Watsons Bay and Baseball in Sydney

Watsons Bay and Baseball in Sydney

Today was a pretty relaxed, casual kinda day. We were off to see the Major League Baseball game between the LA Dodgers and Team Australia that evening, so decided to just hang around the city before catching the game and take it easy. We walked in from the apartment, being treated to spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House.



We passed by the Guylian Cafe on Circular Quay, and couldn’t resist! Paul picked a Belgian hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate at the Guylian Cafe, Circular Quay, Sydney

Probably the best I’ve ever tasted! Mum went for a blueberry muffin.

A blueberry muffin from Guylian Cafe, Circular Quay, Sydney

And Paul and I shared a chocolate raspberry cheesecake mash of calories – and my goodness was it worth it!

Raspberry and chocolate cheesecake from Guylian Cafe, Circular Quay, Sydney

I’m pretty sure it tasted all the better for being eaten al fresco with Sydney Harbour Bridge in full view!


After we’d eaten, we thought it would be a good idea to walk off those extra calories, so we hopped over to beautiful Watsons Bay.

A view of Sydney from Watsons Bay

Gorgeous views of Sydney from Watsons Bay

Situated the other side of the harbour, Watsons Bay is a pretty affluent region, with some renowned seafood restaurants and bars. Although I was stuffed and couldn’t eat anything else, I was pretty gutted that I couldn’t manage any fish and chips from the ‘world class’ shack on the bay. They looked pretty darn good!

It makes me chuckle how keen the Aussies are on their fish and chips – naively I thought it was just us Brits who were the pioneers of this winning combo!


Instead, we just rambled and took in the impressive views from the bay.


Gorgeous views at Watsons Bay, Sydney

Boats at sea at Watsons Bay, Sydney

By that point, time was cracking on so we headed up to the Sydney Cricket Ground.

I know to many of you it may sound a little strange that we were going to watch the baseball in Australia! But there’s a good reason for that.

Team Australia vs LA Dodgers at Sydney Cricket Ground

Team Australia vs LA Dodgers at the SCG

In fact, Sydney was hosting the biggest internationally recognised event in Australia since the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final.

These opening Major League Baseball games are genuine competition fixtures, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some tickets.


We were in good company – even Nicole Kidman was in the crowd!

An amazing sunset over Sydney Cricket Ground

We had to take our eyes off the match just to catch the incredible sunset.


Even when there’s an exciting game on, Sydney still has to show off its incredible sunset and take the attention off the game! Although, admittedly, I wasn’t too sure what was going on in the game, I do know there were lots of proud Americans in the crowd when the Dodgers had a 4-2 win!

It was great fun and a good experience to see some world-class sport in Sydney.

Did you manage to get tickets for either of the games?


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