Visiting the Blue Mountains

Today we were off in search of Australia’s famous Blue Mountains. Although a little way out of the city (a good few hours!), it was well worth the trip.

Our journey started off a little unfortunately – we turned up at Sydney Train Station to catch a train to Katoomba, only to discover there were no trains on that route that day. Lo and behold, we hopped aboard a bus which took us over Sydney Harbour Bridge and headed to our destination.

When we got there, we bought tickets for the Blue Mountains Explorer bus. Although this was definitely the most convenient way to reach our destination, it did travel to a number of unwanted stops and was fairly expensive for what it was!

When we got there, we were taken aback by the view…

The mountains are said to get their blue haze from the horde of eucalyptus trees that dominate the landscape. I’ve never seen anything like it and must say I was very impressed!

Those blue clouds aren’t a reflection of the haze – the heavens soon opened and lucky for us we managed to escape the worst of the weather.

There are a couple of shops just up the street from the viewpoint, if you don’t fancy walking the hundreds of steps to the famous Three Sisters. We would have been keen if the weather hadn’t turned on us!

Instead we opted for local wine tasting in a nearby shop, and were impressed at the selection on offer – if it’s up your street, try Golden Harvest! It was like drinking liquid honey!

We hopped back onto the bus and passed a number of walking routes, which again would have been great if it hadn’t been for the wall of rain perpetually hitting the bus! If you visit the Blue Mountains, make sure you check them out – there are some great views and some falls you can check out.

We did take a quick pitstop in the village of Leura. It had some great little boutique shops which reminded me so much of England. There is also a great deli – make sure you try their smoked salmon salad, it was divine!

Are you planning a trip to the Blue Mountains? If you get chance, make sure you go!

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