Views of Sydney Harbour Bridge from Manly Ferry

Sydney Sunsets

We couldn’t resist! Today we headed back to Manly for some time at the beach. (And ok, maybe another steak too).

But can you blame us? Look at the glorious beach…
Manly Beach, Sydney
Manly Beach

I just love how clear the water is. After an afternoon of sunbathing, we popped back to the Manly Grill whilst watching others go about their day on the bustling street.

Manly Beach, NSW


Steak from Manly Grill, Sydney

The day soon starting coming to an end whilst we watched the sun twinkling on the beach. Everything about Sydney is extremely photogenic!

Manly Beach, New South Wales

As the temperature started to cool, we decided to head back to Sydney. We boarded the Manly Ferry once again, and watched the irresistible views whilst setting off.

Views from the Manly Ferry, Sydney

It was amazing to watch the Harbour Bridge peek back into sight.

Views of Sydney Harbour Bridge from Manly Ferry

Sunset views from Manly Ferry



I’d definitely recommend spending the day in Manly and timing it just right so that you can gaze at the sunset for half an hour on the way back. It’s unreal that some lucky commuters get to see this every day!

Neon sign at Circular Quay, Sydney
‘You imagine what you desire’

Luna Park and Sydney Harbour Bridge at dusk

Sydney simply gets better every day we’ve spent here. After staying in Circular Quay for a while to watch the sun sink and the evening to appear, we headed back home through the Botanical Gardens feeling very content indeed.

What do you love about Sydney? Where’s the best place to catch a sunset?


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