Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

I think it would be fair to say I’m not the biggest fan of heights. So I did something pretty crazy today!

But first check out these cool bird cages just hanging from the sky down in Angel Place. I love them! And this is what I love about Sydney and Melbourne – street art you just stumble across in some alley deep in the city.

I was heading to The Rocks (a lovely, historical area of Sydney – be sure to visit), where I was to embark on my Harbour Bridge Climb. I chose the classic bridge climb, although there are others including an express climb and another which explains more to you about the bridge’s engineering – check here if you’re interested.

Because my Mum and Paul had already done the climb on their visit to Australia last year, I was going solo! I was a little scared about this beforehand but was soon assured this was nothing to worry about.

Upon entry to the bridge climb area, you’re greeted by dozens of pictures of celebs who have previously completed the climb, including Oprah Winfrey, the Hoff, Richard Branson, and a whole host of impressive movie stars.

Your group is then shown into a room where you effectively sign your life away (!) and are talked through the safety procedures.

You’re then given your rather dashing (!) boiler suit for the climb, which is designed so as to not distract drivers also crossing the bridge. You even get a little headlight and a hanky all attached to your suit for safety. Once harnessed, we began the climb…

Although I do have a slight fear of heights, it wasn’t too bad. Our guide asked if any of us were afraid, and took good care of those who were. The only slightly uncomfortable bits were walking across mesh which enabled you to see through to the bottom, and when you are climbing some slightly awkward ladders whilst at traffic level, so you pop your head through adjacent to the noise of cars  rushing by.

This is only brief, however! Don’t let me put you off, it was a fantastic experience. Once you’ve gained the appropriate height through ladders, you climb across the bridge which is amazing!

Incredible views, particularly if you climb across at twilight, which I was lucky enough to do. Your guide will explain some of the general history and trivia of what you can see, and there are photo opportunities at the top.

We then got to watch the sun go down, soaking up the incredible atmosphere and watching the city lights switch on as the sun slowly popped out of sight. It was magical!

As it was St. Patrick’s Day when I chose to do my climb, the Sydney Opera House was illuminated green in special honour! We then began our descent in the dark.

It was an incredible experience! Definitely a highlight of my trip so far!

Have you done the climb? Maybe you’ve even been proposed to whilst up on the bridge – my guide said there have been nearly 2000 proposals up there! What did you think of the climb?

2 thoughts on “Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

  1. I'm all for adventure but dang! These are pretty cool photos of the views though. Gorgeous gorgeous views!

    I'm glad you decided to do the climb and that you had fun with it!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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