Touchdown in Ibiza

Touchdown in Ibiza

Wow. I’ve just landed back in the UK after a pretty crazy few days in Ibiza. A crazy, magical, and intense few days. And I’m pretty tired now, funnily enough. It’s a little blurry, but here’s what we got up to.

After foolishly waiting half an hour for a coach for a five minute journey (it’s a long story!), we arrived at our incredible hotel. Yup, it’s not just any hotel – welcome to the Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza, baby!



Having struck it lucky with a pretty nice online deal (cheers, Expedia!), we couldn’t be happier with our choice. As soon as you arrive, hunky staff magically swap your luggage for a cocktail. And with these signs everywhere, we knew we were in the right place…



THE most gorgeous hotel – just a year old, it boasts two pools with resident DJs (one a party pool, the other a more chilled house kinda vibe), multiple restaurants, a rooftop bar, and much, much more, but we’ll get to that.

First up, breakfast! As we’d caught an early flight out from Bristol, we were lucky (and smug) enough to have arrived to catch the end of the buffet breakfast. Only in Ibiza would your complementary breakfast only begin at 10am!



Champagne included (of course), and poolside.


After a quick change, we found our home for the day (or at least, until we could check in to our room) – right by the pool.


Celebrating with strawberry daiquiris, Ibiza style.


Promo staff swan by with impressive outfits (you wouldn’t catch me in one of those swimsuits!), promising you the best night you’ll ever have at their club night. It was all a bit surreal at first, but you’ll soon get used to it.


At last, 2pm struck and we were let loose into our room.



Pretty smart, right? The icing on the cake was a brisk knock at the door to welcome us with a bottle of bubbles and cake to celebrate the end of Jo’s exams. Time to get the party started.



To line our stomachs, we had to try out the room service. I picked the sushi; Jo the burger. And maaaan, it was good.


After making friends by pouring champagne from the balcony to see if they could catch it in their mouths, it was time for our first Ibiza initiation – we had tickets for Avicii that night next door in Ushuaia. And what a night we had in store.

We headed over at 5pm, which meant things were only going to get messy. And I warn you now, drinks in Ibiza are NOT cheap! You’re talking 30 euros for a vodka and mixer. But hey, with such amazing music and such friendly people to chat to, you’ll probably be distracted.




Some warm-up entertainment from The Chainsmokers, who were awesome.



…before the man himself arrived.

Ushuaia really is an incredible club. Not only is it outside (so welcome in the heat) and home to residencies of the biggest names in dance music, but the constant roar of planes flying overhead just adds to the music. Something you really need to experience yourself to see!




We even got invited up to a party from some of our new friends who were staying at the Ushuaia hotel for a view from above and drinks from the minibar – even better!






A truly magical night and a great introduction to Ibiza! Much more tomorrow…


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