Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles

Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles Often rumoured to be ‘the coolest block in America’ – and for very good reason – I’d heard a lot about Abbot Kinney Boulevard. For this reason, it made it onto the itinerary for the last day of our long weekend in Los Angeles, having already seen Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. The street can be described as a mile of fashion, food, and street art, with a scattering of boutique shops just a short walk from Venice Beach in California. Abbot Kinney Boulevard is named after the late nineteenth century millionaire and entrepreneur who based the whole area on his much loved city – Venice, Italy. If you take a stroll around this chic district, it will soon make sense thanks to the many canals and gondolas you see in the backyards of Venice’s beautiful properties. We walked from our AirBnB in Marina del Rey to Abbot Kinney and strolled down taking in the sights and meandering from boutique shop to the next. Street art on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, LA Palm trees along Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice I think my new favourite streets will always be those studded with palm trees. Street art and murals on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice On pretty much every street you cross along Abbot Kinney Boulevard, there’s always some kind of artistic wall to take in. It definitely makes shopping much more fun. Creative boutique stores on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, LA It feels like a Los Angeles bucket list item to tick off eating at The Butcher’s Daughter juice bar and cafe. We hopped in to reserve a table before stopping at The Blue Bottle for one of the most delicious lattes I’ve ever had. Inside the Butcher's Daughter, Venice, LA Every shop along the street has a wonderful, chic vibe. The interior decor is as well considered as the stock itself, and it makes everything seem extremely desirable. We stopped into independent boutiques, to uniquely designed chain stores, to pop ups and loved each and every single store for its individual appeal. It really is a haven for shoppers. In one of the boutique stores on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, LA Palm tree street art, Venice Boutique stores and gardens on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice The Butcher's Daughter, Venice Street art and murals on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Palm trees on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, LA Pants based diet sign on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Our table at the Butcher’s Daughter was finally ready, so we went in to see what the hype was about. If you’re as basic as we are and enjoy overpriced juices and everything avocado, this is very much a place for you! The decor is absolutely beautiful inside, and it does make the venue seem as clean and fresh as the food. The Butcher's Daughter, Venice, LA Sadly, the service we received was a little on the slow side, but it was a great dining experience nonetheless. The Butcher's Daughter, Venice, LA We both went for Mexican eggs, and it was nice to have a tasty breakfast that doesn’t have any meat at all for a change. Even the water bottles are beautiful! Mexican eggs from The Butcher's Daughter, Venice Street art and murals on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Street art and murals in Venice, LA It’s a very cool street that is just as Instagrammable as every other part of Los Angeles. Although similar to Melrose Avenue, the vibe is a little more chic and unique. It also has a very chill atmosphere thanks to the super iconic Venice Beach being located just at the end of the street. I’d also highly recommend stopping off at Portland’s own Salt & Straw for its delicious range of ice cream choices. I ended up coming back to the street later that day and did not regret stopping in there one bit for the tastiest cookie dough ice cream I’ve ever had! IMG_2987 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, LA img_28661 After a thorough exploration of the street, I can confirm it’s one of America’s coolest blocks! I will certainly be back – but first, off to see Venice Beach.
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  1. November 28, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    A totally cool street indeed. I was particularly struck by those ghost B&W palm trees in that wall mural. (And might have been a tad less indulgent about overpriced juices & slow service — but yes, the eggs looks terrific.)

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