Up to Edinburgh

After a quick stop for breakfast, we headed back on the road.

We were leaving the country.

Ok, that definitely sounds more dramatic than it needed to be. We were headed to Scotland.
But, just as we arrived in bonnie Scotland, so did the rain…

We’d worked up quite anappetite by being stuck in the car through several hours of traffic.

There was only one thing for it: Kyloe.

My mum had been recommended Kyloe by a friend who knows Edinburgh very well, and it didn’t disappoint.

A gourmet steak restaurant (certainly not one for the vegetarians amongst us I’m afraid), Kyloe is renowned for its cow hyde chairs and emphasis upon aged, locally sourced steak.

If you’re planning on visiting, it is a little bit of a mission to actually access the restaurant! Enter from the Rutland Hotel on Rutland Street, and take the elevator up to the first floor. There aren’t really any signs. It does make it feel like a bit more of a hidden gem, however, and the food was great so I won’t complain!

First off, our lovely waitress gave us a bit of an education about steak. If you’re a fan, like myself, but would like to know a little bit more about the different cuts, flavours, and sizes of steak, make sure you ask and they’ll be more than happy to tell you more.

We started off with a loaf of bread, which came with homemade butter (great!) and a spiced vegetable dip (not so great!)

My brother picked a fillet steak with fries, and was very impressed. I tried a bit and can vouch for that!

And I know it’s a bit naughty when we were in a steak restaurant, but myself, my Mum & my stepdad opted to share the beef wellington (which would stretch between 2-3 people).

It did take a little while to arrive as it was made to order, but oh-em-gee was it worth it!?

It came with a bone marrow gravy which was rich and heavenly, and I picked beef dripping chips to accompany it. Both were absolutely delicious.

Kyloe was brilliant! To book your table or peruse the menu, take a look here.

Once again, it was time to burn off a few of those calories.

So off we went for a wander.

I was delighted to be back in Edinburgh. Again, it’s definitely another of my favourite cities, I just wish I wasn’t so far away! Last year I visited during the Fringe Festival and had a brilliant time!

Are you going to this year’s? Let me know what you’re going to see!


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