London & Louboutins

I recently took a trip to London, and made a very naughty purchase!

Having woken up very early, we parked up at the Westfield and got the tube into central London.

Given what time we got in, I’ve never seen such a quiet Oxford Street! It was bliss!

After a wonder around Selfridges, I took a sneaky trip into the Christian Louboutin shop. Louboutins have been my ultimate shoe for as long as I can remember, and throughout my student days and all the struggle with revision and exams, I vowed that once I had a full-time job, I’d treat myself!

Although they didn’t have my size, I fell in love with a pair of Pigalle 100s and was soon redirected to a nearby concession by the really friendly and helpful staff.

Stepping inside onto the plush red carpets, more helpful staff quickly assisted me in finding my perfect pair and they fit like a glove. Once they know you’re serious about buying, you get treated like a princess! I loved the whole buying experience – having my shoes carefully bundled into a dustbag and box and then having your purchase brought round to you and the door opened for you was something I’d never experienced before! The shop assistant was shocked that it was my first pair, and my goodness I hope it’s not my last! I’m hooked now and I can see this being the start of a very unhealthy addiction!

Don’t think this is something I do every time I pop down to London! It was a real treat after some hard work and I was very lucky to be able to buy a pair! 

Even carrying the bag around London meant I was soon collared by staff in posh beauty boutiques in Mayfair to try their face cream containing real gold! They clearly don’t know me – I’m not that high maintenance, I promise!

Next we hopped onto the tube and got off at Knightsbridge to thoroughly browse Harrod’s foodhall – my absolute favourite! After walking past stacks of De Bere’s diamonds and Prada handbags I can only dream of owning, we arrived at the foodhall. I think part of my fascination with Harrods is the element of fantasy – staring at things you can’t have! It really is  the best store in the world in my opinion! 

I opted for a cheeky rasperry and cream cheese brownie (my favourite!), and needless to stay, it didn’t hang about!

We dodged some of the rain whilst we went for pizza in an Italian restaurant near  Trafalgar Square. But when we got out, the rain still prevailed…

We hopped into the National Gallery to avoid the worst of it and to get some
culture in the meantime.

But it was still going hard, so we decided to go back to the Westfield for a quick browse before heading home. 

It was back at home I got to finally enjoy my shoes.. Are you ready for some shoe porn?


Here goes…

Ok, here’s the money shot:

I just lurrrrrve those red soles!

And they are so unbelievably glossy! They are amazing and I think I’m now in shoe heaven. 

Shoes have always been my weakness. And when I bought these bad boys, I knew I wanted a classic, black patent pair so that I can wear them again and again and again. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pair of shoes where even the sole is leather before! You can buy your own pair right here.

Do I have an occasion to wear them to, you may be wondering? Why yes, I do! In a few weeks I’ll be graduating from my MA up in Durham. So wish me luck, and hopefully I won’t stumble up the stairs!

Let me know what you think of my new babies! Do you love Louboutins as much as I do?

3 thoughts on “London & Louboutins

  1. Those shoes are absolutely amazing, Laura! Hope you have a lovely graduation – I had an interview at Durham once and it seemed like a lovely place. And good luck in the shoes, I'm sure you'll be nothing but elegance and grace in them! 🙂 Glad you had a fun trip to London also.

    Meg |


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