Hanging Out in Paradise

Today, for me, was paradise! And not just because I was visiting one of the most beautiful, peaceful beaches I’d ever visited. No, no. It was also because of the plethora of total Aussie hunks I was soon to be surrounded by!

Welcome to Palm Beach, AKA Summer Bay if you’re a fan of arguably the best programme to come out of Australia. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the famous Aussie soap, Home and Away?
If not, let me familiarise you. It’s essentially a soap (not known for particularly the finest acting or storylines!), but for its incredible setting and damn fine characters! In fact, Home and Away has launched the acting careers of so many high profile celebs – think Heath Ledger, Liam & Chris Hemsworth, Luke Mitchell, Ryan Kwanten, Naomi Watts, Isla Fisher, and Danni Minogue. The list goes on, and I’m sure it is set to continue!
Although we had planned to visit Palm Beach simply to gaze at the stunningly beautiful and familiar beach my Mum and I had so often pined at through the telly, we got a little more than we bargained for…

We had wondered on the 3 hour trip down to this stunning area of coast whether we would get a glimpse of any of the characters, but we weren’t expecting to see half the cast!
Upon arrival, we were greeted by some of the cast (Marilyn, Casey, Roo, and Irene if you watch it) rehearsing scenes. And what an office they have!!
We were actually quite surprised at how many times the cast have to repeat scenes if they’re not quite right. It all got a little boring, so we went exploring…

It was so strange seeing somewhere familiar after watching the programme on telly over years throughout my life, and I can assure you that in reality it is far more beautiful! Although it does take a while to reach this area from Sydney’s CBD, the good public transport links and views make it all worthwhile.
In fact, it’s pretty incredible that this area is still known as Sydney when it’s three hours outside of the city! In the UK, you could probably drive through at least three separate cities in that time, incredible! It was apparently chosen as the set of the soap, not just for its scenery, but for this very reason – in the hope of discretely filming (until folk like us turn up!)
Palm Beach is known as being a particularly wealthy and desirable region and you can see why if you visit. The cast clearly love it too…

That lighthouse is known as Barrenjoey. Although we’d have loved to have trekked up the hill to get a great view, we simply didn’t get enough time. If you visit, make sure you do! The views are meant to be pretty special.
After more wondering, we met Irene (a lovely lady in real life too!)

Saw some key props of the show…
Met another Braxton…

And checked out some more of the scenery…

Even if you’ve never heard of the show, or aren’t a fan, make sure you visit. It really is an incredible area that is so tranquil in comparison to a lot of Sydney.

I ended the day with my new obsession – white chocolate Tim Tams. You Aussies are lucky, they’re incredible!

Have you visited Palm Beach? What did you think?

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