Spending the Evening in Sydney

Today presented another beautiful evening in Sydney. The perfect, balmy weather which you can happily step out in wearing just a cardigan without fearing hypothermia – something us Brits aren’t too used to!

It was perfect, in fact, for a bit of a walk. We set out for Circular Quay and admired the Sydney Opera House as dusk settled in to say hello to the city once again as the evening buzz began.

We hopped onto a train and headed across the bridge to have a peek on the other side of Sydney. Here you can find some pretty spectacular views of the bridge…

It looks even more beautiful illuminated at night!

And luckily for us, there was a perfectly timed firework display from the Opera House thanks to the production of Madame Butterfly that was being shown.

It was all pretty perfect!

You might recognise Luna Park from my Melbourne posts. But here is Sydney’s Luna Park…

It’s an old fairground style theme park – which has an eeriness about it! It’s great fun though, and there are plenty of rides for everyone to enjoy. Take a look here: http://m.lunaparksydney.com

I’d recommend having a spin on the Ferris Wheel to get a better look over the twinkling lights of downtown Sydney at night – there’s something pretty magical about it!

Once you’re done, you can simply hop onto a ferry which will take you back across to Circular Quay in a matter of minutes. It’s a great way to fill an evening!

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