been featured on numerous TV shows, the Five Point Cafe promised to offer us exactly what we needed.


An eccentric diner in many ways – note the crude stickers covering the wall, naked photos of women, people at the bar doing Jagermeister shots before 11am, and rock songs blaring out of the jukebox – it was certainly something different! Having demolished the largest plate of hash browns and California eggs benny I’d ever seen, we ducked out to explore the city.




Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to the famous Pike Place Market.




If you’re lucky, you’ll witness the famous fish throw – any time a whole fresh fish is purchased, two fishmongers will throw the huge fish across the stall to the other, causing gasps from passing tourists.



Oh and of course, you can’t miss the world’s first Starbucks, originating right in the heart of the market area. You can, however, miss the queue. Seeing a line up stretching for blocks beyond the shop, I couldn’t help but wonder why people were so desperate to experience the original store, or even how the chain gathered such success over the thousands of other independent coffee stores. Do you know!?



As a city known for its grunge scene, it stands up to its name in a nearby section of the market, around the iconic Gum Wall. You’ll find defaced propaganda pictures and the weird but wonderful wall itself.



Love it or hate it, it’s quite the spectacle!


And the best thing about visiting the city is simply wandering, stumbling across awesome artwork and quirky sights. You never know what you’ll find…



Can you spot the legs in this picture…!?



Seattle, a weird but wonderful city!

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