Our first visit to Pacha, Ibiza

Waking up at 11.30am with pounding heads, I don’t think two girls have ever been so grateful for a buffet breakfast. Don’t be deceived by this healthy picture of fruit – it was probably the third plate I’d had after omelettes, bacon, pastries, and Full English.

Sadly, today we wouldn’t be making the most of the champagne also on offer…


Don’t worry – after a couple of hours of sunbathing, we were ready to hit the hair of the dog. There’s something pretty refreshing about swimming whilst hungover, and something even more refreshing about working your way through the swim-up bar’s cocktail menu.



Check out these sun loungers…



And by the time we’d eaten from the pool bar menu, we were fighting fit once again. Yum!


As the saying goes, a Berocca a day helps you get back on it and play. Or something like that, right?



Tonight’s entertainment was particularly exciting. After YEARS of being fans, we hopped back to Ushuaia to see David Guetta’s set. He sure knows how to get everyone dancing, and the theatrics were amazing to match.







Ushuaia closes around 11pm – as it’s a hotel too, they leave the residents in peace. Obviously, the party doesn’t stop there. Clubs in Ibiza generally don’t open until 12am, and even then they don’t get busy until around 2am, before headline acts starting their sets at 3am.

So, it was time for a quick bite to eat, a costume change, and we were ready to go again!



Tonight we were off to Pacha to see Steve Aoki – we were SO excited to finally visit this iconic club.

Everything about it is so dramatic – all the lighting and decorations from outside, and the world-class DJs. Yet at the heart, it’s decorated just like a beautiful Spanish villa, staying authentic to its roots.



Great look, huh?


Aoki was so so good, and I’d highly recommending getting tickets to his event. If you haven’t seen before, he’s pretty famous for ‘caking‘ his crowd, where he throws a huge cake into the audience for them to mash up. It’s pretty fun! There were plenty of champagne showers too.



After crawling into a taxi, we made it home for about 5am.


We’re looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow…

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