Exploring Government House

Today was all about fitting in a bit of culture. We set off through Sydney’s Botanical Gardens for Government House…

Government House is a beautiful building which happens to be the oldest public office in Australia, dating back to 1786. I know this may seem like a long time ago, but to us Brits it’s fairly recent in terms of history!

We were lucky enough to get some tickets for a tour of the building.

And while we waited, we set out to explore the grounds. So beautiful! And reminded me a lot of home.

Our tour finally began, and we explored the Office of the Governor of New South Wales. She also lives in this beautiful building (lucky her!), and I was fascinated to her about how down to earth she is despite her role, having been spotted in the local Woolworths doing some shopping. You certainly wouldn’t catch David Cameron in Tesco back home!

We got to see the rooms which had graced the presences of so many people of political importance for dinner parties over the years, including Putin and Blair.

It’s definitely worth a visit just to explore the beautiful rooms of this building, and to gain some trivia along the way.

By the time we’d left and headed through the Botanical Gardens, the sun had started to set – perfect!

Thank you Sydney for another beautiful day!

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