A Weekend in Cornwall, Part 4: Sennen Cove, St. Michael’s Mount, & Padstow

Monday was our last day in Cornwall. 

Which meant we had to well and truly make the most of our time left in this beautiful county.

So we went on a bit of a Cornish safari. We started the day off by visiting beautiful Sennen Cove.

We stood and watched the beautiful turquoise waves crash against the bay, before getting a little chilly and heading back to the car.

Next, we went for a bit of a snoop at the Minack Theatre

If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s effectively an open-air theatre where they host a range of productions, with some rather fabulous scenery…

Next stop: St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion.

An island dwelling that must be crossed either by boat or by foot when the tide has gone out. 

The path was very slippy! Unfortunately we got stuck halfway as the tide started to creep back out!

Its silhouette almost looks quite creepy doesn’t it!?

Our next stop was Padstow, or Padstein, as it’s affectionately termed thanks to Rick Stein setting up several shops in the small town.

We browsed the shops and went for a walk around the harbour.

Just look at those doughnuts!

Before we nipped into Rick Stein’s for chip butties. They certainly didn’t disappoint, so make sure you go if you’re in the area!

I’d heard some bad things about Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips – particularly how stingy they are with their portions – but look here and I think you’ll agree they’re actually pretty generous!

And then it was back on the road, headed for home.

It was a fab trip, but like most things, over far too quickly! What do you like about Cornwall?

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