Fort Denison & Our Last Day in Australia

I can’t believe it! Our trip to Australia had finally come to an end. It was our last day. So we were determined to make it a good one!
We sauntered through Woolloomoo for the last time, gazing enviously at Russell Crowe’s apartment on the Wharf.
Before reaching the view that never failed to amaze me during our stay in Sydney.

During our stay in Sydney, we’d been searching throughout the city for the themed rhinos spread across it in promotion of Taronga Zoo, each with a different famous designer. This was my favourite, all made of bottle caps.

We then headed for a trip up the Sydney Eye. Also known as the Westfield Tower, it’s the tallest building in the Sydney CBD, and visible from our apartment, we thought it would offer great views across the city…

So the views were good, but unfortunately we couldn’t see some of Sydney’s most famous bits which was a little disappointing. It was also quite expensive for what it was.
The other part of the experience was a 4D cinema.
This, however, was simply a promotional
video for other Sydney attractions with a few water splashes dropped into the mix. Make of it what you will!
Our next stop was a little more exciting and less of the well trodden tourist path. We were off to Fort Denison.

Fort Denison is accessible by Captain Cook Cruises or by private water taxi. It’s a historical little island that was once used as a fort, and the home to several Sydney families.

And it hosts views that are simply divine…
(Get there just before 1pm to witness the canon go off! It’s surprisingly scary!)

It’s also the home to a pretty awesome yet hidden gem of a restaurant.

And there aren’t many restaurants you can eat in with such impeccable views!

Unfortunately for us, that was it! 
We collected our suitcases from the apartment ready for the airport.

Soaked up some final views.

Had a quick bite to eat (before the plane food!)

And ogled one final Sydney sunset!

Well Sydney, it’s been a pleasure! An absolute delight, and I can’t wait to come back to see you again soon.

But for now, a 23 hour plane journey home is calling out for me! Laters!

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